[B]Accredit where Accredit is due[B]


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Feb 25, 2008
SnowKatt here - Making my first official post (aside from the intro section).

Soon I'm going to be posting my experiences with some of the online casino's. But currently I have a pending issue with one of them, in which I'm waiting to see how that turns out before I say anything in regards to them at all. With what's involved I'm not up for risking things working out in my favor with this place. It could really go either way.

But I would like to share that I'm a recent player at Sun Palace and due to some fiasco's I've been dealing with in other places, they have been a breath of fresh air. My recent experience with the staff via both phone and live chat has been pleasant and hassle free. It's really a nice ''bonus'' in itself, when you can talk to people that are competent and friendly and eager to be of service. Just wanted to give my personal thumbs up. :thumbsup: So far, so good.

I signed up with them specifically because they are on the casinomeister's accredited list. Being an online gambling newbie I need all the help I can get when it comes to being lead in the right direction.

I chatted in a few times PRIOR to signing up, talking to various reps and asking slews of questions about terms, payouts, deposits, withdrawals, promo clarification, liceansing, fax form info etc... All the while I told them I knew they were assisting others and to take their time with responses. I got friendly, informative information and most importantly, -consistant- with each rep that I spoke with. I may have felt bad due to the amount of questions I bombarded them with, as it must have sounded like an interrogation rather than an inquiry, if not for the strong desire to protect myself from being pinned to the rails by another online casino because I neglected to do my homework. Unfortunately, I have my share of "I wish I would have...'' experiences.

IMHO, you can't ask too many questions when it comes to your money.

If any of you are members of this place, please share with me some of your experiences with them and personal reviews. Especially when it comes to how they handle pay outs.

...btw, i'm still freezing..brrrrrrr