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Atlantic Interbet

Discussion in 'Online Casino Archive through Dec 2001' started by david, Feb 25, 1999.

  1. david

    david Dormant account

    i Won $565 playing potluck at Atlantic interBet
    (www.atlanticinterbet.com) WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have been playing at Atlantic interBet Casino. They are new and i really enjoy the interface, its by far the best i've seen on the web. They have online staff in the lobby and they helped me every step of they way.
  3. Enigma

    Enigma Guest

    I went to Atlantic interBet's grand opening...it is the most realistic online casino I have found...The live pitbosses were a great help when you enter...they answered all questions for me..

    I now play poker(7 crard stud) there every night about 9 pm est... you can download at You must register/login in order to see the link.

    They have all of the games a regular casino have....
  4. Rharris

    Rharris Guest

    I agree with Anonymous... Atlantic Interbet is a good casino.. It has in my opinio the best interface on the net. Their video poker machines are really good. Stay away from Keno... it just takes your money. Otherwise I would recommend this casino to anyone. There is always online help, a person is always in the lobby to assist.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Regarding Atlantic Interbet:
    I had a problem getting money transferred to their e-cash representative. I sent an inquery to the support desk explaining the problem. I received a reply asking me to detail the problem, which I did. However, I received *no* reply after that.
    Their software has been deleted from my HD.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I would like to add to my disappointment about Atlantic Interbet. The method they use to deposit funds is STUPID. It takes forever.. sometimes HOURS... I played some VP, its was o.k., their Keno however is A RIP OFF. I suggest to my friends here at Casinomeister, take my advise, steer clear from Atlantic Interbet... Try Galixi World, its all java, but its very realistic... Lots of slots and video poker games.. all kinds..
  7. Daysee

    Daysee Guest

    Thank God for their processing. My credit card had been stolen and their processor caught it and they located the person who had it. It saved me over 2,000 in bad charges. My company told me that my credit card carrier was notified by Winners Internet of the potential fraud. They also told me that they have been discovering many, many stolen cards. I work in a bank and it is the talk at work. Later I learned from my bank supervisor that they have something that is making the Internet safe. Now I am going play the Atlantic Casino and so are all my friends for what they did for me.
  8. Justin H.

    Justin H. Guest

    Dear Anonymous,
    As a stock investor in the whole program of Winners and their vendor Atlantic Interbet, I play with more scrutiny than most. These two systems have gone to great lengths to make a safe and secure environment on the web. As for your problems, it would be difficult to miss the 24 hour on-line chat room where you can talk to a live person to get assistance. As for "winner" processing funds off of my credit card, I appreciate an email to make sure it is "me" using my card and I don't mind my 15 minute wait to clear my card, read the fine print, it is a security screening. I finally know security and protection in a virtual environment, which fuels my desire to acquire even more stock.
  9. In response to RHarris's letters:
    We at first received a complaint from RHarris after he had played Keno in Atlantic interBet. He claimed that our Keno was "fixed" and that it was obvious to him that we had designed the games to elude his selected numbers. This outrageous claim received a courteous response from our support staff, even supplying a payout table and odds of winning to show him how implausible his theory was.
    As it turns out, RHarris had requested for all his deposits to be returned. When we checked to view his deposits, the list was rather extensive; it consisted of more than 20 deposits over the course of a month! In addition, after requesting the deposits be returned, RHarris continued to play Keno on our site, and HE WON!
    After winning, he renewed his efforts , this time insisting that his WIN was a fix because we wanted to "keep him quiet".
    Most recently, Atlantic interBet ran a Keno Tournament on 4/2/99 offering $500 to the winner. RHarris not only played in the tournament, but went on to chat in the lobby, telling everyone what a great time he had. The following DAY, we received yet another email from him AGAIN complaining that we had not responded to his previous complaints.
    His allegations are preposterous and it is a shame that the casinos that are putting the most effort into offering secure gaming are harrassed by people that can't read payout tables or understand the algorithms behind "fixing" a keno game.
    Thank you Casinomeister for allowing Atlantic interBet to respond to these inane accusations and set the record straight.

    David Roffman
    Director of Marketing
    Atlantic interBet
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Does daysee's message sound like a planted one from Atlantic Interbet? Does anyone believe this fictional story? Could Daysee work for Atlantic Interbet.. sure sounds like it...

    Now I will tell you why this is UNBELIEVABLE:

    1. Once reported stolen, the card is unusable.
    2. If the card is NOT reported stolen, all charges go through. Atlantic Interbet would have NO REASON to question the charges.
    3. No CASINO, or anyone else for that matter, can or has the ability to LOCATE anyone.

    Daysee is full of it... PERIOD...

    I would like to clarify for all my friends at CASINOMEISTER, this idea of IP Tracing... this is just a SCAM by the CASINOS to scare you.. here's how it really works:

    1. If you have a static IP and it is registered in your name, you can be traced.
    2. If you, like most people, use an ISP to access the Internet, your IP is randomly assigned to you everytime you log on, it changes everytime you log on to the Internet. The IP can only be traced to the ISP that owns that IP number, not to the person who is using it. ONLY the ISP knows who was on that IP at any given time. And folks, NO ISP is going to hand out that information without a court order.

    So when you are threatened with IP tracing, and you use an ISP... forget it... even if they could prove, that your machine was on the Internet at any given time using a specific IP, they can't prove it was YOU behind the keyboard!!! It could be your wife, your children, your friends.. etc...

    These online casino's are starting to piss me off.. so I will continue to educate and help those who need it and are getting ripped off by these people who just steal your money.

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