Another unhappy Wildjack customer


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May 25, 2007
kansas city
I am another one of those february people from Wildjack that did not get paid. I have sent numerous emails and called at least a million times only to get the same old song and dance that the other people have gotten the " money is frozen." I got on here to see if David Brickman could help me because I know he has helped other people I sent him a PM on Monday and have not heard a word. David if you are out there could you please respond and help me. Casinomeister if you could help that would be appreciated also. My next step will be to contact ecogra. Hope someone can help.



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May 17, 2007
keep on trying

Keep on trying jayhawkmom don't let them tell you there is nothing they can do. David was a big help for me. I haven't received my money yet but when I call the casino they tell me it has been processed and I should have it in 21 days at the latest. Don't go away and continue to let them know you are not giving up. You will get a lot of helpful advice on here.:)

Jackpot Factory

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Feb 2, 2005
Reply from the Jackpot Factory

Hi everyone,

David Brickman, Jackpot Factory Spokesperson here. This is related to the ACH issues we've had and as always, I am on the case.

Jayhawkmom - I do owe you an answer, and you shall have one today.

All the best,


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