Yeti casino withdrawal problems


May 5, 2023
Hi I joined yetti casino and managed to win £9000 on my first day. I tried to withdraw the money but it is still being held 2 to 3 weeks later. I ve been back and forth through emails with then and am having do luck.
They keep asking for documents regarding their due diligence checks. I have provided everything I can from identification proof of address card details and even a copy of bank statement which I was a bit unhappy about but did it.
However still they are refusing stating they need more documentation of my source of wealth.
If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated as I am going round in circles with them and is very frustrating.
I know they have terrible reviews and people have all sorts of issues with them.

Thanks James
Yeti Casino is a vetted and Accredited casino at Casinomeister
@james001 Since I am sure you have read the forum rules, please be advised to reread Section 2 - Posting Complaints which covers posting complaints. One of the most important aspects is that it is your responsibility to inform the casino rep when posting a complaint so that they can acknowledge and or look into it.

Also it is a weekend, and most reps work M-F 9-5 sort of thing. I am not sure why you are stating that Yeti has loads of bad reviews. They have been included in our highly recommended CM Accredited casinos for sometime. And we rarely have any complaints about them. Search this forum or the rest of the site, and you won't find much negativity.
yetti casino is a casino i dont manage, but if you mean YetiCasino please drop pm with username :)
Yeti Casino is a vetted and Accredited casino at Casinomeister

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