AFC/NFC Championship Bet FTR


May 9, 2006
On Top of Old Smokey
I'm not placing any wagers on my two favorite football games of the year but IF I COULD, my picks are as follows :

J-E-T-S +8.5 over Peyton. Jets gave Indy their first loss I believe and even though Indy was winning before they pulled their starters the Jets were keeping it close. I think Indy will win but I think the Jets cover comfortably. Also, it looks like the public is on INDY big driving the line from 7 to 8.5
Indy 17 Jets 14.

New Orleans -3.5 over FAV-RE I think the "Who Dats" will have too much O for the purple people eaters and there will be too much noise for the Vikings who were an average road team. I also like over 54. Final score NO 38 Minn 28.

I just wanted to have my picks in writing. :) Anyone else is welcome to post theirs here. Kickoff is in 26 minutes.

Good luck.:D



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Mar 10, 2005
I'm not a sports bettor by any means, but I do know that Indy is gonna kick some serious butt. :p