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Jun 5, 2005
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I have often played the Java games at Aceclub (Planetluck, Starluck) casinos and never before have I seen this. When I entered the feature the prize was already displayed before I had even selected my spots!! I know that spins wins are determined as soon as you hit the button, but on features that require "skill" or at least require you to make a choice, I thought that the choices you made had an impact on what your feature win was. I was wrong!!
In order to hit the feature in this particular game, you have to hit 3 scatters. 3 scatters also pays 5X your bet and this amount ($11.25 on a $2.25 bet is displayed at the beginning of the bonus round. But you can see on the screen shot below that my winnings already read $56.25 BEFORE I even make any selections. You subtract out the $11.25 from the scatter win and you have a $45.00 feature win, which is 20X my bet. You can see, lo and behold, that on my first five picks I got 3 dark blue gems for 10X and 2 bright blue gems for 10X adding to 20X. Of course the sixth pick was a mismatch and didn't add to the bonus, but the screen disappears too quickly after the sixth pick for me to get the screen shot.
Tonight is the first time I have seen the games displaying the feature wins before the feature had been played. It might have something to do with a recent upgrade of their Java and my old rusty browser, but I am sure they don't want people to see this! I could swear I read somewhere that your choices were supposed to have some effect on the outcome of a feature (that required choices) but we know now that at Aceclub on Goanna Gold and Predator at least, that is not true: your feature prize is predetermined the second it comes in, just like any other spin. Does this strike anybody else as not quite kosher? I mean I know there is no skill in picking random boxes but it still made you feel like you had SOME sort of control of the outcome. Now we know that the whole feature process is just an incidental charade! I know I feel less good about Aceclub:(
so am I the only one surprised by this?

Did everybody already know that "selection" based features were predetermined?
Do you people still believe that it matter which spaceship you pick in "what on earth" for example?
Is this surprising to you or did everyone already know that the selection process in feature rounds was just for show?
do you think all casinos selection features work this way or do you think it is just with Aceclub and Co.?:confused: :confused: :( :eek:
Interesting. I guess we're seeing the man behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz reference). Thinking that we somehow control the outcome is a mere illusion. I wouldn't assume that all games (MG, Wagerlogic, etc.,) operate the same way. But it looks as though these do.
This is strange...You guys mean IGlobalMedia is rigged? ...sheesh :(
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