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Jul 11, 2005
Hi Im not sure Ive come to the right place but I hope someone her can help me here at Casinomeister forum cause they couldnt at Gamtrak.com. Here is my post at Gamtrak that I want some answers to:

Yesterday when I played $5 free sign up no deposit bonus at LADIES BINGO. I tried the slots and won almost $ 500 in total when I was finished. But they didnt show at my $ balance but in my BB balance (in dollars). I asked around how I could play some more at the slots since the 5$ was spent. But I had won almost 500$ !!!! I was pretty happy...... But then I found out that My Winnnings only could be used to play bingo cards! Fine... but if I win at that too, I got to be able to cash out eventually. BUT NO! This wasnt either possible. ! So my happiness went down to zero! What Ive won playing the slots was 500$ in worthless "bingo card fakemoney" that I could never win anything at but more fakemoney!

IS THIS TRUE! And is it like this at all the bingo sites?. I know for a fact that most Casinos have strict rules about how many times you have to wager your no deposit money to be able to cash out. But atleast if I win there I can play some more to at least have the chance to win something in the end.

I really dont recomend this bingo site to anyone since they where not very nice or happy to help. Not even the CL!

Thank you for your respons in this matter since I have won at another Bingo site by playing (WITH NO DEPOSIT MONEY-)the slots (same software as Saturn Bingo) for many many hours!

the respons I got was that I need to read the terms and conditions before I start playing . :eek2:

thank you for replying

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