32Red Casino dispute


Dormant account
Hi, I was wondering if you could look into a dispute with 32red casino. I was assured last month by a customer service rep that i could withdraw my deposit, which came with a 30 bonus, even though i had not reached the wager limit. 2 weeks later; i asked them to refund a cash deposit of 200 which came with a 200 bonus, they refused. They said it is in the terms and conditions that 8000 must be wagered before you can withdraw your deposit or winnings, this is contray to the bonus match previously offered, where the deposit can be drawn at any time. They are not being consistant or fair. I asked 32 red to refund half the money, to meet them half way, but they refused. So now Iam annoyed, and feel decieved by misleading customer representatives. They said only the casino meister might be able to change their mind, i hope you can.