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A rogue Curacao-licensed casino to avoid

By Alex Smith, Last updated May 3, 2024

Casinomeister's Verdict

BetNow Casino is a rogue casino to be avoided; they are poorly licensed, have a track record of not paying out their players, and have also been accused of using pirated/fake games. Avoid at all costs!

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First Impression

BetNow Casino, on the whole, looks like a reasonably legitimate casino and sportsbook. Dig a bit deeper, however, and you’ll soon see that the site is an utterly rogue outlet, and you should avoid it at all costs. Find out why right here in our BetNow Casino review.


Below, we’re going to take a look at the bonuses and promotions on offer at BetNow Casino. Please note that we do not recommend you claim these bonuses and promotions — we’re simply showing you what’s on offer at the casino to be as honest and transparent as possible.

Welcome Offer

Today, most casino sites credit bonuses and promotions automatically; you don’t need to enter a bonus code to claim a bonus. However, that’s not the case with BetNow Casino, and they very much do require you to use a bonus code to claim any of their welcome bonus or deposit bonus promotions.

Like many rogue casinos, BetNow Casino offers players several different bonuses, including matched deposit and reload bonuses. This is an attempt to make things look as generous as possible, and it should be noted that all of their deposit bonus offers look great at first glance, but a deeper dig into the terms and conditions will reveal some quite harrowing terms and conditions. Let’s break down the bonuses first.

On the first deposit, BetNow Casino offers all players a 100% matched deposit bonus worth up to $500. To be fair, the wagering requirements for this bonus are actually relatively fair, just 15X. However, there are so many restrictions on the casino games you can play, and, of course, even if you do manage to beat the wagering requirements and hit a nice win, there’s very little chance of you getting paid out anyway.

The site also offers a second deposit bonus, a 50% matched deposit bonus up to $500 again. This is where things start to look a little more suspicious; the wagering requirements are just 8X, which makes it very easy to beat. Any reputable casino simply can’t afford to offer bonuses with wagering requirements this low. BetNow Casino, of course, doesn’t care — because they know that they’re not planning on paying you out — so they don’t mind making their bonuses look as generous as possible.

No-Deposit & Free Spins Offers

Thankfully, BetNow Casino doesn’t offer any form of no-deposit bonus, nor do they offer no deposit free spins. The reason why we say ‘thankfully’ is because there’s a much lower chance of players signing up — regardless of whether it’s for their sports betting portal or to play casino games — if there aren’t any no-deposit bonuses available.

No-deposit bonuses are notoriously effective at attracting players to sign-up and join a casino. So the fact that BetNow Casino doesn’t offer any is an enormous plus-point in our eyes; it means that potential players are (hopefully) going to go elsewhere.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

BetNow Casino runs a loyalty program that’s based around a points-based system. Like many online casinos, every time you wager a certain amount of money, you’ll earn a certain number of points, and these points can then, at a later date, be redeemed for bonus funds. Sounds fair enough, doesn’t it?

Well, wait until you realize that you need to earn a whopping 1 million points just to receive $1 in bonus funds, and every $1 you risk at the casino equates to between just 1 and 4 points, so there’s virtually no chance you’ll ever even make it to the stage where you can a measly $1!

What’s really strange to us is that BetNow Casino has chosen to implement such an inferior loyalty scheme — although they wouldn’t bother paying you out anyway if you were lucky enough to win. Thankfully, this poor scheme makes it far less likely that players would join, but still, it’s a little puzzling to us.


Banking and Payment Options

It’s always quite telling when a casino or sports betting website doesn’t offer some of the leading payment methods that we’d expect to see at a mainstream online gambling site – and BetNow Casino fits that criteria pretty well. For example, while they allow you to make deposits and withdrawals using debit and credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard, you won’t find any EWallets like Skrill or Neteller.

The only other payment methods you’ll be able to use are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Person2Person. These payment methods are essentially untraceable, which fits in well with the rogue and scam-y look that BetNow Casino gives off.

The minimum deposit limit varies depending on which payment method you use; for example, the minimum deposit for cryptocurrencies is $10, while all other payment methods have a min deposit of $20.

However, rather strangely, specific payment methods are only available to certain players depending on their ‘customer level.’ That means that certain banking options are only available to players who’re staking higher amounts of money. But we’re not really sure why this is the case, as, in our eyes, the casino simply wants as many players to deposit as possible.

Withdrawal Speed

It’s also somewhat telling that while BetNow Casino has a page detailing how deposits work, how much you can deposit — and which payment methods you can use — there’s no page for withdrawals. If you do decide to play at BetNow Casino, you can pretty much rest assured that you’re not going to receive any money you manage to win — and this is something that we’ve seen discussed by players time and time again.

While, in their terms and conditions, BetNow Casino states that withdrawals will be processed in a timely manner, the reality is that withdrawals are rarely processed. The only time they’ll really process withdrawals is when high-staking players have a small win, and they think that by honouring a withdrawal, they’ll be able to make more money from the player in the long run.

Responsible gaming & Dodgy Online Casinos

One of the biggest issues we have with BetNow Casino, besides the fact that they’re illegally accepting bets from players in the UK, is that they’re actively encouraging problem gamblers to sign-up and join — while also marketing directly towards them.

For example, when our online gambling expert reviewed BetNow Casino, they found that the online casino is working directly with other online gambling sites to promote their platform in front of those who openly admit to having problems with their gambling.

You see, in the UK, there’s a government-appointed scheme called GAMSTOP. This is a free service that all players can sign-up for, and once they do, they will automatically be blocked from playing at all UK-licensed casinos. It’s a fantastic initiative, and any casino that wants to get an online gambling license in the UK needs to be a part of this GAMSTOP scheme.

However, some problem gamblers sign-up for GAMSTOP and then regret their decision. This leads to them searching on Google for terms like “non-GAMSTOP casinos,” and BetNow Casino is actively working with affiliates who write casino reviews around this specific keyword.

This behaviour is incredibly predatory, and it means that the site is directly targeting those with problem gamblers. Of course, with Curacao as their regulator, there’s no real power when it comes to stopping BetNow Casino, so they’re essentially cowboys operating in uncharted territory. It’s disgusting behaviour from the site, and we hope that the legal system can go after scammers like this one day in the future.

Customer support

A customer support portal is one of the most important things for any online casino to provide its players. While this is something that many players, unfortunately, overlook, it’s critically important for those times when things don’t quite go to plan.

While BetNow Casino claims to offer a stellar customer support service, the reality is far from it. We found that the site ignores players’ questions — unless they have yet to join the casino.

For example, BetNow Casino proudly claims that their customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, something we’re used to seeing from the vast majority of casinos today. If you’re not yet a member of the casino, the customer support team are, indeed, very responsive.

However, when it comes to trying to get in touch with them when you run into actual problems, well, you can expect them to ignore you essentially! This is a pretty common tactic from rogue casinos, and it’s something that we see time and time again.

However, what’s really concerning about the customer support facility at BetNow Casino is that they’re completely happy to use despicable tactics to try and get new customers to sign-up. For example, one of our online gambling experts logged onto the live chat portal and told the customer support agent that they had an online gambling problem and asked whether they could still join the casino.

Not only did the customer support representative say they could, but they also told them they’d provide them with a special welcome bonus. This is predatory behaviour, showing just how rogue and scummy this casino is. Avoid them at all costs!


Identity checks, also known as know-your-customer (KYC) checks, are essentially a joke at BetNow Casino. If the casino does require you to upload proof of your ID, you can rest assured that it’s not because they care about checking you’re above the age of 18 or that you haven’t previously self-excluded from any online casinos in the past.

No; instead, BetNow Casino will request that you provide know your customer (KYC) documents just as a way of stalling any withdrawal request you make. In other words, you’ll only be asked to provide know-your-customer (KYC) documents if you make a cashout request.

However, we should also point out that even when you provide these know-your-customer (KYC) documents, you’re still not going to receive your winnings; BetNow Casino simply asks you to upload them to prevent you from making complaints about them online, thus allowing them to keep scamming other players and keeping the site going for a longer period of time.

Website Experience and Features

Desktop and Mobile Gaming

Like the vast majority of scam casinos, BetNow Casino is well-designed, looks professional, easy to use, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. This is actually a pretty big part of creating a scam casino; after all, pretty much the only way to attract players into signing up is to make the casino look as legitimate as possible.

For this reason, making your way around the casino is simple, the navigation menu is very user-friendly, and the site is surprisingly fast and user-friendly; the same goes for their mobile casino. While they don’t offer a downloadable mobile app, their website and sports betting area are fully mobile-optimized. This is a shame as it could convince players to assume the gambling site is safe and legitimate.

Dodgy Sports Betting

One of the more interesting things we saw while writing this BetNow Casino review was that they’ve now added an online sportsbook to their platform. Of course, online sportsbooks are pretty common these days, but it’s much rarer to see fraudulent live betting portals than it is casino games, as they’re much harder to steal, technology-wise.

We were also surprised to see that BetNow Casino offers a fairly substantial array of sports betting options to players, including live betting, in-play betting, virtual betting markets and more. Of course, the sports betting site they offer is the same as their casino; it’s designed to take as much money from you as possible, with there being virtually no chance of you ever being paid out any winnings. But like the rest of their site, it does look quite professional, which is a big shame, we feel.

Brand games


BetNow Casino doesn’t openly state which game developers and software providers they offer on their website, and it looks as though the vast majority of casino games you’ll find are from smaller, less-well-known game developers. However, there are a few major software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt – and these games are likely all pirated.

Please note, although below we’re going to run through the games you’ll find at BetNow Casino, this is simply done in the name of transparency. We in no way recommend you play at this site; check out one of our recommended Accredited Casinos instead.


BetNow Casino offers a small selection of slots. They actually offer far fewer tiles than we’d expect to see at the vast majority of online casino sites. It’s even hard even to find the slot games offered at BetNow Casino, and they’re mostly tucked away under the casino games tab.

In fact, BetNow Casino is a lot more vocal about their progressive jackpot slots than they are anything else — another major red flag in our eyes!

Live Dealer Games

In a rather telling move, BetNow Casino has a live dealer casino that isn’t powered by any game developer or software provider we know of. Instead, it’s simply branded as a ‘Live Dealer Casino,’ and if this isn’t a red flag, we don’t know what is.

Table Games

The BetNow Casino table games section is fairly large, something you’d expect from a Curacao-licensed casino that’s likely to be running fake or pirated games. There are multiple variations of roulette and blackjack, along with other titles like Caribbean Stud Poker, craps, Red Dog Poker and Casino War.

Video poker is also readily available, with all of these games found under the ‘video poker’ tab. All video poker games have a welcome bonus of betting limits to try and appeal to players on all budgets. Although, as we’ve said time and time again, playing any of the casino games on offer at BetNow Casino is essentially pointless as you’re highly unlikely to be paid out should you manage to secure a win.

Progressive jackpots

BetNow Casino has a range of progressive jackpot games, including video slots and table games. However, it should be noted that many of these games are fake or pirated copies like most of the other casino games on the site. That means that not only is the progressive jackpot amount likely lagging behind the games of the real versions but also, the chances of you winning the jackpot are, of course, next to impossible.

Even if you had the luckiest day of your entire life and did manage to scoop the progressive jackpot win, the chances of you getting paid your winnings by BetNow Casino, well, let’s just say that there’s more chance of pigs flying. As we’ve said countless times in this review, avoid BetNow Casino at all costs. This sham casino is a complete rip-off and should be avoided at all costs.

About the Team and History

Like most rogue online gambling sites, BetNow Casino operates fairly secretively. There’s very little known about the site, who runs it, and where it’s located. However, given that they host pirated and fake games, there’s a pretty strong chance that it’s located in Russia or Costa Rica, two notorious locations when it comes to pirated games.

Launched in 2021, BetNow Casino joins the range of rogue casinos operating under the same skin and likely the same parent company. Other online casinos that form part of the same group include Admiral Shark, Agent No Wager, Fruity Chance, Very Well Casino and Win Diggers.

These casinos look virtually identical, aside from different colour schemes and branding. They all offer the same cookie-cutter in-play betting, fake casino games and very average mobile betting sites.

Complaints and Track Record

BetNow Casino has a shocking track record, and if you hadn’t already picked up on the fact that this casino is unlike any other online casino, it’s operating both illegally and unethically. For example, BetNow Casino claims to offer a generous deposit bonus, has a separate sports betting site and offers a huge range of games, including video poker, live dealer games, video slots and more. Almost all of the games at the online gambling site are pirated or fake copies, which means you’re at a significant disadvantage.

Of course, even if you do manage to cash out one of the BetNow Casino bonuses or manage to win on one of their rigged online slots or other live dealer games, you’re very unlikely to get paid out your winnings. That is something that many other casino reviews and player reviews state online.

It appears as though it’s common practice for BetNow Casino to deny your withdrawal requests before ignoring any subsequent messages from you so that you’re left out of pocket without any form of recourse whatsoever.

Casino Facts

Is this casino certified at CasinomeisterNo
Payout time48 hrs
Reverse time48 hrs
Weekend payoutsYes
Locks withdrawalsYes
Alex Smith

Alex is a 26-year-old writer from Brighton, in the UK, and for the past 8 years, he’s worked with a number of companies, creating content for blogs, news articles, and more. While Alex has written on a wide variety of topics, his speciality is online gambling – an industry he’s both passionate about, and experienced in. Having enjoyed gambling for over 7 years, Alex is a huge fan of video slots, and cites NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Thunderkick, and Quickspin as his favourite providers. The topics he writes on are varied, but he loves nothing more than a good old slot review (he’s written over 1,000 slot reviews in his career), and he also enjoys writing in-depth gambling guides, along with casino reviews. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing the guitar, and is a self-proclaimed horror film buff.

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