Question What has happened to ladbrokes search?


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Jun 6, 2013
RJVille UK
So yeah just logged into my Ladbrokes for first time in a long time and noticed the search feature has gone, I see the search icon at the top next to safe gambling button, but when I click it a side bar opens on the right but it has no search bar? All it has is recently played etc?


Any ideas how to actually search now in Ladbrokes?

Wait just as I was about to post this when I took those screenshots, if you open any slot you have a side bar which you can not hide but there is an actual search box in that side bar. If that is the only way you can search for slots now that is totally fucking lame and stupid and very very bad design.

Thank you
Works for me on mobile - search icon at the bottom of the gaming section, then a search bar opens up top.

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