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Mar 21, 2005
Hello, I'm just curious but I have a buddy that is promoting this crypto site that recently launched, but I have my suspicions that It has pirated slots or something similar. Other people have told me that they are using fake servers, but anyhow If anyone has any knowledge about this stuff or how to check if they're using fake or proper servers and what not, I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!
I certainly wouldn't trust them but I have no info
Generally speaking I think casinos should be assumed not to be legit until there is prof that they are
Has a lot of red flags:
  • They claim to be licensed in Costa Rica since 2021 - which isn't worth the paper it is printed on.
  • A limited selection of providers - most of them being the usual bonus buy streamer clickbait dross.
  • Few search results - and many of those that exist go to affiliates streaming on K*ck which is a haven for fake money streamers.
  • Their terms and conditions list more than 60 excluded countries outright - including the USA. It extends this further by including any country subject to sanctions by the US, the EU, Russia, or "other" unspecified lists - i.e. almost every country in the world.
  • The site is so barebones that their FAQ is just 7 questions - stating that withdrawals take "usually just a few hours" (for crypto?) and they are "licensed by international gaming authorities" (spoiler: no they're not, they have a meaningless business license in Costa Rica)
  • An endless supply of reload offers with obvious traps, "no max bet" and allows bonus hunts but with aggressive redemption caps - assuming you can get through the 35x(D+B) wagering in the first place...

I'm obviously not going to sign up there so won't check for pirated games, but many of the providers they have will offer their games to any shithole casino with a pulse...

...which is convenient, because that's basically what this one is.
Also, generally their wording doesn't seem very good which makes me think they can't afford/can't be bothered to employ someone who can write all the legal stuff correctly.. potentially because it's not going to be relied upon anyway since they will take your money regardless
I don't think it really matters - things have changed dramatically from a decade ago. Back then, the leading providers often refused to work with "unregulated" (e.g. Curacao) operators - and thus those sites would either have in-house games, no-name providers, or would produce pirated versions of popular games.

With so many providers out there now-a-days, almost all of them will do a deal with the devil, even ones that had principles five to ten years ago. The bar now-a-days is so low that many providers will offer their games to companies with a Costa Rica business license (i.e. unregulated).

So a rogue site offering legitimate games, and a rogue site offering pirated games - the outcome is going to be the same... you'll get ripped off. It's a frequent misdirection trick exhibited by monopoly money streamers - focus on the part that doesn't matter (e.g. the games are legitimate and certified by many jurisdictions), so you ignore the part that does (e.g. the casino forbids almost every country from signing up and thus will scam you at the first opportunity).


As a further point, if your buddy is a streamer - then the "fake server" part is more likely to refer to the money rather than the slots. In the old days this would be some kind of demo play, but now-a-days the operators will happily provide fake accounts where the money is completely fictional for "demonstration" purposes (and causing as many dopamine hits as they can to lure in addicts).

The slot doesn't care what the money is - GBP, USD, mBTC or made up. It does the transaction against the wallet and it'll be up to the operator to settle the balance (or not, in the case of fake money streamers).
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I think I found out myself doing a bit of research and watching how their slots fetch data, and most are fetching from some site like pragma-swiss-solutions. But as far as I can see, all the pragmatics fetch their data from pragmaticplay.net on every other casino.

Thanks for all the feedback.

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