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Hi All,

After a few months of talking about it with Marc, I have convinced him to make this more of an SEO event.

Because most mainstream SEO's want travel and fees paid (which btw I pay for 99% of all my conferences - after all they ain't profit centers), we are looking to fill some slots with SEO/PPC/Social Media and related speakers, who can offer more than a 45 minute commercial - and share at least ONE thing they feel is relatively new and unique tip.

I'm bringing my Top 12 SEO Tips for 2010 and will be knocking a few socks off, but we'd like more people that are new to speaking.

On the slate already are some powerhouses like Michael Corfman, Jason Duke, J. Todd, BrYan Bailey (Casinomeister) and Jeremy Enke - just to name a few.
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This will be a culmination of CAC, A4U, SES and SMX, and as far as I know the first of its kind.

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as well.

If you are interested email Marc Lesnick at

Hope to see you all there!
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This is great news IMO. I saw Jason Duke at the CAC back in 2007 and also caught him last week at the LAC. A very knowledgable guy.

Amsterdam should be a great event this year. :)