Formerly Rogue Casinos

These are casinos that were once listed in the Not Recommended or Rogue section of Casinomeister. These casinos have been vetted via our “probation” process, and whatever it was that compelled us to rogue them has been nullified, amended, or fixed. As always, caveat emptor.

Casino Reasons
Ace Revenue Casinos Ace Revenue was guilty by association with the Virtual Casino Group. They had a checkered past when these casinos were owned by the infamous Warren Cloud. But with his passing several years ago, the casinos were renamed and became an associated casino group with the Virtual Casinos. Thus they remained in the Rogue Pit.

But in November 2013, I placed the Virtual Casino Group on probation with the initial intention that if there were no unresolved complaints for six months, that they would be removed from the Rogue Pit and placed into the reservation. Well after nearly a year and a half and only a trickle of player issues – none unresolved – Ace Revenue is being listed here in the Reservation.
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Casino770 These guys were in and out of the Not Recommended section of the Rogue pit – were in the Probation section twice, but it seems they have finally gotten their act together. Their final attempt at “probation” was successful and now they are here in the reservation section.

This includes all variations of the domain.

In September 2013, the casino was rebranded as NetBet – which unfortunately confused a number of our members with the iconic iNetBet so accreditation requests were shelved.

CasinoExtreme Casino Extreme had a history in the early days of online gaming of being problematic: slow or delayed payouts, slip shod management, and other bad player experiences. They were listed in our Not Recommended section for a number of years. But over time, the complaints stopped and there really hasn’t been any issues for a while. So we’ve moved them from the Not Recommended section to here in the Reservation.
The Virtual Casino Group During the first decade of Casinomeister, they were our nemesis – the anti-thesis of an Accredited Casino. Throughout the early years, complaints streamed in – some of them being pretty damn awful. There were moments of surreal marketing campaigns and player experiences that bordered on hilarity they were so bizarre. The Virtual Casino group was the recipient of the Worst Casino Group Award three times, and Cirrus Casino received Worst Casino of the year 2007. They even made an attempt to be removed from the Rogue pit no less than two times – both of which failed.

Even though this casino group has had its issues, I have been in direct contact with their General Manager since 2002. We have shared our differences of opinions at times, but even so – we have worked together to square away players who had legitimate complaints. Most complaints were from bad management practices – which in time began to abate, others were from badly written promos or just sloppy customer service. Even though they were in the Rogue section, we made an exception to assist any players who had problems with this casino group. Both Max and I have met up with the GM several times over the years and have been communicative. Before this casino group was placed on probation, there were only two PABs from the previous year – both resolved.

And to give credit due when it’s warranted, the Virtual group has been adamant on taking care of any past issues. In February 2011, we emailed our entire database of CM members requesting anyone who had any outstanding complaints to come forward. Not only did we send this email out, but so did CAP, and the GPWA. There were only a handful of players that came forward with valid complaints. I should also mention that the Virtual Casino group emailed their entire database as well.

So in November 2013, I placed the Virtual Casino Group on probation and opened a thread here. My initial intention was to remove them from the rogue pit if there were no unresolved complaints within a six month period. But after pressure from the player community, I decided that we would put it to a vote after the probation period was up. I changed my mind about the vote – here’s why.

It became clear that any vote put up to the membership would be skewered by fraudsters, liars, and other cretins who have personal agendas against either Casinomeister, or the Virtual Group. The forum thread was littered with bullshit – and I disclosed my reasoning to cancel the vote here.

At press time (16 January 2015), it has been seven months since the closing of that thread, and fourteen months since they were put on probation. Within this time, there were seven legitimate complaints that were resolved. So there you have it – they are now in the Reservation – they are no longer Rogue.

You can read more about this here.

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