Rating Groups of Online Casinos

Since the very beginning of this industry, online casinos when born in groups. Company would launch one casino – see how that would fair, and then launch a load of “sister” casinos that were owned by the same owners, and in most cases had the same support and marketing.

The emphasis was/is the marketing. Most casino groups were limited to whatever software brand they had chosen like Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Boss Media, etc. And they were trying to address a wider range of gamblers via different themes i.e. Las Vegas, underwater, Europe, Rome, or anything connected to what was popular in the gambling mecca Las Vegas, Nevada. Notice what thematic casinos are spread up and down Las Vegas Blvd.; these are the themes you will find within most casino groups. It is all about marketing.

One of the first successful groups of online casinos was Microgaming’s Bellerock casinos – this was nearly 20 years ago.

RiverBelle Casino, Gaming Club, and LuckyNugget which in a short time launched Referback (in 2000), one of the first affiliate programs for webmasters. At this time, loads of players would refer to the casino group by the casino name – Bellerock, but some players became savvy enough to start their own websites thus began calling casino groups by their affiliate programs name. Thus began the confusion of what to call a casino groups. Is it the Fortune Lounge Group, or Fortune Affiliates? Is it Jackpot Factory or Brightshare? Or worse, some casinos began merging their groups and creating newer entities with other names.

Casino Rewards consists of several groups of casinos that have merged into one massive casino group: 32 in all. Most of these are casino groups that threw in the towel and were purchased by Casino Rewards. These are all Microgaming downloadable casinos. They’ve been around for just about as long as the Bellerock Group.

Here we rate the casino groups on their trustworthiness, their licensing, their responsiveness to when it comes to complaints. And their overall history of how they deal with the player community in general.