Pitch-A-Bitch Summary: January through December 2008

Total Pitch-A-Bitch Cases Submitted: 347
PAB Incomplete (complainant AWOL): 31
Duplicate and/or Supplementary PAB: 22
“No Can Do” List: 8
Transferred to other services or agencies: 5
► subtotal: unprocessable cases: 66

Fraudsters: fraudulent claims, faked ID, etc.: 29
Discarded: complainant AWOL, uncooperative, violated PAB rules, etc.: 34
Closed: groundless claims, both parties at fault, “agree to disagree”, etc.: 32
Unresolved: no progress, stale-dated: 3
Warning issued, site Rogued/Pending Rogue: 27
Cases against Rogue Pit casinos: 25
► subtotal: resolution not possible or inappropriate: 150

Case Resolved, Complainant paid: 131
► Total value of Resolved cases: approx $450,000 (€305,000)

Ongoing: 0
On Hold, etc.: 0
► subtotal: cases not yet finalized: 0

Software Provider Totals: Top 10**
Microgaming: 59
RealTime Gaming: 53
Proprietary: 29
888.com/Random Logic: 28
Boss Media: 22
Playtech: 22
Net Entertainment: 9
Rival Gaming: 8
Chartwell: 6
iGaming: 5
** = excludes cases that could not be processed or involved player fraud.

January 2008

02 January Casino1x2 Diamond Games no pay, falsely reporting transfers made sorry – “Not Recommended” in the Rogue Pit
03 January Playersonly Cake Poker Network unclear terms, player wins denied after the fact ongoing
03 January Top Speed Poker Dynamic Gaming Systems no Response, no pay pending and Rogued
04 January VIP lounge RTG unpaid winnings Virtual Group again: Rogue
06 January Club Tokyo Casino Playtech no pay, casino changed terms closed � player continued to play, invalidating their claim
10 January King Neptune’s Casino Microgaming unpaid winnings of €726 player failed to provide certified documents, AWOL. Case dropped
10 January Superior Casino Rival Gaming payment delays, stalling resolved � casino paid in full
10 January King Neptune’s Casino Microgaming €2700 unpaid, claims that player was in a black-listed country resolved � country rules incorrectly applied, player paid in full
12 January Crown Vegas Casino Realtime Gaming repeated delays on paying $5000 winnings resolved
14 January Jackpot City Microgaming £790 in confiscated winnings, casino claims �terms� violations resolved � player’s withdrawal honored in full
15 January Crown Vegas Casino RTG repeated stalling on payment of $5000 winnings casino reported changing financial services � player paid and case resolved
16 January Crown Vegas Casino RTG Casino ignoring requests for $7500 withdrawal as above, casino changing financial services � player paid, case resolved
16 January Sportsbook.com Cake Gaming N.V. account closed, $9500 still owed casino reports account reopened and paid in full. Player AWOL
17 January Real Vegas Casino Fun Time Games (JAVA) $500 in unpaid winnings player’s PAB was incomplete, unavailable for comment. Case discarded
17 January Crown Vegas Casino RTG $600 in unpaid winnigs, no response from the casino resolved � player paid in full
18 January Crown Vegas Casino RTG $2000 in unpaid winnings, casino unresponsive as of 14th Feb casino reported having paid the player. Player AWOL
20 January Clubworld Casino RTG $1600 in confiscated winnings case closed � player fraud
22 January African Palace Casino Playtech 500,000 Rand ($65,000) in unpaid winnings, no response from the casino player reports partial payment and improved service from the casino.
22 January Cool Cat Casino RTG $5000 unpaid Virtual Group again: Rogue
25 January Everest Casino Grand Virtual bonus complaint, unspecified amount closed � player continued to play, invalidating their claim
25 January Riverbelle Microgaming confusion over bonuses deposited to the player’s account resolved � per player’s request, bonuses removed and original deposit made available for withdrawal
25 January Imperial Casino Grand Virtual disagreement over bonus terms (changed mid-stream) ongoing
25 January Pharaohs Casino Microgaming unpaid affiliate fees resolved � affiliate reports fees paid
26 January Casino Extreme RTG $1480 in unpaid winnings sorry – “Not Recommended” in the Rogue Pit
27 January Vegas Country Casino Microgaming account locked after a $50 deposit player had multiple accounts and a charge-back record: case closed.
28 January Roxy Palace Microgaming $1000 in unpaid winnings, account locked player reports that the issue was resolved
28 January King Neptune’s Casino Microgaming €600 in winnings stuck in locked account ongoing, questions of certified ID involved
30 January AllSlots Microgaming winnings withheld, some question of valid ID ongoing, player has been unable to meet the casino’s ID requirements
30 January Cool Cat Casino RTG $5000 in unpaid winnings Virtual Group again: Rogue
30 January African Palace Casino Playtech $2460 in unpaid winnings unresolved, casino is “Not Recommended” in the Rogue Pithttps://www.casinomeister.com/blog/can-you-withdraw-bonus-balance-on-888-casino/
30-31 January Lucky Ace Casino 888.com 10 separate cases of winnings withheld, casino claims bonus abuse 8 cases resolved, one outstanding, one discarded (player AWOL)

February 2008

01 February Lucky Ace Casino 888.com 12 separate cases of winnings withheld, casino claims bonus abuse 7 cases resolved, three outstanding, two discarded because the player was AWOL
06 February Golden Casino Odds On Gaming 4 cases of no-pay on $1000s of winnings Weeks of hollow promises and stalling: Rogued
07 February 21Magic Playtech Player deposited $750, tried to withdraw: denied Resolved � withdrawal completed
08 February Simon Says Rival Gaming $2000 withdrawal delayed over-long Player reversed the withdrawal then played and lost it all. Case closed
08 February Breakaway Casino RTG $180 no-pay Case closed: winnings barred per casinos Terms and Conditions
10 February Pacific Poker Cassava/888 $1200 frozen in locked accounts ongoing
11 February Goldbetting Wager21 Account locked, no communication from casino ongoing, already listed as a “Caution Casino”
18 February Atlantic Lounge RTG $5000 no-pay Sorry � listed in the Rogue Pit
22 February Goldbetting Wager21 $400 withdrawal missing, no support from casino staff Resolved � paid in full, but listed as a “Caution Casino”
25 February Capital Casino Microgaming Bonus voided and �510 winnings denied Resolved � bonus validated and player paid in full
27 February Goldbetting Wager21 $750 no-pay, player blocked from making further CS requests Unresolved, no response, already listed as a “Caution Casino”
27 February Red Lounge Cantor Gaming �50 unpaid bonus Resolved � bonus given
29 February Bet Royal Casino RTG $640 in withdrawal never received, stalling and excuses Sorry, Virtual Group Casino = known Rogues

March 2008

01-31 March Interwetten Chartwell Tech 4 separate cases: a botched ‘Cashback’ promo yielded significant player wins All Interwetten cases were refered to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta
01 March Golden Reef Casino Microgaming Casino closed it’s doors while owing 547� to the complainant The casino is now back on line and the issue resolved; player paid
02 March Casino Las Vegas Playtech After racking up �42,000 player was locked out and all winnings denied Case is unresolved but ongoing
02 March Grand Hotel Casino Microgaming Casino claims player is from a black-listed country; 920� winnings denied Unresolved, ongoing
06 March Inetbet RTG Player left their account inactive for several months with $1000 still in it, account locked. Resolved; account reopened and player is free to withdraw
07 March Atlantic Lounge RTG Casino closed on March 31st with $5000+ of player’s monies still in their account. Sorry � listed in the Rogue Pit
08 March Lucky Ace Casino 888.com Another case of winnings withheld, casino claiming bonus abuse PAB details were incomplete, player AWOL: case discarded
09 March Topline Bingo proprietary Site approved $500 in withdrawals but the player never received the payments Site unresponsive but paid the player after a Casinomeister warning was published against them
12 March Casino Fantasy, Casino Elegance Grand Virtual A total of $2250+ withheld without explanation Casinos were waiting for acceptable documents from the player. Player AWOL, case closed
13 March Slots Royale Casino Microgaming $1000+ winnings, payments repeatedly stalled Resolved: player paid in full
13 March Kiwi Poker/Gaming Partners Playtech Affiliate owed $300+, no response from the casino ‘Tickets’ assigned, ‘looking into it’ promised but no real results. Warning issued and Roguesville pending
14 March Casino.net Boss Media $4000 in winnings withheld, casino claims player is from a blacklisted country No response of any kind from the casino: Rogue status pending
14 March Spadester.com propriety Player deposited then changed their mind and wanted to withdraw: request denied Resolved: player deposits returned
14 March Challenge Casino Microgaming �1795 in unpaid winnings, no response from the casino Ongoing, payments delayed due to recent Casino Rewards acquisitions
14 March Canbet Microgaming Casino offers a 25% refund on losses but player’s refund was calculated using the wrong currency Resolved via the message boards (here)
15 March Grand Hotel Casino Microgaming Player’s account locked after depositing, no explanation from Customer Service PAB details were incomplete, player AWOL: case discarded
17 March Club Dice Casino Playtech Player won using Blackjack Surrender, casino claims it is excluded from wagering requirements Casino 100% unresponsive: Warning issued, Rogue status pending
17 March Casino Club Boss Media Player won 18,000� on a new Blackjack game. The game was pulled and the winnings were confiscated. Ongoing, Boss Media to verify that the game was botched
18 March Uk-roulette �Powered by Windows Casino� �2100 in winnings withheld without explanation No response of any kind from the casino: Rogued!
19 March Amber coast Playtech �32,000 in winnings not paid, casino stalling Ongoing, player has begun to receive payments
20 March Be The Dealer proprietary Casino agreed to pay $5000 winnings in installments: they did not follow through Resolved: player finally received their pay-out in two installments
22 March Lucky Emperor Microgaming �675 winnings held up for �investigations�, no further communications Ongoing
25 March Full Tilt Poker proprietary Player accused of chip dumping, locked out of all Full Tilt services Fraudster: player had no less than five accounts at Full Tilt
25 March Mansion.com OnGame Network Affiliate claiming unpaid fees on partially fulfilled contract Casino requires the affiliate to fulfill the terms of their contract: case discarded
26 March PF Games Net Entertainment 250� withdrawal cancelled without explanation, Customer Service AWOL Resolved: player paid in full
26 March Casino Club Boss Media Player wins 23,000� on new Blackjack game. The game was pulled and the winnings were voided. Ongoing, Boss Media to verify that the game was botched
26 March Uk-roulette �Powered by Windows Casino� Payment of �4900 in winnings stalled, casino perpetually �working on it� No response of any kind from the casino: Rogued!
27 March Riverbelle Microgaming $600 check bounced, no explanation from the casino Resolved: player paid, although processing fees were deducted
29 March USA Freedom Casino G-Fed AUS$2600 in unpaid winnings, casino AWOL Ongoing, but the casino is long since gone and the casino’s email addresses have been disabled
31 March RiverBelle Microgaming $1100 pay-out repeatedly promised but never shows up On hold: player finally received and deposited a check but it has yet to work it’s way through the system

April 2008

02 April VegasRed Playtech $2000 in winnings withheld on the grounds that his play, BJ, was excluded. Player had originally been told that BJ play was okay. Case closed: player continued to play the monies in their account despite being warned that doing so would invalidate their PAB.
05 April Plum Gaming Net Entertainment Withdrawal of 469� in winnings was ‘misplaced’ after a site update. Resolved: player paid in full.
06 April Pokertime Microgaming Player claimed that a $750 withdrawal was withheld without just cause. Case closed: casino provided evidence that player had been chip-dumping.
07 April Stryyke AliQuantum Gaming Player had 96� in winnings withheld and his account locked. Stryyke eventually divulged that the player had been locked out for chip-dumping; the player claimed it was ‘all lies’ but ended the discussion there. Case closed.
08 April Casino Club Boss Media Player claimed that $50,000 in winnings was being withheld after a ‘security check’. Casino provided conclusive evidence of bot use. Case discarded and player banned.
09 April Plum Gaming Net Entertainment 300� withdrawal stalled and delayed without explanation. Resolved: player paid in full.
10 April Full Tilt Poker proprietary Player had $1100 in winnings but the withdrawal software gave her no option to do so. Customer Service did not respond to her inquiries. After weeks of trying the withdrawal process was suddenly enabled for her again and her transaction was approved: case Resolved.
10 April Sunset Casino Boss Media Player had $4350 in winnings withheld on the grounds that their play was invalid. Player claimed unclear and contradictory Terms. Casino never responded. Warning issued and Rogue status pending.
12 April Eurolinx Microgaming Casinomeister was asked to adjudicate a case where the player felt they were owed $145,000 and the poker room felt they had a $100,000 claim against the player. Both parties had valid claims, and both had acted unscrupulously. CM withdrew from the case and removed Eurolinx from the Accredited list. Case closed.
14 April Betway Microgaming Player had a dispute with Betway regarding their playthrough requirements on bonuses and unclear T&Cs. Eventually a Warning was issued, later withdrawn when the casino joined the forums and began addressing the issue. Ongoing.
14 April Casino Club Boss Media Player’s account was frozen. CS continually reported ‘technical’ issues, ‘investigations’ etc. The player was cleared and their account restored: Resolved.
15 April Jacks N Queens ??? An affiliate was asked to invest in an ‘exclusive’ aff scheme but the coordinator disappeared with the cash. Discarded: the coordinator was indeed a con artist but the site was long gone, domain deleted, etc.
16 April Metro Casino Boss Media Under previous management the player had been refunded his deposit and his $2374 in winnings deleted. Case closed: new management made offers but the player was unresponsive.
16 April Club World Casino Microgaming Player reported being barred from accessing their account while a $7500 withdrawal went unpaid. Turned out the player had opened five or more accounts at the casino in order to get multiple sign-up bonuses: case closed.
16 April Phoenician Casino Microgaming Player reported a locked account without justification or explanation, although their deposit had been returned. Casino showed that the player had multiple accounts. Case closed and player banned for making false claims in their PAB.
16 April Davinci’s Gold Rival Gaming $500 in unpaid winnings, documents sent several times without response, etc. Resolved: player was promptly paid.
17 April Galaxi World I-Gaming Network Late Nov ’07 the player requested a withdrawal, the casino asked for additional documents, the player provided them and never heard from the casino again. Ongoing: the casino flagged this as a case of potential fraud. The player has since offered to provide whatever documentation the casino requires and the casino is waiting for same.
17 April Be The Dealer proprietary An affiliate was owed $7500+ in commissions, requested a withdrawal, was told it was approved but the money never came. Resolved: the affiliate was paid in full.
19 April Club Player Casino RTG Player was told that she was an ‘Advanced player’ and would no longer be eligible for bonuses at the casino. Player had had several PAB issues over the years and this is a Rogue casino: sorry, Accredited casinos only on subsequent PABs.
19 April BoDog proprietary Player wanted us to have the casino audited. On Hold: the casino’s licensing jurisdiction does not offer such a service.
20 April Casino Club Boss Media A VIP player was not being given the bonus rewards they believed they were entitled to. Resolved: the casino recalculated the player’s play entitlements and awarded the bonus in question.
20 April Superior Casino Rival Gaming Player had $2000 in winnings dating back to early 2007. Casino’s new management feels they aren’t bound to pay out on this old claim. Ongoing.
20 April Plum gaming Net Entertainment Player reports that a cashout of 546� had been ignored for weeks. Resolved.
20 April iPlayBingo Parlay Entertainment Affiliate reported unpaid referral fees, AWOL ‘Network Manager’ whom they were told was the only person capable of handling their issue. A Warning has been issued against iPlayBingo and Rogue status is pending: case is still open.
22 April All Slots Casino Microgaming Long-time casino members report being treated extremely rudely by a Customer Service supervisor. Ongoing, the casino has not responded to the allegations.
22 April Betfair Chartwell Tech Player reported having tried for six months to withdraw their money but having been caught in a jam between Neteller and Moneybookers with no help from Betfair. Resolved, player’s accounts were reopened and they were free to withdraw as they saw fit.
23 April Interwetten Chartwell Tech Another of the �Cashback Madness” issues. All Interwetten cases were referred to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta.

 May 2008

08 May DaVinci’s Gold Rival Gaming $426 withdrawal attempted 12 months ago; ID was requested, player had let the issue lapse. Casino payed after finally managing to contact the player via telephone: Resolved.
08 May Simon Says Rival Gaming A $200 withdrawal was blocked because of an “invalid account number”. Player had changed e-cash services, some account details had been messed up. Player paid, issue Resolved.
08 May Betmax RTG Player came to us after being denied access to $4657 in their account. After a Warning the casino came forward to claim player had been payed. Player AWOL, case considered Resolved.
11 May Ascot Ecasino RTG Player was locked out after a €15,000 win. All attempts to contact the casino were ignored. Casino had changed management. The new management honored the player’s win in full: Resolved.
12 May Winward Casino Parlay Player was locked out of their account for “bonus abuse” and denied access to their $1904 balance. A Warning was issued and Winward was added to the Rogue list: case closed.
13 May Intertops Microgaming Player wanted to know why his account had been closed. Player was from a banned country and had a record of fraud at the casino: final decision pending.
14 May Vegas Poker Casino Microgaming After winning €1500+ the player’s winnings were voided and they were called a “high risk player”. Casino had evidence that player was part of a group of fraudsters; player’s deposit returned and case closed.
16 May Club Player Casino RTG Player was told his coupon was playable in Roulette, $4778 in winnings was later voided “per the bonus rules”. This casino is part of the Virtual Casino Group and a long-time Rogue casino; Case unresolved.
17 May Casinowebcam Proprietary Attempts to withdraw from his $32,000+ balance failed, player reported being ignored by casino CS. A Warning was eventually issued, Rogue status is pending.
18 May Vegas poker Casino Microgaming A €900 withdrawal was denied, casino referenced Terms that were different that those Player had agreed to. Resolved: casino corrected itself, apologized for the error and paid the player in full.
19 May Betfair Casino Chartwell Tech Complaint centered around a match bonus valued at €250 that the casino removed from the players account. Unresolved: the casino claims the player is guilty of using a bot.
20 May 888.com Random Logic (proprietary) Player’s account balance was reduced from $520.50 to $52.05 without reason or notification given. Casino charges dormant accounts 10% per month per their terms: player was unavailable for comment. Case closed.
21 May Club World Microgaming $1200 withdrawal was approved but it never arrived. Casino reported “processor problems” but still no pay. Casino reprocessed the withdrawal and eventually the player reported that the monies had arrived. Case resolved.
22 May Pokertime, etc Microgaming After sending a letter to the casino player’s account was closed, casino cited “gambling problems”. Casino had misread the letter: they apologized, reopened the account: resolved.
22 May Casino.net Random Logic (proprietary) Player’s withdrawal denied: “WR not met”, but the WR cited were 6x higher than stated in the terms of the bonus. Casino had sent the wrong letter to the player. They approved the withdrawal and comp’d the player: resolved.
25 May Vegas Poker Casino Microgaming A withdrawal was denied on the grounds that the player hadn’t met the WR of an unasked for bonus. Resolved: the casino apologized for the mistake and allowed the player’s withdrawal in full.
26 May Bet365 Playtech Player felt they had been shortchanged by slots that weren’t paying out per the game’s tables. Turned out to be confusion over currencies; player demanded compensation. Case on hold.
27 May Odaiba Casino Playtech $1000 withdrawal went missing after player changed currency on their Neteller account. The account change had triggered security checks; these were cleared and the player was paid in full: Resolved.
27 May Casino Club Boss Media Player was working toward a higher VIP status but something went wrong and they were downgraded. The casino corrected itself within 48 hours and upgraded the player to the correct status: Resolved.
28 May Poker Stars Proprietary A $250 e-check withdrawal was delayed, player threatened the casino and communications broke down entirely. Casino acknowledged the delays, compensated the player and reissued the withdrawal: Resolved.
28 May Treasure On Net Proprietary? Player complained of being locked out of their account and denied access to $14,000 in winnings. Casino was reluctant to discuss details but it turned out that the player had hacked into the software: case closed.
28 May Fulltilt Poker Proprietary $1350 in withdrawals were repeatedly “stuck in transfer” and never appearing in the player’s account. FullTilt apologized, comp’d the player and offered alternate cash-out methods but the player was AWOL: case closed.

June 2008

05 June Betfair Chartwell Tech Under a 10% cashback promotion player claimed £500; casino refused to pay. Casino would not give details but player was eventually paid as a “goodwill gesture”: Resolved.
10 June Rushmore Casino RTG Player requested $1000 withdrawal, was repeatedly told that it was “on it’s way” but nothing arrived. The casino Fedex’d the player a cheque for the full amount: Resolved.
10 June Party Casino proprietary The player’s slot game shut down as a winning line was being displayed, felt cheated. After software crashes were explained the player withdrew the complaint: case closed.
11 June Gaming Club Microgaming Player requested a £1867 withdrawal which the casino paid, then re-debited without warning. Player was unavailable to provide further details on the issue: case closed.
11 June Casino Euro Net Entertainment A dispute over a cancelled deposit left the player with €222 less in winnings than they expected. The casino reversed it’s decision and allowed the player to withdraw the full amount: Resolved.
12 June Intertops Microgaming Player received an Intertops Cash Card, deposited $1600 and was unable to access the monies. Processor problems made Cash Cards a no-go: the monies were placed in player’s casino account.
12 June Villento Microgaming €1534 in winnings were confiscated for “negative activity.” Player’s deposit was returned and their account closed on the basis of fraudulent activity: case closed.
13 June Ladbrokes Microgaming Player’s account was locked shortly after they deposited £150, CS unresponsive. Their account was reopened but the player was AWOL. Case marked Resolved in absentia.
16 June Casino Club Boss Media Player was eligible for two VIP bonus in the space of two weeks, neither was given as promised. The bonuses were given per the player’s request: Resolved.
16 June Gammon Empire proprietary Player reported repeated delays getting withdrawals, including €555 that never arrived. Gammon never replied to us but the player was paid in full: Resolved.
17 June Inetbet RTG Player received a “birthday bonus” and was told they could play any game; VP play was later disallowed. Casino reported that the player had willfully misrepresented the case; player was unavailable for comment.
17 June Casino Las Vegas Playtech After an $896 win player was unable to withdraw, also “blacklisted” within the casino group. Player was paid in full and their status returned to normal: Resolved
20 June Vegas Strip Casino Vegas Technology Player reported a basic “no pay, no help from Customer Service” situation. Casino claimed the player had not provided a valid account number: player paid, case Resolved.
21 June Canadian Dollar Bingo Parlay Player reported bonus irregularities, difficult withdrawal terms, etc. Casino never replied to our queries, player was unavailable for comment: case discarded.
21 June Casino Club Boss Media After a software crash player’s account was set to $0. CS slow to respond. Casino told player they suspected bot use; monies were returned but the account was closed: Resolved.
23 June Maharajah Club Casino CryptoLogic Player reported the $1020 was caught in limbo between the casino and the cash processor. Casino had changed management, no one would take responsibility for player’s issue: Warning issued.
23 June Virgin Games WagerWorks Player reported trouble with a bonus: Terms had said 20 x bonus WR, casino claimed 20 x deposit. Casino admitted to badly written bonus terms, offered to compensate the player: player AWOL.
25 June Betfair Chartwell Tech Player reported that £400+ were confiscated from their account without explanation. Casino reported the player had used a bot; player unavailable for comment, case Closed.
25 June Rushmore Casino RTG Player reported casino was paying by check against the player’s wishes. Check arrived and player decided they were satisfied with that: case Closed.
25 June Riverbelle Casino Microgaming Player received a check, it bounced, funds had already been deducted from their account. Problem was with player’s bank. Funds were returned to player’s account: Resolved.
26 June Piggs Casino Microgaming Player deposited in UKP because their country’s currency was not supported, winnings were confiscated. Casino Terms state the default currency is USD not UKP. Player’s monies were returned: Resolved.
29 June Rich Reels Microgaming Winnings of €3800 were confiscated on the grounds of “suspicious activity”. Player was known to the casino as a fraudster: their deposit was returned and the account closed.
30 June Eurobet proprietary Player reported that their account balance of £88 went missing without explanation. Casino reported that a management change had messed things up; monies returned: Resolved.

July 2008

01 July Cirrus UK RTG Player reported having difficulties withdrawing $9000 in winnings Sorry, Cirrus is a known Rogue casino.
02 July Jon Wood Poker Proprietary (?) Player’s balance of $160 went missing from their account, no explanations. The casino refused to respond: Warning issued and Rogue status pending.
02 July Inetbet RTG Player received a coupon, played part of the WR then wanted their money back. Discarded: player agreed to the terms of the bonus and is bound to the WR.
03 July Grand Priv� Microgaming Player had cancelled their account but was still receiving casino spam. Player was unavailable to provide their account details: AWOL.
03 July Megasport Casino Playtech Player tried for weeks to withdraw £1400 without response. Casino refused to respond but player was paid: Resolved.
05 July Victor Chandler Casino Proprietary Player deposited $400 but did not received the first deposit bonus. Casino apologized to the player and awarded the full bonus: Resolved.
07 July Vegas Magic RTG Player reported difficulties in getting 1,496 comp points they had earned. Player eventually reported that the comps had been awarded: Resolved.
12 July Victor Chandler Casino Proprietary An affiliate reported £16,420 in unpaid affiliate fees. Casino has issues with the affiliate but has paid half of the monies owed: ongoing.
14 July PKR Casino Proprietary $500 and $250 bonus were reportedly seized for “bonus abuse” activity. Player expanded her claims to include “compensations”: on hold.
15 July VIP Lounge RTG Player’s withdrawal of $2900 was blocked; casino claimed “bonus abuse”. Sorry, this casino has long been listed in the Rogue Pit.
15 July Jackpot Factory VIP Lounge Microgaming $2600 in NSF checks and $2350 in unprocessed withdrawals. Casino pointed to processor problems but player was paid in full: Resolved.
15 July Acropolis Casino Playtech Player requested a $8440 Neteller withdrawal, casino sent a bank draft instead. Resolved: casino canceled the draft and sent payment via Neteller.
15 July Vegas Red Casino Playtech €1,450.00 in winnings withheld due to “disallowed games”. Player accepted a partial payment in return for dropping the case: closed.
15 July Inetbet RTG Player deposited $50, won $7186, but withdrawals were blocked. Casino claimed ID inconsistencies but eventually paid in full: Resolved.
16 July Sportsbook.com World Gaming Player was sent a $1,610 NSF check; casino claimed “system problems”. Casino claimed payment had been made, player was unavailable: AWOL.
16 July Casino Club Boss Media Player complained that their account was locked without explanation. Player had a history of bot use: case closed and player banned for fraud.
20 July One Club Casino RTG Player claimed their $800 withdrawal was denied after Terms were changed. Casino ignored us but the player reported having been paid: Resolved.
23 July Fortune Lounge Microgaming Player reported being deluged with unwanted spam from casino affiliates. No progress: ongoing.
24 July World Wide Win Total E Soft “Deposited £250 from MoneyBookers, cash was never credited.” Player soon reported having contacted casino rep who Resolved the issue.
24 July Intercasino Cryptologic Player withdrawals totaling $10,700 misplaced in wire transfer process. Problem originated at the player’s bank re canceled checks: Resolved.
25 July Jackpot Capital RTG Player’s $638 withdrawal blocked due to “security investigations”. Player was from a disallowed country: deposit was returned. Case closed.
26 July Jackpot Factory VIP Lounge Microgaming Player’s check of $300 was NSF, player was charged $90 in panking fees. Casino fixed the problem in less than 24 hours; Resolved.
27 July Bugsy’s Club Proprietary “My cashout request of $15,000 from Bugsy’s Club isn’t being processed.” Casino finally released the withdrawal: Resolved.
27 July Club Dice Boss Media Player’s win of $6700 was canceled and their deposit returned, no explanation. Casino never responded: Warning issued and Rogue status pending.
30 July King Solomon’s Casino Playtech Player’s withdrawal was declined, casino cited a “disallowed” game. Casino corrected themselves, paid the player in full: Resolved.
31 July Betfair Chartwell Tech “… faulty software, refusal to provide hand history, reusal to elevt.” Player was unavailable to provide further details: AWOL and case closed.
31 July Grand Mondial Microgaming $1850 withdrawal declined and account locked without explanation. Account reopened and withdrawal released within 24 hours: Resolved.
31 July Grand Mondial Microgaming $500 withdrawal ignored and casino unresponsive for several days. Player reported that the rep was finally taking care of the issues: Resolved.

August 2008

02 August Vegas Slot Casino Microgaming Player felt the games were unfair and asked that her 2008 deposits be returned. Casino is a member of eCOGRA; case transferred to eCOGRA and closed.
04 August Royal Ace Casino RTG A $616 withdraw went unpaid; casino changed it’s name from High Rollers to Royal Ace. Sorry, Royal Ace is a known re-branding within the Rogued Crystal Palace Group.
04 August Club Usa Casino RTG $28,000 denied, player claimed they had not been told of 10x Max payout on their bonus. Player had received these bonuses many times before and knew the limits; case closed.
05 August Jackpot Kings Casino RTG? $1000 withdrawal requested, approved, but never received. Sorry, casino is a member of the long since Rogued Crystal Palace Group.
07 August Casino Club Boss Media Player reported being locked out after winning €1000 on a €1000 bonus. Casino provided records of the player’s use of bots. Case closed and player banned.
07 August All Jackpots Casino Microgaming Player received a $2200 NSF check, was unable to get the casino to reissue a good check. Player was paid in full; Resolved.
08 August Bet And Win Playtech Due to processing lags a player’s €150 deposit bonus was awarded then denied. The bonus was re-issued; Resolved.
09 August Pokespoker proprietary? Player reported that the casino had gone offline owing him $7000. Pokespoker was a Futurebet site that folded owing millions to players around the world: case closed.
11 August Mansion Casino OnGame Network Player had deposited, received a bonus, played a bit then decided they wanted their money back. The casino allowed the player to withdraw their balance: Resolved.
12 August Club World Casino Microgaming Player requested the jackpot of a promo since it had been flawed and unwinnable. Player had participated in such promos in the past and was fully aware of the rules, case closed.
13 August Vegas Poker Microgaming Player was having trouble getting $5000 in winnings. Fraudster: player was part of a fraud network that the casino busted and locked out.
14 August Casino Club Boss Media Winnings of €6000 denied and account closed. Player was guilty of extended bot use: fraudster!
14 August Party Casino proprietary Player requested compensation for a long history of software problems. Case was transferred to eCOGRA.
14 August Villento Casino Microgaming Player tried to deposit but the credit never showed up in her casino account. The casino said the error would be cleared in a few days but player was AWOL for verification.
14 August Casino Club Boss Media Player used a bot: winnings were voided but deposit was not returned as had been promised. Casino honoured their promise and returned the deposit: player was AWOL for confirmation.
14 August Canbet Casino Microgaming Player reported that casino would not pay a Cash Back Bonus due to previous bonus activity. Player paid in full: Resolved.
15 August Rich Reels Casino Microgaming Player complained that winnings had been denied and they had been labeled a “negative player”. Casino had solid evidence of ID fraud and claimed that the deposit had been returned: player AWOL.
15 August Betroyal RTG Player reported a denied withdrawal on the grounds that they had “mixed bonuses”. Sorry, Betroyal is part of the long-time Rogued Virtual Casino Group.
17 August 3 Dice Casino proprietary Player reported that their account had been closed “for their own good”. Casino offered a compromise, limited deposits, but the player refused this: case On Hold.
19 August Gammon Empire proprietary Player deposited, played by the terms but their withdrawal was denied for “bonus abuse”. Deposit was returned, as player had requested, but player was AWOL for confirmation.
19 August Winstant.com proprietary? Player complained that winnings on a “no deposit” bonus had been denied. Turns out player had violated a number of Terms, including multiple accounts: case closed.
22 August Powerbet RTG Player reported $4000 in unpaid winnings, repeated promises and stalling, etc. Sorry, Powerbet is part of the Crystal Palace Group, long-time members of the Rogue Pit.
22 August Rich Reels Casino Microgaming Player tried to cash out €738 and was promptly locked out. Casino reported fraud: player deposit was returned. Case closed.
23 August Bingo Playground ??? Player reported winnings withheld, unfair terms related to withdrawals. Player received partial payment but was unavailable for further information requests: AWOL.
26 August Red Flush Microgaming Player reported having been locked out after depositing $400 and winning. Casino had evidence that player was part of an organized fraud group: fraudster!
29 August First Web Casino Microgaming Player had an 18 month old case of a $1000 cash-out snafued by the banks, and was never received. Casino reported that the player would be paid but player was AWOL for further comment.
30 August Stryyke AliQuantum Gaming Player reported that casino had locked them out, wouldn’t return original deposit. Deposit was in fact returned, account remained locked: Resolved.

September 2008

01 Sept Oddsmaker iGaming After winning $1400 player tried to withdraw $700 but was given a string of worthless excuses and promises. Casino never replied. A Warning was issued and the casino is now in the queue to be Rogued.
03 Sept Bet365 Playtech Player had suspicions about Live Roulette, suspected there were cheat measures being used against them. There was no evidence to pursue this case. Case Closed.
04 Sept Miapuesta.com Boss Media Player complained of having received wrong bonus on a €500 deposit. The correct bonus was issued. Resolved.
05 Sept Lasseters Proprietary An affiliate issue: $1600 in unpaid earnings. Lasseters has since gone into receivership; the affiliate is still waiting for payment.
06 Sept Rushmore RTG Player reported that that software was automatically flipping their betting amount from $0.20 to $20. Casino investigated, determined that the problem had been “human error” but reimbursed the player anyway: Resolved.
07 Sept Bodog Proprietary Player was issued a $200 payment via Check By Mail service but the check never came. Casino said they resent payment via Check by Courier. The player was unavailable to confirm: assumed Resolved.
08 Sept iNetBet RTG After having a problem with getting paid by check player was told that payment by wire was possible … it never came. Player had never actually requested the wire transfer. Once they did the casino promptly paid: Resolved.
09 Sept Rival Gaming Rival Player’s accounts were locked. After contacting CS they were unlocked … then locked again … then unlocked, etc. The rep discovered that the problem was different account names at each of the Rival casinos. Resolved.
10 Sept Wild Vegas RTG Player tried to withdraw $5000 from a jackpot win … no joy. 50 emails and 20 phone calls later still no joy. Sorry, Wild Vegas is a Rogue casino.
11 Sept Mighty Slots RTG Player tried to withdraw $900, waited months, never saw a cent. Casino claimed management issues, promised payment in 30-45 days. It never happened. Emails go unanswered. Rogued.
12 Sept Cyberslotz Microgaming Player reported £s;90 locked in their account without explanation. Casino ignored us so we issued a Warning. They emailed us, claimed “bonus abuse” … then invited the player to open a new account, which they did!?!? Case closed.
13 Sept Platinum Play Microgaming Player withdrew £s;3000 winnings from a £s;100 deposit, no problem. Deposited again, asked for a bonus and was locked out. Casino reviewed it’s records, found the error, reversed themselves and welcomed the player back. Resolved.
15 Sept AllSlots Microgaming Player reported suspicious activity from a tournament player they often saw at the tables. Casino knew of the player in question, had analyzed the records, but found no unreasonable behaviour. Case closed.
16 Sept Villento Microgaming Player complained of being locked out after making a small deposit and winning $3500. Turns out player had a long history of chargebacks, has falsified data in order to open a new account. Case closed.
16 Sept Club USA RTG Casino had decided to block Polish players, player claimed winnings from before the cut-off date were being withheld. Turned out the player’s winnings had not predated the cut-off. Case closed.
16 Sept Club USA RTG As above. Player did in fact have some winnings which predated the cut-off. The casino paid these out. Resolved.
17 Sept Casino Classic Microgaming Player complained of being locked out for their “betting pattern” and being denied winnings. MGS does indeed have some restrictive Terms regarding betting patterns: see the Warning we issued accordingly.
19 Sept Bodog Proprietary Player claimed that a $8500 cash-out was being unreasonably delayed. Casino had been having problems with their payment processing. Player did receive full payment. Resolved.
21 Sept Lucky18 Casino RTG Player complained that casino’s games were unfair, asked for additional bonuses and money back. Turned out player had a long history of bitching and moaning at the casino as a means of getting extra bonuses. Closed.
21 Sept 3Dice Proprietary Player suspected the casino’s Blackjack of unfairness, asked for an audit. No independent audit has yet been done, case is ongoing.
21 Sept Casino Finlandia Grand Virtual Player won using a bonus, was asked for identity documents, and ended up being locked out. Player documents had been forged and/or doctored so casino banned the player as a fraudster. So did we.
23 Sept Virtual Casino RTG Player complained of troubles related to a total of $1000 in withdrawals, bad Customer Service, etc. Sorry, TheVirtualCasino.com is a known Rogue casino.
24 Sept Rival Casinos Rival Player’s complained that they were allowed back into Rival casinos after having excluded themselves 6 months ago. Casino renewed the exclusion. Player retired from Casinomeister.com Case closed.
29 Sept Be The Dealer Proprietary Complaint cited $33,500 in unpaid winnings in spite of repeated agreements on payout schedules from the casino. More promises made and broken: a Warning was issued. Soon after a newly appointed casino officer contacted us and payed the player. Resolved.
29 Sept iNetBet RTG Player’s complaint was that $879 remained unpaid even after months of “investigation”. Casino had identified the player as part of a fraud group, returned their deposit and closed the account. Player AWOL.

October 2008

01 Oct FirstRoyalCasino.biz B3W Player’s withdrawal of €650 was approved but never arrived. Customer Service was AWOL and unresponsive. Our attempts to contact the casino went unanswered so a Warning was issued. Casino eventually replied, player had been paid, Warning withdrawn.
01 Oct Plum Gaming Net Entertainment Player had two payments approved and pending but casino did not process them due to “investigations”. The casino suspended all payments for the “investigations”. Eventually we pressed for resolution and the player was paid.
02 Oct Villento Microgaming Withdrawal of £728 was approved then held up for document verification. This cycle repeated itself several times. By shuttling back and forth between the player and the casino we were able to get the docs approved and the player paid: Resolved.
02 Oct Palace of Chance RTG Player requested $1400 withdrawal, waited weeks, repeated attempts to contact CS went ignored and unanswered. Sorry, POC is a Rogue casino.
02 Oct Paradise 8 Rival Player claimed that $55,000 had been confiscated by the casino for false charges of “multiple accounts”. Turns out the player had multiple accounts at many Rival casinos. Case closed and player banned.
03 Oct Paddy Power Casino iPoker Network Player claimed that since they were Canadian and the Paddy casino didn’t allow Canadian players they should get their deposit back. Turns out the player had deposited and lost their money on the Sports side of Paddy. Case closed, but we updated our info to reflect the ban on Cdn players.
04 Oct Real Vegas Online RTG Player had $11,000 in winnings, tried to withdraw $2000. The WD was approved but never arrived. Casino never responded to the player nor us. A Warning was issued against the casino.
06 Oct Real Vegas Online RTG Player reported $2000 in “pending” withdrawals that were never released by the casino. See above.
07 Oct SBG Global Casino Mercedes Software (MSI) Player complained that their Blackjack play was highly suspicious, requested an audit be done on the casino. Tried to contact the player to explain that we don’t do audits … no response. OP AWOL.
07 Oct Prism Casino RTG Player complained that a $3000 winning was being withheld by the casino, that they were stalling and making excuses. Sorry, Prism is a Rogue casino.
08 Oct Empire Casino iGaming Player’s issue was simple: they had been waiting 18 months to receive their $2000 withdrawal. After several attempts to get a response from them the player was contacted by the casino and paid in full. Resolved!
08 Oct Interwetten Chartwell Tech Player deposited, played, qualified for a €300 bonus but never received it. Player withdrew their complaint: case closed.
09 Oct Betonbet Net Entertainment Player’s complaint was that the casino refused to cap the player’s deposits even though their Terms said they were obligated to provide such a service. All attempts to contact the player failed: OP AWOL.
09 Oct Plum Gaming Net Entertainment Player had €8650 in their account but the casino was “investigating” and would not release the funds. Casino’s “investigations” turned out to be a big stalling tactic: a Warning was issued and the casino has been Rogued.
12 Oct All Slots Casino Microgaming Player claimed suspicious activity had been seen in tournament play, requested an investigation. CM pursued MGS, had the tournament records examined. The conclusion was that there had been no “suspicious” activity: case closed.
13 Oct Imperial Casino Grand Virtual Player’s reported that their deposit and bonus had been confiscated for “suspicious” activity. Casino agreed to return the player’s original deposit. Player went AWOL then started a smear campaign on the forums: player banned and case closed.
14 Oct Hot Pepper Casino Odds On Player had $7250 tied up in a dispute with the casino over WR issues. Case dismissed because of the “One Free Shot” rule; Hot Pepper Casino is not on the Accredited Casino list.
14 Oct Grand Mondial Microgaming Player reported $1700 in winnings had been denied for no reason. Player had been flagged as a fraud risk and their deposits had been returned. They posted to the forums before the PAB was concluded: case closed.
15 Oct Absolute Slots Rival Half the player’s €1800 winnings were confiscated by the casino. Case dismissed because of the “One Free Shot” rule; Absolute Slots is not on the Accredited Casino list.
16 Oct City Club Playtech A $400 withdrawal was stuck in limbo between the casino and the processor. Customer Service was unresponsive. The casino never replied to our inquiries but the player notified us that they had received their WD in full: resolved.
16 Oct Club World Casino Microgaming A Polish player claimed they had been denied $3100 in winnings because of a country ban that had came into effect after they had won. Turned out the player had been identified as a fraudster before the country ban came into effect. Case dismissed.
16 Oct Club USA Casino RTG Another Polish player claiming that $3244 had been withheld unfairly. Yet another fraudster attempting to use the Polish ban to get monies that had been previously confiscated: case dismissed.
18 Oct Club World Casino Microgaming Player reported that $2950 had been removed from their account when they attempted an $4950 cash-out. Player had used a bonus that had a $2000 cash-out limit. Casino and player resolved the misunderstanding.
18 Oct Centrebet Playtech Player reported that they were being slow-payed on a £96 withdrawal. Player was paid in full: Resolved
18 Oct Rushmore Casino RTG Player claimed that their payout ratio from Keno was much less than that advertised by the casino. After a stream of similar “complaints” from the player their membership at CM was suspended
21 Oct All Jackpots Casino Microgaming Player reported that their $540 withdrawal was three weeks over-due. Casino responded immediately, player paid in full. Resolved.
22 Oct Club Player RTG Player reported stalls and delays in getting a $2450 withdrawal processed. Sorry, Club Player is a Rogue casino.
23 Oct Club World Casino Microgaming Player claimed that $1400 was being held because the casino was incorrectly applying their bonus terms. Turns out the player had played a “free chip” which had a $1000 WD limit. Player posted to the forums before the PAB was completed: case placed on hold.
24 Oct Craps.com Playtech Player claimed that they had been sent a cheque for $3303 that never arrived. Case dismissed because of the “One Free Shot” rule; Craps.com is not on the Accredited Casino list.
27 Oct Victor Chandler Proprietary Two incidents where £150 in bonuses were supposedly withdrawn from the player’s account without justification. Turns out the first incident was three years old; in the second case the casino had rejected the player’s deposit. Case closed.
27 Oct Vegas 24 iGaming Player reported that this Rogue casino was stalling on a $700 cash-out. Casino paid in full: Resolved.
27 Oct Old Chicago Casino Microgaming player reported having problems with approx £100 in VIP bonuses. Player posted their issue to the forums even after agreeing not to; case closed.
27 Oct Lion Slots Casino Rival Player reported that $600 in winnings was being withheld. Casino reported a history of fraud over several Rival casinos: case closed.
27 Oct Bingoville Parlay A $400 withdrawal was 14 months over-due despite promises that it would be paid “soon”. Casino never replied to our inquiries: a Warning was issued and Rogue status is pending.
28 Oct Royal Lounge Casino Playtech Player deposited £90 and received a 100% bonus, played, tried to withdraw. It was denied. Player had not met the WR of the bonus, their deposit was returned in full: Resolved.
29 Oct Cool Hand Poker Microgaming Player from SA won a freeroll tournament for an iPod player and was then told that players from SA were disqualified. Resolved: casino agreed that there had been an internal error and shipped the OP the prize.
30 Oct 777 Dragon Casino Microgaming Player requested $600 in withdrawals but the banking processor claimed the money was lost in transit. Casino apologized, fixed the problem and issued a free bonus for the player’s difficulties: Resolved.
30 Oct Empire Casino iGaming 15 months ago the player had requested a $433 withdrawal, casino reported there were “technical difficulties”. Player was promptly paid: resolved.
30 Oct Plum Gaming Net Entertainment Player withdrawals of €400 were delayed when the casino announced “investigations”. As above, casino’s “investigations” went nowhere: a Warning was issued and the casino has been Rogued.

November 2008

05 Nov 2008 iNetBet Casino RTG Player wanted $375 winnings on a disallowed game payed because the mailout terms on the bonus didn’t match those on the site. Although the correct terms had been available on the site all along the casino payed the player.
09 Nov 2008 Bingo.se Parabol Games As above, casino withheld a €100 bonus. As above, casino paid in full, case resolved.
11 Nov 2008 Cool Cat RTG Player had requested a $1,146 withdrawal; casino claimed they’d mailed it but nothing arrived Casino never paid. Cool Cat is part of the Virtual Group, long-time Rogues (here).
12 Nov 2008 Casino Club Boss Media Player claimed that €8000+ was being denied on false accusations of using a bot. Play records completely validated the ‘bot usage’ claim: case thrown out.
13 Nov 2008 ThisIsVegas Rival Player claimed that $300 in winnings was being denied and that the bonus terms had been changed. The casino proved that the terms had not changed and that the player was in error.
15 Nov 2008 Casino Club Boss Media After player accumulated over €10,000 in BJ winnings the casino denied payouts, claimed bot usage. Evidence did not conclusively prove bot usage; BB negotiated directly with the casino, player was paid in full.
18 Nov 2008 Playtime Bingo Byworth Entertainment Player complained that Playtime and sister sites owed a total of $2100 but had stopped responding to emails. The sites paid, player received all monies owed.
18 Nov 2008 Casino Club Boss Media Player was being denied winnings of €1554 because of suspected fraud. Casino promptly paid the player in full.
19 Nov 2008 Casino Share Microgaming Player deposited CAD$20 but it never arrived in their casino account. Casino reported delays. Casino had a glitch with their deposit processing, manually credited the player’s account.
20 Nov 2008 Looselines Casino BLR Technologies Casino denied player €3104 winnings on the ground that they didn’t want business from the player’s country. Casino never responded yet claimed they had settled things with us: Warning issued and Pending Rogue.
20 Nov 2008 Wild Vegas Casino RTG Player had requested $437 withdrawal, money was removed from player’s account but never sent. Casino didn’t pay. Wild Vegas is part of the Virtual Group, long-time Rogues (here).
23 Nov 2008 All Jackpots Microgaming Player complained that US players should be allowed access to casino’s Progressive Jackpot. Player did not respond to emails, case discarded.
23 Nov 2008 Golden Lounge Microgaming The casino claimed the player was an advantage player and withheld winnings of £14,000. Casino rep presented a string of unconvincing arguments, never paid. Warning issued and Pending Rogue.
24 Nov 2008 Slots Oasis RTG Player had requested that the casino restrict her deposits, was later allowed to deposit well beyond the limit set. Casino refunded the deposits that were made in excess of the agreed upon limit.
24 Nov 2008 Empire Casino iGaming After successful withdrawals the player had problems with a final $2,000. 32 emails over 18 months with no results. Casino gave the player new withdrawal instructions and the monies were paid in full.
25 Nov 2008 Full Tilt Proprietary Player had requested a $6000 withdrawal, casino says they paid, bank had no trace of it. The casino ironed things out with the bank and the monies were received in full.
26 Nov 2008 Metro Casino Boss Media Player claimed that €5500 in winnings had been converted into a bonus with a €550,000 WR. Casino was no help but the player was running multiple accounts: case closed.
26 Nov 2008 32 Red Microgaming Player complained that they had deposited at the casino in the past but were no longer able to. Casino had since blocked the player’s country from depositing. Case closed.
26 Nov 2008 GoWild Casino Microgaming Player’s withdrawal of £1100 was denied, casino cited ‘bonus abuse’. Turned out the player had multiple accounts at the casino, banned for PAB fraud.
26 Nov 2008 GoWild Casino Microgaming As above, €1400 denied. Casino claimed ‘bonus abuse’ but their Terms were too vague. Player was eventually paid.
29 Nov 2008 Cote d’Azur Palace Casino Playtech Player had requested €4600 in withdrawals which were approved but no money arrived, mails were ignored. Within a few weeks the casino paid in full though they never did respond to us.
29 Nov 2008 Intercasino Cryptologic Player complained that after a good roulette session they were $186 up, then the software disconnected and they lost $41 in bets. Casino restored the lost bets: resolved.
30 Nov 2008 GoWild Casino Microgaming Casino told the player that due to ‘bonus abuse’ they would not pay a £1900 withdrawal. Casino reversed their decision and paid in full: resolved.

December 2008

01 Dec 2008 GoWild Casino Microgaming 2650€ winnings on a 300€ deposit/600€ bonus were denied on the grounds of ‘bonus abuse’. Casino eventually approved and paid the winnings.
01 Dec 2008 Casino Club Boss Media Player claimed 2000€ in unpaid winnings after withdrawal had been approved. Casino reported player was part of a fraud group. Player was unavailable for comment, case closed.
01 Dec 2008 Casino Las Vegas Playtech Casino agreed to allow the player to withdraw their deposit then started asking for reams of ID, etc. CLV was absorbed into another casino group, the new rep solved the problem.
03 Dec 2008 Jackpot City Microgaming Player reported unreasonable delays in an approved withdrawal. Turns out the player had not been available for identity confirmation checks. Payment was eventually received.
04 Dec 2008 Spin Palace Microgaming Player complained that Terms had changed and they were being forced to conform to tougher WR. Turns out the player had left their account dormant for many months. Player was unavailable for further details, discarded.
04 Dec 2008 GoWild Casino Microgaming Player deposited, received a generous bonus and was eventually accused of ‘bonus abuse’. Casino reversed it’s decision against the player and paid in full.
05 Dec 2008 Metro Casino Boss Media Player reported that they had been locked out of their account for ‘bot usage’. Casino did provide some play records but they seemed inconclusive to us. Case referred to Gibraltar.
07 Dec 2008 3 Dice Proprietary Player complained that their monies were being withheld while the casino �investigates my identity�. Player was finally busted for multiple counts of identity fraud.
08 Dec 2008 Casino Club Boss Media Player reported that an arbitrary chance in WR had tied up 2500€ in winnings. Casino investigated, discovered an internal error and paid the player.
10 Dec 2008 7Sultans Microgaming Player requested a $160 withdraw then reported their CC stolen. The withdraw was ‘misplaced’. Casino paid in full.
11 Dec 2008 Mybet.com Chartwell Player claimed to have fulfilled the WR terms of a bonus but the bonus was not being credited. The casino released the bonus to the player’s account.
12 Dec 2008 Intercasino UK Cryptologic Player had been given a birthday bonus but their play was not being credited toward it. Turned out the player had outstanding WR from a previous bonus. Casino explained and player was satisfied.
13 Dec 2008 Casino Club Boss Media Player complained that their account had been frozen without explanation. The casino had an outstanding legal action in progress against the player for fraud. PAB on hold pending resolution.
13 Dec 2008 Bettercasino.com Playtech? Player was invited to deposit and receive a bonus, did so and then reported that no bonus was given. Player canceled their casino account and refused to continue with the PAB process.
15 Dec 2088 Europa Casino Playtech Player reported that 10,000€ was being withheld without explanation. The player had not completed WR. Also, player had another PAB in progress. Case closed.
16 Dec 2008 English Harbour Vegas Tech Player had a dispute regarding a bonus they had received, complained about, and continued to play and lose. Player was unavailable for further discussions, case discarded.
17 Dec 2008 Unibet casino Microgaming Player complained that a 1500€ win was being withheld without reason. Turns out the player had over 20 fake accounts at the casino.
17 Dec 2008 Desert Dollar Microgaming Player reported that winnings were being withheld without explanation. Casino showed that the player was connected to a group using fake and tampered identification.
18 Dec 2008 99 Slotmachines RTG Player reported that a $450 withdrawal was being endlessly stalled. Casino never responded. Eventually a Warning was issued against the casino and the entire Curgam Malta group.
18 Dec 2008 William Hill Playtech Player reported finding a pattern in slots that allowed them to ‘win’ £52,000 Casino reported that there had been a glitch in the software. All winnings were invalid per the T&Cs.
19 Dec 2008 Plenty Jackpots RTG Player reported a $700 withdrawal was being repeatedly stalled. See the General Warning issued against all Curgam Malta casino properties.
21 Dec 2008 Golden Lounge Microgaming Player reported that payments on £5740 in winnings were being stalled. Player provided inconsistent info on their accounts at various banking institutions. Eventually player was unreachable. Closed.
26 Dec 2008 Golden Riviera Microgaming Player reported being blocked from the casino for no reason. Turned out the player had sent out letters requesting that all accounts be closed because of gambling addiction.
29 Dec 2008 Casino Del Rio Playtech Player reported that a $10,000 withdrawal was being stalled. After years of play at the casino they were being asked for ID, etc. Casino paid out in full before we got started on the PAB.
30 Dec 2008 Vegas Affiliates n/a Affiliate reported that the previous month’s earnings had not been paid. Payment was promptly received in full.
31 Dec 2008 Doyles Casino RTG $1700 in winnings was being withheld for violation of Terms that had not existed when the player deposited. Casino agreed that the terms should not be retroactively applied and paid in full.