Skillful Octopus In New Betfair Advert

"This is Play" is a new World Cup brand campaign

Paul the Octopus, a lovable little German cephalopod which media reports claimed had an uncanny knack for predicting the outcome of international football matches back in 2010, has made a reappearance… or rather the concept has, because Paul passed on some time ago.

Betfair is the betting group behind the resurrection, which comes in the form of a FIFA World Cup television and print campaign that features the ambidextrous octopus playing four games of table tennis at once to illustrate the multi-channel betting facilities available to Betfair punters.

The television element will run as part of Betfair's Gold partner deal with ITV's World Cup coverage, which will reach a massive recreational audience, according to spokesmen.

View the new ad here:

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