Prince Edward Island A.g. Recommendations Implemented (update)

But will anyone actually be penalised for loss of Cdn$ 1.5 million in taxpayer money?

The dust over Canadian province Prince Edward Island's abortive Cdn$ 1.5 million attempt to establish a First Nation online gambling regulatory jurisdiction finally seems to be settling, although it is still not clear whether any of the politicians involved will be censored.
Local media reports Monday revealed that current finance minister Allen Roach has announced that all 15 recommendations of the provincial Attorney General's review of the 2012 issue have been implemented.
The minister noted rather surprisingly that one key lesson learned was that ministers in the Cabinet bear ultimate responsibility… a self-evident fact one would have thought. Despite that, there is little evidence that those responsible will be made to address the loss to tax payers.
Roach assured reporters that in addition whistle-blower legislation and laws to strengthen records management policies and procedures will be introduced in the spring session of the legislature in an attempt to avoid a recurrence of the notorious failure.
The Auditor General's report identified areas of non-compliance with legislation, policies and controls.
"The auditor general's comprehensive review of the e-gaming initiative identified areas to strengthen accountability and build public trust, and we have responded," said Roach.
"Further, key lessons that our government takes from this matter are that cabinet must be informed and discerning, and that cabinet ministers bear ultimate responsibility. Our government will approach economic development with sound business sense and a view to building on our province's successes."

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