Plenty Of Russian Action In Pokerstars Micromillions

Russian online players the most active in ten-day poker tournament

Figures from Pokerstars on the just-completed 10-day MicroMillions online tournament show that much of the action came from Russian players.
Registration stats show that 161,939 players from Russia entered, cashing 23,843 times, with 15 of them winning events and prizes worth $777,209 sent home to Russia.
The Germans lived up to their formidable reputation in international internet poker by taking second place in the participation stakes, with 96,763 entrants, 13,968 cashes and $483,865 in prize money.
Third placed Brazil provided 81,495 sign ups, who won a total of $423,493.
The $ 22 buy-in main event in this eleventh edition of MicroMillions again proved popular, attracting 55,524 entrants which ensured that the guaranteed $1 million prize pool was well over-subscribed. A Canadian player, Nolet20, took home the main prize of $89,854 after a five-way chop.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa