New Social Casino Title From Bonanza Media

Shrek-themed, free-to-play mobile slot offer

California-based game publisher Bonanza Media LLC launched a free-to-play, 5-reel mobile offer titled "Shrek Slots Adventure" this week.
The game, available on iOS and Android, offers players a journey through Far Far Away as Shrek spins the reels of wickedly enchanted slot machines through 80 themed levels.
Players earn coins, hit jackpots, play mini-games and rescue Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss In Boots and others along the way.
Features include "Change Your Luck" which may alter the outcome of the player's spins depending on which potion they choose from the Fairy Godmother's Potion Factory.
In addition, Bonanza Rewards allows players to earn real world rewards and discounts from a variety of Bonanza Media marketing partners, retailers and restaurants.
"Our game has authentic slots mechanics for core social casino players intertwined with an ALL-NEW Shrek storyline, plus, an opportunity to earn real-life rewards through the Bonanza Rewards Program," said Chris Hewish, chief executive officer of Bonanza Media.
Check out the trailer here:

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