Ladbrokes Named In Welsh Gang Member Convictions

Betting account used to launder GBP 2 million

A report in Wales Online details the sentencing of a number of organized crime gang members who were found to have laundered GBP 2 million in illegal proceeds through a Ladbrokes betting account.
Babak Anvarizadeh, Adam Khan and Parvisharn Tiwana were convicted following an investigation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (Wales) into the criminal activities of this Organised Crime Group.
The Group was responsible for the facilitation, transportation and distribution of large quantities of class 'B' controlled drugs from the Midlands into the South Wales area, and the subsequent money laundering of their criminal proceeds, Wales Online detailed.
The investigation found that Anvarizadeh laundered the illegal proceeds by depositing a total of GBP 1,956,315.72 into his Ladbrokes betting account. According to Ladbrokes records, the man withdrew a total of GBP 833,471.80.
Detective Inspector Julian Bull of the Regional Organised Crime Unit (Wales), said: "The disruption of this organised crime group and the custodial sentences handed down to its main players will serve as a warning to others who may be considering pedalling [sic] drugs in our communities that behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated.
"We will find those responsible and bring them before the courts. We will also take the necessary steps to recover any of their ill-gotten proceeds of crime."
Anvarizadeh, Khan and Tiwana were sentenced by the Cardiff Crown Court to prison terms of six, three and three years respectively.
Neil Brant received a 16-month suspended sentence; Aaron King, a 12-month suspended sentence; Leah Farleigh, two-years community service, 150 hours unpaid work; Megan Jones, 12-months community service; and Aiden Burton, 12-months community order, 60 hours unpaid work.

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