Former Football Great Wants Restrictions On Gambling Advertising

Lineker speaks out against sponsorships and advertising by alcohol and gambling providers

In a widely publicised interview with GQ magazine scheduled for publication in September, former England football star Gary Lineker calls for tighter restrictions on sponsorship and advertising in sports by alcohol and betting brands.
Lineker says he practices what he preaches, and has rejected several offers to front for alcohol and gambling companies, because he does not agree with the association with sport and feels it is dangerous.
Now a BBC sports presenter, Lineker says that the proliferation of advertising and sponsorship activity by gambling companies worries him:
"All you ever see is commercials for gambling and apps, it is really dangerous and I think we need to do something about both of them, alcohol and gambling," he opines.
"Gambling is just too easy to do now and as a parent I worry about it, all those ads bombarding you with in-play betting."
Lineker does front for products like potato crisps, and fends off criticism that national obesity may be as big a threat as gambling, saying that the obesity issue is one that is as much about exercise as diet, and that his involvement does no harm.

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