BETER rolls out a new statistics widget and adds it to the iFrame solution

By Simon Wright, Last updated Nov 4, 2022

BETER who are a provider of next-gen betting products and gaming solutions, have after an ongoing effort to create a more immersive and exciting betting experience for the next-gen audience of operators,  rolled out the enhancement of its iFrame solution — new statistics widget.

This new feature provides key information on the game and players’ performance, like hero picks, stats on current and past matches, lineups and pick/ban stats, and thus helps bettors to make balanced betting decisions and significantly increase their efficiency.

The stats widget is currently available for CS:GO and Dota 2 events with historical data of over 3 months. BETER also collects data on other esports disciplines and plans to add more stats options to its iFrame widget in the future.

BETER’s research says that the newly designed iFrame statistics widget not only makes the betting experience more electrifying for bettors but also helps the company’s operator partners to increase the event betting turnover by ca. 30% and attract more esports fans.

BETER brand-new IFrame solution, launched in 2022, has a bespoke and engagement-oriented UI, which allows not only to place bets but creates a «Twitch-like» experience with the widest coverage of esports events of unmatched quality.

BETER Iframe solution was awarded a silver mark in the “Industry Innovation of the Year” category at the SBC Awards 2022.

Simon Wright

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