30,000 Arrested In Chinese Anti-gambling Operation

Latest arrests leave 8,000 individuals in detention in Guangdong alone

Coinciding with Chinese premier Xi Jingpin's warnings to Macau to tighten up its regulation of gambling (see previous InfoPowa reports), the Xinhua official news agency has published the latest figures in the government's two-month-long intensified crackdown on gambling.

The agency reports that over 30,000 people have so far been arrested during the anti-gambling drive, with the most recent detentions taking place in the southern province of Guangdong, where 3,014 arrests were made, bringing total detentions in the province since the start of the clampdown to 8,000.

In Huizhou City, police spokesmen revealed that an online gambling ring involving funds of 30 million yuan ($6.39 million) was dismantled on November 24.

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