Pitch-A-Bitch Summary: January through December 2011

Total Pitch-A-Bitch Cases Submitted: 255
Incomplete (complainant AWOL, case Discarded): 16
Duplicate and/or Supplementary PABs: 13
Transferred to other groups or services: 6
Casino in the Rogue Pit, “No Can Do” List: 20
► subtotal: unprocessable cases: 55

Fraudsters: falsified claims or identification, etc.: 12
Closed: complainant AWOL: 10
Closed: Terms violations, etc.: 52
“One Free Shot” exclusions: 7
Warning previously issued, No Can Do: 8
PAB Withdrawn: 2
Warning issued, site Rogued or Pending Rogue: 17
► subtotal: resolution not possible or inappropriate: 108

Case Resolved, Complainant paid: 61
► Total value of Resolved cases = $200,000+ (€145,000+)

Ongoing, Unresolved, etc.: 21
On Hold, etc.: 10
► subtotal: cases not yet finalized: 31

Software Provider Totals: Top 10**
RealTime Gaming: 42
Playtech: 36
Microgaming: 28
Rival Gaming: 17
Net Entertainment: 14
bwin.Party: 10
BetOnSoft: 7
Top Game: 6
Parlay: 4
** = excludes cases that could not be processed or involved player fraud.

January 2011

01 Jan *Azartia Casino Party Gaming Player received a letter saying their £1600 balance was confiscated and account closed. Casino only offers service in Spanish, won’t respond to English correspondence. Case is ongoing.
03 Jan *Lucky Red RTG Player’s complaint was that the casino kept repeatedly asking for document resubmissions, wasn’t accepting perfectly valid docs. The casino reported that they had accepted the docs but the player had been unreachable via email. Player was promptly paid in full.
03 Jan Rushmore RTG Player reported “slow-pay” problems with the casino, payments unreasonably delayed. Player hadn’t contacted the casino rep, we suggested they do that and that was the last we heard from them.
04 Jan *High Noon RTG Player reported that a bonus had not credited to their account, they reported it and then their deposit went missing too. Player’s PAB was incomplete, they did not respond to requests for further info: AWOL.
05 Jan *YouSpades CTXM Player complained that the casino had confiscated €828 because of a “max withdrawal” clause that was unclear and non-specific. We found the Terms to be reasonable. Player accused us of being biased, not “protecting players” and said they’d post this at other forums. Kthxbye.
06 Jan *888 poker Random Logic/888 Player claimed their account had been closed with a $270 balance unpaid. Player was unavailable to provide further details: AWOL.
06 Jan Cool Cat RTG $1865 in winnings had gone unpaid for months. This casino has long been in the Rogue Pit, “no can do”.
07 Jan *Bet-at-home NetEnt Player reported their account had been closed and a €850 balance confiscated “because I maybe made a typo”. Player had difficulty explaining their messed-up documents. Turned out they were running multiple accounts across a number of casinos.
07 Jan *Supreme Play Rival Player’s withdrawal of $1395 had been denied, casino said player “was a bonus abuser at Rival casinos”. Casino is “Not Recommended” as part of the “Rival – White Labels” listing in the Rogue Pit: sorry, no can do.
08 Jan 32Red Microgaming Player had been asked for an unusual amount of documentation, was concerned they were being targeted by identity thieves. Casino and player agreed on the documents required, player was paid in full.
09 Jan *Commodore Casino CGTV Games Player reported that €4000 in winnings was being held without explanation or response from the casino. Casino did not respond to the PAB. We eventually posted a Warning after which the casino promised the player they’d pay. Nothing happened.
09 Jan *GuruPlay NetEnt Player reported that the casino was unreasonably stalling on payment of €17,770. Casino said “we needed to check everything before we could pay such a big amount to a new registered customer”. Player was paid in full.
11 Jan *Spin Win Random Logic/888 Player denied €2391 because “play was inconsistent”, later told she’d played disallowed games but Terms changed since she’d deposited. No progress: casino says “relevant Department has been notified” but nothing happens. Ongoing.
11 Jan *Swiss Casino Playtech Player reported that €2910 had been removed from their account because they had broken the Terms of a bonus. Player withdrew their complaint.
13 Jan *Casino Euro NetEnt Player had tried to withdraw €2300, was asked for documents several times, was eventually told the balance would be confiscated. Casino confirmed that winnings had been denied because fraud was suspected. A few days later the player was paid in full. Resolved.
14 Jan 7 Sultans Microgaming Player was concerned about payments taking longer than advertised. Player withdrew the PAB.
14 Jan *Big Dollar BetOnSoft The player wanted the casino to honour a birthday bonus offer even though he had been previously told that he was bonus-banned. This player had already had a PAB: the One Free Shot rule made this one a “no can do” situation.
17 Jan *Ladbrokes Microgaming Player played a bonus part way, forfeited it, transferred the balance to Sportsbook. The casino confiscated it all because of incomplete WR. The case was handled by Ladbrokes internal complaints service, the player’s funds were reinstated.
20 Jan *Euro City Random Logic/888 Player claimed the casino was withholding £2460 because “they believe I have taken advantage of the bonus offer”. Player had multiple accounts at Casinomeister, had been accused of the same at other casinos before. We tossed him out and closed his accounts.
21 Jan *Riva Poker IPN/Playtech Player claimed that Riva was withholding £115 in winnigs, had accused the player of collusion. Player’s PAB was incomplete, didn’t respond to requests for further info: AWOL.
22 Jan *Club Dice Boss Media €1292 in winnings was denied and the player’s deposits returned. Player complained that they were being “robbed without explanation”. Player freely admitted to having broken the casino’s “max bet” restrictions, claimed the relevant Terms were not obvious and were “tricky”. Case closed.
22 Jan *Sierra Star Playtech Player reported problems getting paid $1492 in winnings. Sorry, Sierra Star is listed in the Rogue Pit for non-payment issues.
25 Jan *Betway Microgaming Player claimed £3000 in winnings was confiscated for playing restricted games, said he was new to online gaming and didn’t understand the rules. We suggested he contact the casino representative. That was the last we saw or heard from him.
25 Jan Bwin Boss, Chartwell Player claimed that Bwin had incorrectly registered a bet costing the player over €1000 in winnings. Bwin is on our No Can Do list, player was referred to eCOGRA.
25 Jan *Grand Hotel Microgaming Player’s winnings of €18,000 was being denied because of “many other casino accounts”. Casino had good evidence of the multiple accounts. The case was also taken to eCOGRA who ruled against the player. Case closed.
25 Jan Karamba NeoGames PAB cited late payment of £150, unresponsive Customer Service. The casino said they wouldn’t discuss cases without “legal notice from the player” but that this player had been paid. Player was AWOL.
25 Jan *Ladbrokes Microgaming Player reported problems with a 25% Cashback bonus. The case was handled by Ladbrokes internal complaints service.
30 Jan *Tropica Rival Player claimed the casino was inventing reasons and excuses for not paying €5810, casino claimed Terms violations. Turned out the player had been trying to blackmail the casino, falsely claimed we had asked her to write a review of the casino. Player banned from CM.

February 2011

1 Feb *Vegas Casino Online RTG €6600 in confiscated winnings per the bonus Promo which said “no EU” players. But the bonus T&C on the site said “EU players higher WR”. The casino admits the discrepancy but blames the player for not reading and obeying the Promo. Case is ongoing.
1 Feb SlotoCash Rival Player reported problems getting paid €1100. An hour after the PAB was filed the player was paid in full. Resolved.
2 Feb River Belle Microgaming Player had £3000 in wins which was being withheld because of problems with documentation. The casino paid in full. Resolved.
3 Feb *10Bet CTXM Player was having problems with a “Welcome” bonus, Terms carried over from an earlier bonus. Player had too many PABs against non-Accred casinos, this one set aside as a “no can do”.
3 Feb *Party Casino bwin.party Player’s winnings of $8168 withheld because he “did not risk enough money”. Player and casino cut a deal and thereby settled their differences.
3 Feb *Slots Jungle RTG The casino enforced the Terms of a bonus � max winnings � long after the Terms of the bonus had been met and completed. The casino requires players to zero their account in order to release them from the Bonus Terms. See our Be Aware alert.
3 Feb 123Bingo Parlay Player reported being owed $1250, hadn’t been paid for over three months. Efforts to contact Support went unanswered. The casino initially did not respond but eventually came forward and resolved the player’s issue.
4 Feb *Red Bet NetEnt Player reported €2500 being withheld for “max bet” violations, claimed the Terms on “max bet” were “hidden” and therefore unfair. We found the “max bet” Terms to be easily accessible and quite clear. Case closed.
4 Feb *Backgammon Masters Lucky Skill Player claimed that the Terms of a bonus were unclear and incomplete, that the site was enforcing unpublished Terms. We attempted to contact the site many times, no response. A Warning was issued and the site is on the waiting list to be Rogued.
6 Feb Canbet Microgaming The player said “because of australian regulations they don’t offer live games … I want to be able to play live games”. Suffice it to say that the player’s request is beyond the scope of the PAB service, case discarded.
8 Feb *SpinWin 888 After losing money at 888 player received an advert to play at SpinWin which they did. After winning £1000 they were locked out. We tried to pursue this case with the casino for almost two months, no progress. A Warning was issued.
10 Feb *Poker 770 Playtech Player reported a locked account but the PAB was incomplete, player needed to provide further details before we could proceed. Player never did respond to our requests for more info, case discarded.
15 Feb *EuroCity 888 Players accounts at Cassava casinos were all closed at once including this one which had €1300 in unpaid winnings. Player’s account was reopened although there were WR that still needed to be met.
16 Feb Europlay Malta NetEnt ??? Player reported several unpaid withdrawals going back as far as August 2010, total €1175. Casino Support was apparently AWOL. We tried several times to raise the player’s issue but the casino never replied. A Warning was issued.
20 Feb 7 Sultans Microgaming Casino had confiscated £497 for “irregular betting” by which they meant “even money” bets although nothing in the Terms prohibited this. The casino reversed itself and payed the player in full. Resolved.
23 Feb Bewinners/BWin n/a An affiate had multiple accounts at Bewinners one of which had been closed. The aff wanted the account reopened. Bwin (Bewinners) is on the No Can Do list so this is a “no can do” issue.
24 Feb *Plenty Jackpots RTG Player reported $1100 in unpaid winnings. This casino is on the No Can Do list (see the Curgam Malta group), issue is a “no can do” situation.
24 Feb King Solomons Playtech Casino had canceled player’s €241 winnings on the grounds that the game player, Wild Viking, is a “roulette style” game and therefore prohibited. Nothing in the casino’s Terms says anything about Wild Vikings being considered a roulette game. Ongoing.
26 Feb *Red Flush Microgaming Player claimed that winnings were being denied as if they had been derived from a “free” bonus, said that shouldn’t apply to them. Records showed that the player had taken a “free spins” bonus. Case closed.
28 Feb *Royal Vegas Microgaming The player reported problems with a failed deposit, a “Welcome” card that wasn’t being honoured, etc. It wasn’t clear what the player wanted. We agreed that I’d forward the complaint to the casino for them to do with as they saw fit.

March 2011

01 March *Superior Rival Player reported that €800+ had been confiscated on claims that “restricted games” had been played. Casino had already been listed in the Rogue Pit, “no can do”.
02 March Gcasino Playtech Player had a number of general complaints about the casino including reports of a “rigged” game which cost them €800. Casino did not respond to the PAB but the game in question was removed, this satisfied the player and the PAB was closed.
02 March *William Hill Playtech Player’s withdrawal of �98 was apparently being stalled, documents repeatedly requested, etc. Player was refusing to comply with reasonable requests for verification documents, then he went AWOL: case closed.
05 March Plenty Jackpots RTG Player reported having waited two months for a $300 withdrawal, casino kept saying it was “still being finalized”. Unfortunately this casino is on our No Can Do list.
06 March Boyle Sports Chartwell Player had $14,500 tied up in the casino because they had moved from one country to another. Casino re-examined the player’s case, paid the balance in full.
07 March *5 Dimes misc Player claimed that $3700 was being withheld without justification. Turned out the player’s deposit had never been processed because of an invalid account number. Case closed.
08 March *Purple Lounge Microgaming Player’s complaint was that �585 was being withheld because of incomplete WR, but the WR had changed after the deposit. Casino reported they paid the player, player was unavailable for comment.
10 March *WPT Casino Rival €5300 was being withheld by the casino, said the player was “not allowed to make low bets after hitting a big target”. Casino people didn’t respond and their Terms were basically a “spirit of the bonus” situation, a Warning was issued.
10 March *Casino King Playtech Player claimed that €1000+ was being withheld on false claims that they had “played a system”. Player was unavailable to provide necessary PAB details, case discarded.
10 March *Go Wild Microgaming Player had won €15 in a Blackjack Freeroll, used that to win €2500 at the slots. Casino was refusing to pay. Casino initially said money from freerolls could not be used to play casino games. They reversed themselves and paid in full.
11 March Poker Idol Ongame The complaint concerned unfair dismissal from the casino and unpaid wages. The complainant got a lawyer and the case was turned over to them.
14 March *Betsson NetEnt Player complained that their €1000 deposit had been confiscated, casino’s reason was that they player had used a bot. Player freely admitted to having used a bot: this was a clear Terms violation. Case closed.
21 March *Pokerhuis Playtech Player reported that a €6500 balance had been confiscated for “abnormal playing patterns”. We pursued this case for over two months: after endless email run-arounds and unfulfilled promises we issued a Warning.
24 March *Bwin Chartwell Player said the casino was not honoring a €3800 withdrawal, that their deposit had been returned “for security reasons”. Bwin is on our No Can Do list, sorry.
28 March *Guruplay NetEnt Player’s issue concerned £2550 being withheld by the casino. Turned out the casino had evidence of multiple accounts and fraud, case closed.

April 2011

01 April *Party Casino bWin.Party Player had taken a bonus that allowed roulette and poker, which he played. Casino apparently denied €8000 in winnings. It turned out the player had violated more than one of the bonus Terms, particularly concerning betting limits. Case closed.
01 April Manhattan Slots RTG Player reported that requests for a $2150 withdrawal were being repeatedly reversed. The casino was investigating the player’s account. They finished that process and payed the player.
04 April *Villa Fortuna BetOnSoft Player’s withdrawal of £2000 had been denied for failure to complete the WR even thought they had done so per the bonus Terms. Sorry, this casino is listed in the Rogue Pit, “no can do”.
11 April Casino Club Gtech Casino had locked the player’s account and withheld €2160 stating that the player’s documents “are wrong”. Player resubmitted their documents, the casino accepted them and payed in full.
11 April *Betsafe Crypto, NetEnt Player claimed a €1000 withdrawal had been denied, casino’s reason was “chip-dumping”. Player’s PAB had a number of errors, when asked to correct these the player simply stopped responding.
11 April Red Flush Microgaming Player claimed that a withdrawal to her bank account never arrived, wanted the casino to re-issue the payment. Player was unable to provide account details or other supporting evidence, eventually stopped responding. Case closed (AWOL).
13 April *Lock Casino RTG Player fulfilled the WR on a bonus, withdrew $3000. Casino wanted docs, player gave them but got no further. Casino is on the “Not Recommended” list in the Rogue Pit, the issue is in their hands but nothing has been forthcoming.
13 April MyJackpotCasino Microgaming Player reported being locked out of the casino with no access to a €870 balance. Casino people said they looked into it, re-opened the account and reinstated the balance. Player was unavailable for comment.
13 April Slot Madness RTG Player had requested a $270 withdrawal four times and each time it was canceled and they were asked to resubmit their documents. Initially we issued a Warning against the casino for endless stalling; later a new rep came onboard and straightened things out.
15 April Cherry Red RTG Player felt they were being given the run-around on withdrawing $18900 winnings. Over the following weeks the player received full payment of the balance owed.
16 April *WPT Casino bWin.Party Player reported winnings confiscated for breach of Terms Player openly admitted breaking the Terms. That and a pre-existing Warning regarding this casino meant there was not much to be done here..
17 April *Bet Phoenix RTG This one was a re-submit of an issue we handled back in Sept 2010: the player was claiming they were unaware they were playing a free chip Nothing had really changed since the original case hence nothing to really do here.
21 April *Rialto Casino TopGame Player was having difficulties with the casino regarding a free chip max withdrawal: CS had said one thing but later did something else. No Can Do: the player had a previous PAB on a non-Accred casino so this issue was excluded under the One Free Shot rule.
22 April *Casino King PlayTech Player reported that €5555 was confiscated because “I was not allowed to play the way I did”. Casino said they had been investigating the player but had insufficient evidence to proceed, player was paid in full.
22 April Noble Casino PlayTech Player claimed that the casino was withholding £10000+ in winnings without explanation. Player’s PAB was incomplete, did not reply to our requests for further info. Case stale-dated.
26 April *EuroCity Crypto Player’s winnings of €818 were being withheld because of previous bonus requirements Casino said they’d looked into it and would pay the player, player confirmed the payment was received in full.
26 April Grand Prive BetonSoft Player’s issue was €4000 tied up in the casino group’s sites because the casino suspected “syndicate” ties. Sorry, these casinos are listed in the Rogue Pit, “no can do”.
26 April *Bingoworkz World Bingo Net Player had tried for three months to get a $100 “free gift” bonus that had been promised in an email. Bingoworkz never responded but the player did receive the $100.

May 2011

02 May 3Dice Proprietary Player claimed that the payout percentages were too low, wanted us to monitor the casino and report back. Sorry, monitoring casinos is beyond the scope of the Pitch-A-Bitch process. Case closed.
04 May *Casino770 FastCPU Player had won €1540 and had tried to withdraw. Casino had been ignoring this request for over two (2) months. Casino did not respond to the PAB nor any other of the several issues regarding the casino which had been posted on our site, added to the Rogue Pit.
05 May All Slots USA Microgaming Player claimed that $7500 was tied up in an endless cycle of request-approve-wait-nothing. Casino had closed but case was transferred to Kahnawake people. Player was paid.
10 May *Club Dice PlayTech Player reported that the casino was not honouring wins of £1350, returned only the player’s deposit. Player turned out to have repeatedly violated the casino’s “max bet” Terms. Those Terms were tweaked to make them clearer. Case closed.
11 May *BetPhoenix RTG Player’s complaint concerned the casino’s switch from RTG to Rival software, old Terms being applied to new bonuses. Player refused to comply with the FAQ and repeatedly posted their issue on the forums, case discarded.
12 May Wager Share n/a Affiliate had been denied monies owed from old aff accounts when Betway and Gnuf merged with WagerShare. Ongoing, unresolved.
17 May Casino Action Microgaming Player had experienced buggy behaviour from a casino game, repeated crashes, claimed to have hit a Royal Flush but never got the payout. Player had no proof of the claimed RF, neither did the casino. Casino withdrew the game. Case closed.
19 May *Casino770 FastCPU Casino confiscated a £520 win and closed the player’s account, saying only “fraud and abuse”. No response from the casino, ended up being added to the Rogue Pit.
20 May *BetFred PlayTech Player moved their balance back and forth between sports and casino in order to maximize bonuses, complained that the casino confiscated winnings. Player had broken the Terms of their bonus, claimed it shouldn’t have been necessary to read Terms and that normal people wouldn’t do it. Case closed.
21 May BoogieBet OddsMatrix ? Player complained that they had waited far to long to receive a withdrawal. Player’s PAB was incomplete, did not respond to requests for further info. Case stale-dated and closed.
23 May *Big Dollar BetonSoft Player reported having won €8250 but casino only returned their original deposit of €200 because of “linked accounts”. Casino said player was “a potential fraud”, but had no actual proof. Eventually said they’d pay the player but the player was unavailable to confirm this.
24 May *Mighty Slots RTG Player had fought for months to get the casino to pay a $3000 win, no success. Casino was already listed in the Rogue Pit.
24 May *WPT Casino Rival Player openly admitted to having broken the casino’s “max bet” Terms on a bonus, wanted the casino to change it’s policy and pay the player. The player’s complaint was a bit thin on actionable issues: the details were forwarded to the casino but they declined to change the Terms at this time.
25 May *Club World RTG Player’s claim was that the casino was applying unwritten WR to his bonus play. The casino had specified the WR, the player hadn’t bothered with the Terms until he’d played what he expected the WR to be. Case closed.
25 May *Simon Says Rival Player reported that his slots game had reset when his bonus money was played out in spite of the fact that he redeposited, wanted his redeposit back. Casino said the game reset was a feature not a bug, said they’d consider refunding the redeposit. In the end they did not.
26 May Purple Lounge Microgaming Player deposited $40 and was asked to provide documents. The player decided they wanted their money back, lost money due to currency exchange. Player contacted the casino rep, the issue was resolved.
28 May 888 Proprietary PAB concerned a player who claimed to have £28,000 locked in their account which was locked due to multiple account fraud. PAB was incomplete, player was unavailable to provide the missing information. Stale-dated.
28 May Lucky Creek BetonSoft After several changes in a payment request the Casino returned the monies to QT but QT closed shop and the player’s money was inaccessible. The casino had suspected money-laundering so its actions were not unreasonable. Player went AWOL and didn’t return emails. Case closed.
29 May BetSafe bWin.Party Played had experienced disconnects during blackjack play, demanded winnings from a hand that never completed, accused the casino of cheating. Casino had previously told the player to stop playing during faulty connection periods. Seemed to us they had done what they could. Case closed.
30 May *High Noon RTG Player reported unreasonable delays on a $2500 withdrawal. Turned out the player had an extensive record of CC fraud and chargebacks. Case closed.

June 2011

04 Jun Expekt Microgaming, etc Player had experienced problems during a “live” blackjack session that resulted in him seeing one thing while the game reported another. The OP tried to blackmail the casino, ignored the PAB restriction against posting. As a CM member for two years he should have known better on both counts. Case closed.
07 Jun *iNetBet RTG Player had won a “birthday prize”, complained that it was taking too long to receive it. Prizes were sent in a single batch, this player’s shipment had to wait until the rest were ready. They did receive it a few days later.
07 Jun *High Noon RTG Player claimed the casino was stalling on a $2500 withdrawal. Turned out the player had been flagged for multiple counts of fraud including identity theft and charge-backs: fraudster!
08 Jun Doyle’s RTG Player reported being locked out of Doyle’s and unable to access their $3200 balance. Doyle’s had recently been indicted by the DOJ so we put the issue in their hands to deal with as best they could. We never heard back.
09 Jun *888 Play Proprietary Player claimed that $700 in deposits was being held without cause. Turns out the player had taken a number of bonuses, still had WR to complete. Player then tried to blackmail the casino: case closed.
10 Jun Casino Topaze TopGame Player submitted their PAB in French (we provide an English-only service), reported problems with a €850 withdrawal. By the time the OP resubmitted the PAB in English the casino reported that the issue had been cleared. OP was unavailable to confirm.
14 Jun Cherry Red RTG Player’s PAB concerned a slo-pay situation on a $850 withdrawal. The Rushmore group were experiencing payment processor problems at the time. OP was soon payed in full.
15 Jun iNetBet RTG Player complained of having documents problems with the casino, too many requests for verification. Turned out the OP’s documents had serious problems. We told the OP that nothing was going to happen until they cleared this up with the casino.
16 Jun *Swiss Casino PlayTech Player’s withdrawal of €1100 was not being processed, denied Terms violations. Player was paid in full.
19 Jun Villento Microgaming Player’s complaint seemed to be that the casino had merged two accounts without consulting the people involved. It wasn’t at all clear why there had been two accounts in the first place: issue transferred to Kahnawake.
20 Jun Club World RTG Player claimed the casino was slo-paying a withdrawal. Player’s PAB was incomplete, did not respond to requests for the missing info: AWOL.
20 Jun *OffsideBet CTXM PAB claimed Support said Caribbean Stud counted as 100% toward a bonus’ WR, casino said only 10%. Casino claims the Terms were clear, player says they were changed. Ongoing.
23 Jun *Casino 770 FastCPU Player claimed they had waited for months to be allowed to withdraw €2940 in winnings. Casino had previously been named in a Casinomeister Warning. We submitted the PAB to them: no response. Rogued.
24 Jun SlotoCash Rival Player claimed the casino had stalled for months on making the last payment (€1500) of a €7500 withdrawal. Player promptly received the final payment in two installments. Resolved.
24 Jun *Betsson NetEnt Player was having identity verification problems while trying to complete a £2470 withdrawal. Player had already had a PAB on a non-Accred casino so “No Can Do” on this one per the One Free Shot rule.
25 Jun *Mansion PlayTech Player had requested a withdrawal, the casino has asked for notarized documents, the player didn’t want to go through the hassle. Casino said they wouldn’t discuss player issues with us, a “Be Aware” notice was posted (here).
25 Jun Jenningsbet Microgaming Player reported that the casino was not responding to requests for a €5100 withdrawal. This casino does not accept player complaints from 3rd parties, see here. This one is “no can do”.
27 Jun *InterTops RTG Player reported problems collecting $50 winnings from a $10 ND bonus. Player needed to contact the forum rep for this casino, never heard back from the OP.
28 Jun *Grand Duke PlayTech Casino was apparently refusing to pay