Pitch-A-Bitch Summary: January through December 2009

Total Pitch-A-Bitch Cases Submitted: 317
PAB Incomplete (complainant AWOL): 10
Duplicate and/or Supplementary PAB: 13
“No Can Do” List: 22
Transferred to other services or agencies: 2
► subtotal: unprocessable cases: 47

Fraudsters: fraudulent claims, faked ID, etc.: 31
Discarded: complainant AWOL, uncooperative, violated PAB rules, etc.: 30
Closed: groundless claims, both parties at fault, “agree to disagree”, etc.: 49
Unresolved: no progress, stale-dated: 3
Warning issued, site Rogued/Pending Rogue: 37
Cases against Rogue Pit casinos: 19
► subtotal: resolution not possible or inappropriate: 172

Case Resolved, Complainant paid: 98
► Total value of Resolved cases: approx $458,512 (€330,250)

Ongoing: 0
On Hold, etc.: 0
► subtotal: cases not yet finalized: 0

Software Provider Totals: Top 10**
Microgaming: 76
RealTime Gaming: 37
Proprietary: 19
Playtech: 17
Rival Gaming: 11
Entraction: 8
Chartwell: 7
Topgame: 6
AliQuantum: 5
Orbis: 4
** = excludes cases that could not be processed or involved player fraud.

January 2009

04 January Plenty Jackpots RTG Player requested a withdrawal of $700. Documents were requested and sent in. Casino continued to stall, spammed for other casinos in it’s group. Casino is part of the Curgam Malta group, for which a General Warning had been issued.
05 January Club Player RTG A $900 withdrawal was assured but never arrived. Customer Service made and ignored many promises. No can do: Club Player is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)
05 January Golden Palace Playtech Player had a €1410 balance that was not being paid. No can do: Golden Palace is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)
05 January Prism Casino RTG A balance of $150 was not being paid. No can do: Prism Casino is listed in the Rogue Pit (see here)
06 January Cherry Red RTG Player claimed that a $8500 withdrawal was being slow-payed: $800 had been received but nothing else. The casino had flagged the player as a fraudster. The player’s deposit was returned and the case closed.
06 January Royal Vegas Microgaming Player claimed that €1200+ had been unfairly confiscated by the casino. The casino showed that the player had multiple accounts: fraudster.
06 January Inetbet RTG Player won $17,000 on a $50 deposit. Withdrawal was withheld on the grounds of questionable documents and personal information errors. The player eventually provided new documents and confirmed their personal data. The casino approved the withdrawal and paid the player in full.
07 January The Virtual Casino RTG Withdrawals totalling $3750 were repeatedly promised “by the end of the week”. They never came. No can do: Virtual Casino is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)
08 January Bwin Ongame Player took first-deposit bonuses at both the casino’s download and instant play casinos. €4700 is instant play winnings was withheld. Once we finally got a response from the casino people they were able to resolve the problem. Player was paid in full.
08 January Slots Oasis RTG On bonuses player had accumulated winnings of $4030. Come time for withdrawal the casino refunded the deposits and confiscated the winnings. The Rushmore Group conducted a sweeping identity verification process that resulted in the player being paid in full.
08 January Rushmore RTG $6800 in winnings were stuck in the withdrawal process. As above, Rushmore’s investigations cleared the player and the withdrawals were processed in full.
10 January Cherry Red RTG As above, $4700+ in withdrawals tied up due to identity questions. As above, player identity was verified and they were paid in full.
10 January Plum Gaming Net Ent Player reported €800+ being stalled in a “verification” process that never seemed to end. Plum Gaming was no longer accessible at the time of the PAB; a Warning had already been issued and they were listed as Not Recommended.
11 January Prime Casino Microgaming Player was having trouble getting a withdrawal of £1921 processed. Issue was transferred to eCOGRA.
12 January Poker Plex Playtech Player complained of being denied a prize they “should have won” if the casino hadn’t canceled a freeroll. Casino had canceled the freeroll due to software problems, gave the player €200 compensation. Player took it and played it away. Case closed.
12 January Be The Dealer Proprietary Casino wanted to pay the player out it in modest monthly installments but then even those started being delayed. Casino resumed the payment schedule per their agreement.
13 January 32Vegas Playtech Player had $100 locked in their account while casino said they were bound by the terms of a bonus .. the bonus had already been taken back. No can do: 32Vegas is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)
13 January Rushmore RTG Player reported that €5200 had been voided and deposits returned for unspecified “Terms” violations. Another person caught in Rushmore’s security sweep. In this case the player’s identify turned out to be false and the player identified as a fraudster.
13 January Golden Lounge Microgaming Player reported that a cashout of £551 had been denied on the grounds that the player violated the Terms because of their “gaming pattern”. Casino said that the player had “falsely used autoplay”. We issued a Warning. The player was later paid in full.
16 January First Web Casino Microgaming A $500 withdrawal was taking much longer than promised by the casino. The casino paid the player in full.
17 January River Nile Casino Microgaming Player had requested a $375 withdrawal but wasn’t getting paid. The casino had some internal issues with processing payments. The problem was solved and the player was paid in full.
18 January Be The Dealer Proprietary $65,000 in winnings that was being paid at $2500/month but the casino started missing payments, dropped the monthly amount to $1000. Casino increased monthly disbursements and issued the missing payments.
21 January 32Deck.com DreamTech Player had requested a £220 withdrawal, was being given excuses week after week for delays. All our attempts to contact the casino went unanswered. A Warning was issued and the casino was added to our No Can Do list.
21 January Superior Casino Rival Gaming Player reported that she had received multiple instances of a one-off bonus because the system let her do it, wanted $6500 in winnings paid. The casino refused the request on the grounds that the system had a glitch which the player exploited. We agreed with their decision.
21 January Villento Microgaming Player complained of being slow-payed on a £1123 withdrawal. Turned out the player was part of a fraud group that the casino had identified and locked out: fraudster.
21 January Rushmore RTG $6000 in winnings was being held up at the casino while they investigated the player’s identity etc. Again, part of Rushmore’s fraud investigation. Player was eventually cleared and paid in full.
22 January Real Vegas Online RTG Player reported that a $800 withdrawal was constantly being bumped back to their account, no help from Customer Service. Real Vegas Online is a “No Can Do” casino (see here)
23 January Betfair Chartwell Tech Player wanted to be paid £4705 won from a series of bonuses they received via an affiliate link, Casino pointed out that the terms of the bonus specified a deposit limit which the player had exceeded via a system glitch. Case closed.
24 January Red Flush Microgaming Player had requested a series of withdrawals one of which ($1500) simply “went missing”. Casino found and resolved the problem. Payment was received in full.
26 January VIP Lounge Casino RTG Player reported being stalled on a $717 withdrawal. No can do: VIP Lounge is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)
26 January Vegas Country Casino Microgaming Player requested that her (lost) deposits be returned on the grounds that she had requested self-exclusion from another Microgaming casino. Casino pointed out that requesting exclusion from one casino doesn’t mean all other casinos in the network will know about it.
29 January Club World Microgaming Player reported that $109 had gone missing from her account due to a glitch in the calculations of the bonuses she had received. Casino investigated and corrected the error: the proper balance was restored to the player’s account.
29 January The Virtual Casino RTG Player complained that $9000 in winnings was being stalled even after having agreed to a payout schedule with the casino. No can do: Virtual Casino is a Rogue Pit casino (see here)

February 2009

01 Feb Golden Lounge Microgaming Player withdrew $2000+, reversed half of it to continue playing, but casino reversed the rest without asking. Casino corrected their mistake and processed the remainder of the withdrawal.
02 Feb Slots Oasis RTG Player claimed that a $6000 withdrawal was being stalled by the casino. Turned out the player was running a small fraud ring; player busted and banned from Casinomeister.
02 Feb Betfair Chartwell Player found an unexpectedly large bonus in their account, played it and won. Casino invalidated the winnings. Casino explained that the large balance had been a mistake, player had no right to the extra funds.
05 Feb Cyberbingo.co.uk Proprietary Player won a jackpot, requested withdrawal … and then blew the lot. Asked for it to be payed anyway. Casino believed that the player had no valid grounds for complaint and we agreed.
06 Feb All Jackpots Microgaming After a routine IP check the player’s account was automatically closed. Player wanted it re-opened. After validating player’s documents casino apologized and re-opened the account.
07 Feb Stryyke AliQuantum Gaming A former employee asked us to help recover three months of unpaid wages. Casino rebutted that the complainant had stolen player data and tried to sabotage customer relations.
08 Feb Fatbet Chartwell Player requested that the casino honour a bonus offered by an affiliate. Casino refused. We issued a Warning and Rogued the casino. Casino reversed its position and resolved the issue.
09 Feb Pitbull Poker Proprietary Player deposited $10 and expected a $5 bonus, didn’t receive it because their IP matched other players. Casino had 10 different players with matching IP and personal details. Player was unavailable for comment.
10 Feb Go Wild Microgaming CDN player deposited in USD, played and won $500. Winnings were denied (currency restrictions in the Terms). Player knew the casino and was well awarel that the Terms barred play in foreign currencies: case closed.
11 Feb Sportsbook.com Proprietary Player complained that withdrawals were �taking too long�, no details given and unavailable for comment. Casino claimed payments were made per the withdrawal policy. Player was still AWOL: closed.
11 Feb English Harbour Vegas Tech PAB stated that a �Refer-A-Friend� bonus was not being given as expected, no further details. Player did not respond to emails or PM for further information: closed.
11 Feb Rushmore, Cherry Red RTG Player claimed that $5000 in winnings was being withheld without justification. Casino showed that attempts to verify the player’s identity had failed. Player was banned for fraud.
12 Feb Vegas Sky Rival Player took a ND bonus, played VP and was denied when he tried to withdraw. Casino cited Terms violations. Turned out the player had been aware of the Terms violations, tried to blackmail the casino into paying.
13 Feb Cool Cat Casino RTG Casino was apparently stalling an $870 withdrawal request. Sorry, this casino has been in the Rogue Pit for a very long time.
13 Feb Cherry Red RTG Player claimed their account had been locked and $5500 in winnings confiscated. Casino had evidence connecting the player to a large group of fraudsters. Case discarded and player banned.
14 Feb Thebes Casino Top Game Player thought they’d won a slots jackpot, had screenshot. Casino said �software error�. Casino rep got involved and worked things out with the player: resolved.
14 Feb Goldrock Casino Rival Player had a $400 WD that had been pending for weeks. Player had filed several PABs at once, had to choose which one they wanted us to pursue. Case closed.
15 Feb Bet365 Playtech Player believed that a lag in cards displayed was proof that Blackjack was rigged. Casino cited �sofware error� but the OP was never available to discuss the case: closed.
20 Feb Roulette69 Orbis Player received a bonus offer from the casino via email and used it. Winnings were later denied. Per the Terms of the offer the player was ineligible, although the casino gave it anyway. Parties settled.
20 Feb Carbon Poker Proprietary CP had locked the player out and confiscated a $800 balance, cited �fraud’ as the reason. Issue was cleared up with a day or two of our submitting it to them, player was paid in full.
21 Feb Casino Kingdom Microgaming Player complained that $690 was being held for �betting pattern violations� in violation of the Terms. Player admitted to the violations, wondered why they hadn’t been stopped sooner, then went AWOL.
22 Feb Jackpot City Microgaming Player complained of lockout and confiscation. Casino had a file on this and other players working in syndication. Case closed and player banned.
24 Feb Rushmore RTG Player complained that $5000 was tied up at the casino and that they were tired of being �under investigation�. Casino tried a number of times to verify the player’s identity, repeatedly got conflicting results: closed.
24 Feb Gowild Casino Microgaming Player’s issue was non-payment of £1728, casino �lies and lies�, and a blocked account. Casino had proof that the player wasn’t who they said they were: case closed and player banned.
24 Feb Lucky Club Slots RTG Player filed an incomplete PAB regarding ND bonuses. Player never responded to requests to correct the PAB: discarded.
25 Feb Club World Casino Microgaming Player claimed being denied a $43,500 win on false claims of multiple accounts. Casino provided records of at least four accounts at the casino used by this player. Case closed.
26 Feb Shufflemasterlive Playtech In spite of meeting all play and documentation requirements player was unable to get their 110€ processed. Casino sent out very polite emails but never actually did anything: Warning issued and Pending Rogue.
26 Feb Lucky 18 Casino RTG Player filed a ranting PAB without actually providing any information we could pursue. Player turned out to be an ass-clown, a previously banned player. Case discarded.
27 Feb Club Euro Casino Microgaming Player stated that a 5393€ balance had been inexplicably reduced back to the original deposits. Casino linked this player’s account to at least 14 others. The lot had been flagged as frauds.

March 2009

02 March Casino Glamour Grand Virtual Player reported having won $2900 on a $20 deposit, then being blocked for a minor address typo. Player hadn’t contacted the rep, ignored our request that they do so. PAB on hold and unresolved.
03 March Swiss Casino Playtech €5780 in Roulette winnings were removed from player’s account. Casino reported Terms violations. In fact the Terms specifically prohibited Roulette. Case closed. Warning posted because casino never replied.
04 March Vegas Regal Rival Player wanted $25 in denied winnings and access to their account restored. Casino CS apologized for the mistake(s), returned the monies and restored the account.
09 March Pantasia Rival Player said their withdrawals were being denied on false accusations of multiple accounts. Player lied: multiple accounts were proven. Case closed and player banned from Casinomeister.
10 March Doyles Room RTG Player complained that the casino wasn’t paying, offered lousy Customer Service. Casino had made several attempts to contact the player via phone without success. Player withdrew the PAB.
11 March Casino Club Boss Media Player had €400 in winnings denied, casino claimed �bot play�. It eventually came to light that the player not only had multiple accounts but had in fact been using bots.
13 March Lucky 18 Casino RTG Player reported being slo-payed on a $1000 withdrawal. Months of effort to resolve the issue had gone nowhere. Casino ignored us but payed the player: resolved.
14 March Ladbrokes Microgaming Player complained that lags in slots was disrupting their play time, causing betting errors. Casino settled things with the player, player canceled the PAB.
16 March Casino Coins n/a Complainant wanted $350 in earnings from years past paid. CC explained that the payment was in progress. Aff received the money within days, told us to piss off. Charming.
16 March Rushmore RTG Player’s complaint: denied $20,000 in winnings. Said the casino falsely claimed fraud. Casino had proof of player’s multiple accounts, was linked to several other players: closed and banned.
16 March Bugsy’s Club Proprietary $16,200 in winnings was to be payed to the player per arrangement with the casino, never came. Warning issued, casino closed up shop shortly thereafter; case closed.
16 March English Harbour Vegas Tech Player reported that the casino was repeatedly making charges to the player’s credit card, over $1000. Casino was having ‘processor problems’, all monies were returned to the player and CC fees, etc were paid.
20 March Pitbull Poker Proprietary? Player complained of being bumped from a tourney, fees not repaid. A casino rep contacted the player on the boards, player stopped responding to us.
21 March Jackpot Capital RTG Player’s claim was that the casino was stonewalling her on a $400 withdrawal. Casino: �player won’t provide necessary docs�. We asked the player for some additional info, never heard back.
23 March Heroes Casino RTG Player said casino was stalling on paying $40,000 winnings, making commitments and breaking them. Casino behaved very erratically, provided ‘evidence’ that proved nothing. In the end they paid, and were Rogued.
25 March GoWild Casino Microgaming Player’s account had been locked and winnings confiscated. Casino provided little or no explanation. Turned out the player was connected to a fraud group known to us from previous cases. Case closed and player banned.
25 March Club World Microgaming $2000 in winnings was being withheld because they player’s deposit cheque had bounced. Player had a history of depositing with NSF cheques. Player admitted the bad cheque here. Case closed.
26 March Casino-For-Me Boss Media Player claimed that €750 in winnings wasn’t being paid. Player had a history of playing at non-Accredited casinos and then filing PABs. Case discarded as �No Can Do�.
27 March NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player had $18,625 in limbo because the casino was ‘contacting the authorities’. Casino first claimed they could not discuss the case but eventually told us that the player would be paid.
28 March Intertops Microgaming Player claimed $18,000 in deposits should be returned because his state prohibited internet gambling. Bogus claim, case closed.
29 March Pamper Casino Rival Player was having trouble getting $12000 in winnings, casino claimed Terms violations. �No Can Do�, player already has a PAB in progress against another non-Accredited casino.
29 March BingoWorkz BingoWorkz Player’s account had been closed, they wanted it reopened. Player had several accounts at the casino. Case closed.
30 March UK Casino Club Microgaming Player had £6050 withheld by the casino for �fraud indicators�. Turned out the player had multiple accounts: case closed and player banned.
30 March Golden Lounge Microgaming Player had €350 withdrawal stuck in limbo, casino repeatedly said �1 to 5 business days�. Casino was already on the Warning and �pending Rogue� lists. Case details submitted to the casino but no reply.
31 March Grand Mondial Microgaming A $15,500 withdrawal was being stalled by the casino. Casino paid, case resolved.

April 2009

01 Apr Vegas Poker Microgaming Player had won 1030€ on a 100€ deposit but was being limited to a 300€ max withdrawal per Terms that had nothing to do with their situation. Turned out the casino had overlooked the player’s deposit and was applying the wrong (‘no deposit’) Terms. Player paid in full.
01 Apr Bwin Ongame 1300€ in winnings was being withheld, Customer Service ignored player requests for details. Player reported casino was handling it offline, later turned out player had multiple forum accounts. Case closed, player banned.
05 Apr William Hill Poker Playtech Player reported being locked out, no response from Customer Service. Attempts to get further info from the complainant failed: AWOL. Case closed.
09 Apr Casino-For-Me Boss Media Player had €10,000+ winnings from bonus offers but the casino refused to pay on the grounds that the player had, in all cases, violated the Terms. Even after several attempts the casino was unable or unwilling to produce the Terms that the player supposedly violated. Warning issued.
13 Apr Golden Lounge Microgaming Player had £2762 denied, casino rep reported that the player was ‘blacklisted’. A new representative came on board, cleared the problems, paid the player in full.
14 Apr William Hill Poker Playtech Player’s account was locked. Responses from Customer Service were contradictory, went nowhere. Player’s account was fully restored after their coordinates were verified.
14 Apr NoIQ Poker Entraction? After a good history at the casino the player was suddenly denied a $12,624 withdrawal and their account was locked. Casino variously claimed bot use, collusion, fraud and a ‘police investigation’. We issued a Warning, the player was paid in full within three days.
14 Apr Joyland Casino Playtech Player won a $4M jackpot which was reported on the casino site. Behind the scenes they pressured the player to accept half of the winnings and walk away. Player had accepted the agreement and had been paid. Since then the casino had been sold to the William Hill Group. WH felt no obligation to the player.
17 Apr PlaytimeBingo Byworth Ent Player had been locked out with $500+ winnings still in their account. Casino claimed fraud. Casino had no satisfactory proof of the fraud allegations. We pressed the issue and they eventually paid in full.
17 Apr Cherry Red RTG Two withdrawals totaling $3320 were being withheld during a prolonged ‘investigation’. The investigation was legitimate and affected a number of players. Once the process was complete this player was paid in full.
20 Apr Bingo Australia Bingo 21 Software Long time site member and her mother were locked out and $670 in accumulated winnings denied. Casino claimed that fraud indicators led to their decision. Player provided emails showing that the casino knew their situation. A Warning was issued.
21 Apr NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player reported that a $7370 balance was being confiscated, access denied. Customer Service refused to respond. As before casino claimed an ‘investigation’ was ongoing but had no details to back that up. The Warning recently issued helped them resolve things.
23 Apr Stryyke AliQuantum $7000 was confiscated on the grounds that the player had multiple accounts. Turned out the player had been told to create the 2nd account by casino rep, some hinky ‘so we can pay you’ business: added to the ‘Not Recommended’ list.
23 Apr Roulette69 Orbis Player said €2950 in winnings had been removed, casino claiming fraud. Casino provided evidence of the fraud. Case closed and player banned.
25 Apr Poker770 iPoker Player claimed their withdrawals were being stalled without explanation. Casino ignored our attempts to get attention to the player’s issue. Player eventually reported that they had been paid in full.
26 Apr Stryyke AliQuantum An ex-employee reported that three months pay was being denied, wanted us to do what we could to help. Complainant failed provide the details we needed to pursue the case. Case closed.
27 Apr Stryyke AliQuantum Player claimed that they’d had a special pay-to-play deal with Stryyke that had gone sour, $5500 was being withheld. Stryyke management refused to discuss the case, no response whatsoever.
29 Apr Golden Lounge Microgaming Player had been paid half of an €8000 winning but casino was stalling on the remainder. Casino people all seemed to think the player had been paid in full. Eventually they saw their way through to making that a reality. Resolved.

May 2009

04 May Rushmore/Cherry Red RTG Player reported $5000+ stuck in �pending� status. The player had several accounts at each of the casinos. Case closed and player banned from Casinomeister.
04 May UK Casino Club Microgaming £8196 in winnings withheld, player accused of being ‘linked’ to other players. Turned out the player was closely associated with another player recently banned. Case closed, player banned.
05 May NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player had $12,159 tied up in ‘verification process’ for months. As with previous cases the casino paid the player in full shortly after the Casinomeister Warning was issued. Resolved.
08 May Gaming Club Microgaming €396 was tied up in withdrawal processing, casino cited ‘betting irregularities’. Player had violated the Terms relating to bet limits. Player unavailable for further comment: AWOL.
15 May Club Euro Casino Microgaming Player claimed €4500 in winnings was denied, deposits returned and their account closed. Player was linked back to a number of fraudster accounts previously banned.
15 May Mighty Slots RTG $2700 in winnings were being stalled. Casino claimed that they’d tried to send cheques. Casino already in the Rogue Pit.
15 May Spin Palace Microgaming £2263 in winnings was denied for Terms violations. Casino Terms restricted certain betting patterns which the player had used. Terms were eventually modified but the player was in violation.
15 May Villento Microgaming Player claimed that deposits were returned and €10,000 was being denied. Turned out the player had previously excluded themselves from Microgaming casinos. Unfortunate but … case closed.
15 May Bingoworkz BingoWorkz $15,000 in winnings was being withheld, site claimed they couldn’t make deposits to player’s bank account. A fellow forum member (BingoT) got involved on the player’s behalf and helped get the issue resolved. Thanks to him. :thumbsup:
17 May Bookmaker.com Digital Gaming Player complained that they were getting unwanted spam and phone calls from the site. Informed the site of the player’s complaint. Player was unavailable for further comment.
17 May Betfair Chartwell Player reported problems with a £100 withdrawal, were locked out of their account. Further details were needed to proceed but the player never responded: AWOL, case closed.
19 May SkyKings Playtech Player claimed that £456 winnings was being withheld because they had not met the WR for a unasked for second bonus. Casino stalled and obfuscated, Warning issued. Turned out casino had recently been acquired by William Hill Group who agreed to pay.
19 May Wild Vegas RTG Player reported being slow-payed on a $1200 withdrawal. Casino kept claiming that the player’s documents never arrived. Sorry, nothing much we can do here. This casino has been in the Rogue Pit for some time.
20 May Golden Palace Playtech Casino denied €2100 in winnings and returned the player’s deposits, claimed the player had received a bonus they were not entitled to. Again, these guys live in the Rogue Pit. Sorry, no can do.
20 May NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player claimed $14,000+ was being withheld for bogus ‘identification problems’ by the casino. Turned out the player’s documents were really dodgy. We tried to verify their identity but the player didn’t respond. Case closed.
22 May Imperial Casino Grand Virtual $373 was being withheld by the casino because of ‘document irregularities’. Casino’s concerns re: the player’s documents were legit, returned the deposits. Player unavailable to explain the document problems.
22 May Lucky Red RTG Player claimed that after an initial payment of $2000 the remainer of their $19,000 win was denied. Casino Terms set a max withdrawal of $2000. Player’s forum account was closed because of multiple registrations. Case closed.
22 May iNetBet RTG Player’s win of £14,000 was being withheld because of documentation problems. It took months to work this one through but the player did satisfy the casino’s requirements and they were paid in full. Resolved.
22 May Europa Casino Playtech $1375 in withdrawals was denied for Terms violations. Casino was spectacularly uncooperative but the the player had violated the Terms. Case closed and casino enrolled in the “No Can Do” club.
24 May NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player reported that $7725 was being withheld without much in terms by way of an explanation. Casino reviewed the player’s documents and decided to pay. Resolved.
25 May iNetBet RTG Player claimed they were owed $250 but would be happy to ‘split the difference’. Player was unavailable for further information. Case dismissed.
25 May Nedplay Microgaming £1731 withdrawal was months overdue and the player was getting no satisfaction from casino support. Casino produced evidence that tied this player to others in violation of applicable Terms. Case closed.
26 May NoIQ Poker Entraction? Player reported a $13,235 win was being withheld, complained of stalling and delays. Turned out this case was months old and was directly tied to another case (see above). Case closed.
27 May Grande Vegas RTG Player wanted to know why they were being directed to another site by GV service people. Advised the player to contact the casino representative. Case closed.
28 May Golden Palace Playtech Player complained that a €2300 withdrawal was being stalled and delayed. Sorry, GP has been in the Rogue Pit for yonks.
29 May Ivegas iGaming Player had requested a $1000 withdrawal per max cashout Terms. Months later the casino reported ‘no progess’ in getting the player paid. Casino dragged their feet for weeks on this but eventually the player got their money. Resolved.
29 May Lucky 18 RTG Player withdrawal of $1500 was repeated stalled by the casino, first ‘tomorrow’ then ‘soon’, etc. Casino initially replied that it was a documentation problem, then they went AWOL. Player eventually reported they were paid.
30 May Betpheonix n/a Punter complained of problems after they had deposited, withdrawn the deposit, did a charge-back, deposited again and won. PAB was incomplete and the punter was AWOL. Case closed.
30 May Bluesq.com n/a Player had problems registering because their email was already in use at the site. They remembered registering at a sister site. Casino requested identification documents. Player agreed and then went AWOL. Case closed.
30 May iNetBet RTG Player reported problems with the casino’s withdrawal process and emails warning that their account would be closed. Player declined to make a specific complaint and withdrew their PAB. Case closed.

June 2009

01 Jun Cirrus Casino RTG Player requested a $400 withdrawal, casino approved it but stalled endlessly, gave false information, sent and then canceled wire transfers, etc. Sorry, not much we can do. Cirrus is a member of the Virtual Casino Group and long-time Rogue Pit occupant.
02 Jun Doyles Casino RTG Player had a falling out with the casino over a bonus and agreed to have their money returned … later said that should include the winnings too. Casino said the �goodbye� agreement was deposits only. Player seemed to be trying to exploit a misunderstanding. Case closed.
04 Jun Lucky18 RTG $396 in winnings seemed to be stuck in limbo, casino not responding to player’s request for help. It seemed the casino contacted the player offline. Player reported on the forums that the problem had been resolved.
04 Jun Lucky18 RTG Player had requested a $1274 withdrawal, was told it would be wired. Turned out the wire number was bogus and no further contact was possible. Given our history with these guys we demanded payment be made immediately. Player reported payment in full within 24 hours. Resolved.
04 Jun Full Tilt Poker Proprietary Player reported that a $420 withdrawal was being repeatedly canceled by the casino. Casino was unreachable for comment. Player had deposited to both his own and his father’s account using the same card, casino flagged this as possible fraud. Once cleared up they paid in full.
07 Jun Craps Casino Playtech Player had won €30,000 which the casino had advertised on the site. When the player tried to withdraw the casino blocked it and refused to explain. After weeks of false claims and trickery the casino agreed to settle if the player stopped talking to us. Casino was added to the “No Can Do” List.
08 Jun Golden Lounge Microgaming Casino has issued the player cheques totaling $35,000 but the cheques bounced and the casino was claiming it was the player’s fault. Our Warning had already been issued. GL had expressed their discomfort with it and their hope that it would be taken down. Player was paid in full.
09 Jun Cleopatras Palace RTG Player had received a $25 no-deposit bonus, had completed the WR and wanted to cash out their $50 balance. Casino refused to discuss it. Casino is in the Rogue Pit. PAB was submitted under the �One Shot Rule� then in effect but they never responded to us or the player.
11 Jun Spin Palace Microgaming Player wanted to cash out 3950€ in winnings but was told by the casino that their account was closed and the winnings forfeit. Casino was able to show that the player was guilty of fraud. Case closed and player banned from Casinomeister.
12 Jun Stryyke AliQuantum Player wanted to recover €98 in winnings and €2 in transaction fees but the site ignored the player’s emails. Casino claimed the player’s balance was again available to them but the player never responded to our emails: AWOL.
16 Jun Vegas Casino Online RTG Player had set slots to autoplay at 25� per spin overnight. When they came back in the morning their account was empty. Game had played $25 per spin. Casino claimed they restored $350 to the player’s account but the player never responded to confirm that: AWOL.
16 Jun Rome Casino Top Game Player reported delays and stalling on getting their withdrawal. The casino rep stepped in to sort things out. Player withdrew the complaint.
18 Jun Jackpots in a Flash Microgaming The casino had locked the player’s account and withheld winnings on the grounds that the player had violated the Terms (multiple accounts). Turned out the ‘multiple accounts’ were simply accounts at other casinos. We tried to investigate further but the player was AWOL. Case closed.
18 Jun Be The Dealer Proprietary Player claimed to have deposited $300, won $14,000 and was then locked out. Casino had evidence showing the player had multiple accounts at the casino. Deposits were returned but the player was unavailable to confirm this: AWOL.
18 Jun Bwin Chartwell Player reported that the equivalent of $2200 was stuck in his account when he was locked out. The casino had serious concerns about the validity of the player’s identity, requested further documents. Player never responded to the casino or us: AWOL.
19 Jun 7Sultans Microgaming Player had deposited $300, won $3260 and found themselves locked out. Casino said ‘risk indicators’ were evident. Casino eventually provided convincing evidence that the player was in fact a fraud. Case closed.
24 Jun Bwin Chartwell Player complained that €736 was being denied and their account closed for ‘security reasons’. Impatient with the pace at which the case was being handled the player decided to take it to the forums instead. Case closed.
24 Jun Betway Microgaming Player withdrawal was denied and account closed, casino claiming they were part of a ‘promotion abuse ring’. Casino did have a fair amount of evidence against the player but agreed to return the player’s deposits. Player was unavailable for comment: AWOL.
26 Jun Piggs Casino Microgaming Player complained that €450 had been confiscated because of ‘irregular playing patterns’. Casino, and eCOGRA, verified that the player had violated the bonus Terms regarding low margin bets. Case closed.
26 Jun Ruby Fortune Microgaming A $1530 withdrawal was being denied for ‘irregular betting patterns’. After looking at the player’s betting in some detail we persuaded the casino people to take a second look. They did, reversed themselves, and paid the player.
29 Jun Betway Microgaming Player reported that a $3189 withdrawal was denied by the casino without sufficient explanation. Evidence connected the player to a group of others per previous PABs. We asked that the player’s deposits be returned but player was unavailable to confirm.
29 Jun Bodog Proprietary Complainant claimed that $500 had been taken from their credit card without authorization. Turned out it was a husband and wife team: she didn’t like his gambling and would randomly deny and/or chargeback his deposits. Case closed, person banned for making false claims in the PAB.
30 Jun Hopa/Neogames NeoGames A NeoGames affiliate claimed they hadn’t been paid for three months, a total of €750 was supposedly due. NeoGames had been concerned about the player action they were getting from the affiliate, decided in the end to pay in full. Resolved.

July 2009

03 Jul Spin Palace Microgaming Player reported that after months of trying to get their €1770 withdrawal it was confiscated for rules that had been only recently introduced. Casino rep agreed that the new terms were not retroactive and so paid the player in full.
04 Jul Club Player RTG To make a long story short the casino was coming up with all kinds of excuses not to pay a $6726 jackpot. Sorry, this casino is part of the Virtual Casino Group, long-time residents of the Rogue Pit.
06 Jul Grande Vegas RTG Player was using a new casino game, thought they had entered a high-paying round and the software crashed. Player wanted the winnings per the high value round. Casino logs showed no high bonus before the software crashed. Player accepted the lower-paying winnings.
07 Jul Bet24 Ongame Player registered, deposited and played only to have their bonus removed for disallowed play. Problem was the rule applied had been added after the play. Casino agreed that there was no grounds to retroactively apply the new rule. Player received the bonus in full.
08 Jul Eurolinx Microgaming Player reported that $45,000 in withdrawals were being delayed overly long for questionable reasons. Casino people ignored this issue. We issued a Warning and eventually enrolled them in the Rogue Pit.
10 Jul Eurolinx Microgaming Similar to the case above, this time with $40,000 caught in limbo. As above, Eurolinx was Rogued.
10 Jul Casino Tropez Playtech Player deposited, played, later discovered they had violated the Terms regarding disallowed games and asked if we could help. Obviously it is the player’s responsibility to read the Terms. Case closed.
14 Jul Golden Lounge Microgaming Player deposited, received a bonus and won a tidy sum only to have this denied. Casino claimed they were a �known bonus abuser�. Casino’s Terms state that it uses an �industry database�; blacklisted players will have their deposits returned and accounts closed.
14 Jul NoIQ Poker Entraction Player filed the PAB on the grounds that £439 had been wrongfully removed from their account. Player was closely tied to other accounts; deposits were returned and accounts closed for Terms violations.
14 Jul CasinoShare Microgaming After being away from the casino for some time player discovered that their balance of $400 has simply been removed. Casino reinstated the full balance. Case resolved.
17 Jul PlentyJackpot RTG Player complained that the wagering requirements on a bonus they took were excessive and that the casino should be black-listed. Casino is part of the Curgam Malta Ltd group, already on our “No Can Do” List. Case dismissed.
21 Jul Titan Poker Playtech Player reported stalled withdrawals and endless documentation requests from the casino people. Casino ignored us but paid the player in full. Resolved.
24 Jul Cherry Red RTG Player balance had been tied up for months during an investigation, eventually received an email informing him that his balance had been confiscated. Casino had gathered considerable evidence against a large group of fraudsters, the OP here was one of them.
24 Jul Rushmore Casino RTG A $4000 withdrawal was repeatedly �tied up with the processors�. After well over a month the player just wanted their money asap. After a few more weeks of delays the player was finally paid in full. Resolved.
27 Jul Pacific Poker Cassava/888 Player reported that a $25,000 balance was inaccessible after their account had been closed. Turns out the player had been exploiting a bug in the comp points system to boost his points and his cash balance.
28 Jul Giant Vegas Playtech $130 in winnings was tied up in documentation limbo. Player requested this case be closed.
29 Jul NoIQ Poker Entraction Player reported that $16,000+ had been withheld for months, ended in being locked out. Case was 8+ months old, dated back to the casino’s previous network. Detailed records were no longer available.
30 Jul Royal Joker Microgaming Player reported having been locked out after winning $1400 on a $10 NDB. Turns out the player had bungled up a password change. Player access and balance were restored in full. Resolved.

August 2009

01 Aug CasinoJoy Wagerlogic Player claimed that €1649 had been confiscated without reason. Turned out the player had violated the bonus terms re: restricted games, deposit was returned.
02 Aug Racing Post Casino 888.com Player reported having had their accounts at several 888 properties closed, balances confiscated. 888.com said they wouldn’t discuss player issues. They’re now on the “No Can Do” List.
03 Aug Casino Elegance Gigimedia Player’s account was locked and $245 confiscated. Casino had flagged the player as being involved in fraud. Deposit was returned. Case closed.
04 Aug Absolute Poker Proprietary After two months of being �under investigation for unauthorized software use” player PAB’d. Absolute is in the Rogue Pit, no can do.
04 Aug Ultimate Bet Proprietary Same player as above, same situation. Again, UB is in the Rogue Pit, no can do.
05 Aug Alljackpots Casino Microgaming Player’s €600 balance was confiscated for �negative financial activity�. Turned out the casino had proof of fraud against the player. Case closed.
05 Aug Bingo For Money Proprietary PAB based on player’s claim that they were being denied access to their $425 balance. Turned out the player could not or would not supply documents. Case dismissed.
07 Aug Bwin Chartwell Player had provided false identity information, wanted help cleaning up the mess. Player also posted on the forums, emailed and PM’d the same issue. Discarded per PAB FAQ.
09 Aug Dollaro Poker Proprietary? PAB cited €100,000+ being withheld by Dollaro. Dollaro had been messing with the player, opening multiple accounts, etc. Rogued.
12 Aug Royal Joker Microgaming Player reported €1200 withheld on accussations of multiple accounts. Casino had evidence supporting the multiple account charges: case closed.
13 Aug Golden Tiger Microgaming Player claimed $340 had been wrongfully removed from their account. Player never responded to our questions: case dismissed.
13 Aug RealVegasOnline RTG Player reported a $2000 withdrawal was stalled and going nowhere. Sorry, Real Vegas is on our “No Can Do” List.
14 Aug NedPlay Microgaming PAB focused on $1700 that was tied up in document verification. Player had submitted documents with outdated addresses. Case was fully resolved.
15 Aug Casino Webcam Proprietary Player reported that casino was not processing withdrawals and not replying emails. This casino is on the “No Can Do” List, sorry.
17 Aug English Harbour Vegas Tech Player reported a game error: game did not show reels as the game’s preview screen. The preview screen had been a promotional mock-up. Provider said it would be corrected.
21 Aug Nedplay Microgaming Player claimed casino was stalling on paying £3707, not responding to emails, etc. Casino promptly paid in full. Resolved.
24 Aug Doyles Room RTG Player reported they weren’t winning enough, threatened chargebacks. Player would not provide information when asked, posted nonsense on the forums: discarded.
25 Aug Betvoyager Gamesys N.V.? €536 balance was in limbo because the player’s account was locked. Turned out to a question regarding a chargeback. Issue was cleared and player paid.
26 Aug Nedplay Microgaming Player reported having waited over two months for a £8386 withdrawal, no progress. Player was paid in full though it took over two months and several reminders. Resolved.
27 Aug Goldchip Casino 888.com Player reported being stalled and slow-payed on a $521 withdrawal. Sorry, Goldchip is on the “No Can Do” List.
28 Aug Casino Cubed RTG Seems the player was having trouble depositing via Western Union. PAB was withdrawn.
28 Aug Rushmore RTG Player reported a withdrawal was taking excessively long, no real reasons given. Player was paid in full within a few days. Resolved.
30 Aug Casino Tropez PlayTech Player’s £15,000 was being with-held for documents, didn’t want to submit them. Casino said they’d contacted the player but the player never responded to us. OP AWOL.
31 Aug Nedplay Microgaming €260 withdrawal was approved but never showed up. Casino wouldn’t offer a payment date. Player was paid in full the same day. Resolved.

September 2009

01 Sep Gold Chip Poker 888.com Player reported weeks of frustration attempting to get a withdrawal cleared and paid, wanted an apology. (a) the PAB service isn’t for apologies, and (b) Gold Chip is an 888.com property and on the “No Can Do” List.
03 Sep Bingoville Parlay Player complained of ridiculous rules regarding withdrawals withheld for �excess balance�, etc. No Can Do here because of the “One Free Shot” rule: the player had had a previous PAB against the same place.
07 Sep Rockbet Rival Player deposited $50, took no bonus, won $100, requested a $150 withdrawal. Casino only paid $50, kept the rest. Casino completely ignored the issue so we issued a Warning. Player reported being paid shortly thereafter.
08 Sep Playshare Partners n/a Affiliate reported new retro-active term being applied to affiliates, wanted the Affiliate Program status reviewed. No progress, stale-dated.
10 Sep Casino33 RTG An affiliate reported not being paid $152. Turned out the aff and her partner had been advanced $500, then had a falling out. Left it for them to settle.
10 Sep Bingolasvegascasino NetEnt Player reported a withdrawal stuck because BLVC was insisting on two photo IDs. Player only had one. BLVC never responded but the player reported the withdrawal was paid. Resolved.
12 Sep Lucky Red RTG Player claimed that $9805 balance had been frozen and account locked after Neteller blocked access. Player had or was working with multiple accounts. Deposits were returned, case closed.
15 Sep Allslots Microgaming Player reported a $800 withdrawal was being stalled. Player refused to follow the procedures in the PAB FAQ, insisted on posting on the forums. Case closed.
16 Sep Slots Oasis RTG Player wanted $3000 paid via Neteller, casino insisted on check or wire transfer. Payment was received in full. Resolved.
18 Sep Quatro Casino Microgaming Two withdrawals totaling £3965 were stalled for unspecified documentation reasons. Player was eventually paid in full. Resolved.
18 Sep Casino Action Microgaming $350 withdrawal was being withheld for �irregular play patterns�. Player had violated Terms regarding bet sizes while working through bonus WR. Deposits returned, case closed.
21 Sep Bingoville Parlay Player repeated the same complaint from earlier in the month. As before, “No Can Do”.
21 Sep Prime Poker Microgaming After having been at Prime for two years player requested their balance be paid out. Account was locked, funds taken. Prime Poker is on our “No Can Do” List, sorry.
22 Sep EUCasino SkillonNet Player reported that $1534 balance would be confiscated for �abuse of the bonus program�. Player withdrew the PAB.
22 Sep Swiss Casino Playtech Player tried to cash out $600 balance, was asked to send ID, did so, it was approved, casino continued to ask for ID. Casino changed their procedures, paid the player in full.
22 Sep 32Red Microgaming Player reported having repeated problems activating a bonus round. Turns out the player hadn’t read the instructions. PAB withdrawn.
22 Sep WinUnited NetEnt After weeks of play and successful withdrawals the player was suddenly locked out and £870 confiscated. Casino admitted �user was erroneously identified as part of a bonus abusers group�, paid the player in full.
23 Sep Pitbull Casino Proprietary Player reported a $2000 withdrawal was being stalled. Pitbull closed, leaving many players unpaid. A Warning was issued but there wasn’t much else to be done about it.
25 Sep 3Dice Proprietary A long-time player at 3Dice complained that his account was closed after he �apparently did a few chargebacks�. The player had done the chargebacks and the casino wanted those monies paid back. Account was reopened.
25 Sep Inetbet RTG Player had incorrectly entered a bonus code and did not receive the bonus as expected, wanted it retroactively applied. Casino reported that the player had missed the expiry time on the bonus, later took another bonus. Case closed.
26 Sep Sierra Star Playtech After requesting a £700 w/d player was stuck in an endless �please submit your documents� cycle. After an initial exchange neither the player nor the casino responded to our emails, case closed.
27 Sep All Rival Casinos Rival Player complained of being �bonus banned� across the Rival network, wanted that reversed. Player already had another PAB in progress, this one was set aside.
27 Sep Roulette69 Orbis Player reported that a w/d had been stalled for 10 weeks, wanted immediate payment. Turned out the player was part of a fraud ring under investigation by the casino. Player never responded to emails: fraudster.
29 Sep Golden Lounge Microgaming Player reported that their balance of $2705 was confiscated. The reason given by the casino was �Fraud pattern�. Issue went unresolved until 32Red PLC took over GL. Player had multiple accounts: deposits returned, case closed.
29 Sep Super Slots Vegas Tech/OddsOn Player reported that �faulty reels� cheated her out of a $20,000+ win, wanted compensation. After dozens of emails back and forth the OP accused us of bribe-taking, demanded a share. Case closed.

October 2009

01 Oct Pitbull Casino Proprietary Player reported withdrawals of $2000+ were tied up, endless lame excuses and stalling. No response from Pitbull. A Warning was issued but the site shut down shortly thereafter.
03 Oct Spin Palace Microgaming Player decided they didn’t like the casino’s Terms, wanted their £1000 deposit back. Casino responded immediately, player had their full deposit back in less than 48 hours.
05 Oct 7 Sultans, etc Microgaming Player complained that a bunch of casinos were taking too long to give bonuses. Player’s complaint was too generic, no specifics to actually take action on. Case closed.
06 Oct Jackpot Capital RTG Player complained of too few bonuses being given on the VIP program, that their VIP ranking had been down-graded. This player had previously been banned from the PAB process for submitting bogus claims. Discarded.
07 Oct Be The Dealer Proprietary Player reported that $5859 was tied up, unable to get response from the casino. Casino made one payment, promised others but they never came. A Warning was issued, casino was later Rogued.
07 Oct Class 1 Casino Playtech Player received a $100 VIP Upgrade bonus, played it, got stuck in run-around excuses why he couldn’t cash out. Sorry, Class1 is in the Rogue Pit: no can do.
07 Oct Slots Avenue ?? Player complained that he had registered, given his info, then wasn’t able to log in. PAB was incomplete, OP was unavailable for further info: discarded.
08 Oct Prime Casino Microgaming Player won $3200 then received a “you are in breach of the casino’s Terms” letter, nothing further. Sorry, Prime is on the “No Can Do” List.
09 Oct Royal Joker Microgaming Player reported not receiving a bonus where the Terms said the only requirement was to deposit. Casino admitted the Terms had been incomplete, omitted the WR. Player was given the bonus in full: resolved.
15 Oct C-Planet n/a Affiliate reported slow-pay on $253 commissions. Weeks later the Aff was paid in full: resolved.
15 Oct Villento Casino Microgaming Player reported not receiving a $830 withdrawal, Customer Service taking longer than 24 hours to respond. Turned out the player’s documents hadn’t been accepted: player was using multiple names, etc. Case closed.
15 Oct Lucky18 Casino RTG Player was owed $7200, was assured time and again it would be coming, this went on for five months. Casino was unresponsive. We issued a Warning and eventually Rogued Lucky18. Player was paid a few weeks later.
16 Oct Quicktender n/a Player reported that $660 was stuck in limbo between her QT and bank account. Turned out the player had given QT wrong banking info. Player seemed to think it was too much hassle to straighten out.
19 Oct Casino Windows Playtech Player complained that €709 had been confiscated and her account closed. Player had repeatedly failed to provide requested documents, was unavailable for further comment: AWOL.
19 Oct Affiliate Lounge Group n/a This PAB focused on new and predatory Terms at ALG. Casinomeister is considering options for dealing with rogue affiliate groups.
19 Oct Betway Microgaming Player reported that $650 in winnings had been confiscated for “irregular gaming”. Player had broken casino Terms regarding bet sizes and patterns, case closed.
21 Oct Poker Loco Ongame Ex-Poker Loco player (account closed) reported endless spam, non-functioning “unsubscribe”. Casino dealt with the “unsubscribe” issue. Player reported the spam stopped. Case resolved.
22 Oct EUCasino Skill On Net Player reported that a $500 balance had been confiscated for “play pattern” and “irregular gaming”. Casino ignored our attempts to raise the issue. A Warning was issued but has since been withdrawn.
23 Oct Zipang Casino Playtech Player’s $1214 winnings were confiscated for being a “bonus seeker”. The casino paid in full after clearing up a documents issue. Resolved.
23 Oct Roulette69 Orbis Player reported that a £5000 balance was confiscated because he was “linked to other accounts”. Turned out the player had a long history of bogus and dubious documents at the casino: fraudster!
26 Oct Buzzluck RTG Player reported that a £3961 withdrawal was being held up, casino’s “payments” never arrived. Issue transferred to Central Disputes System which ruled in the player’s favour.
27 Oct Party City RTG Concerned a withdrawal that was promised but never received. Party City is part of the long-since Rogued Virtual Casino Group so “No Can Do”.
27 Oct Vegas Days Rival Player claimed that $3000 was being withheld unfairly, false accusations of multiple accounts, etc. Turned out the casino had plenty of reasons to identify this as a “multiple accounts” situation. Case closed.
28 Oct Mayflower Topgame Player reported that $8000 was confiscated because of “inconsistencies in your account”. Casino had extensive files on this and connected players, accounts based on bogus documents, etc. Case closed.
28 Oct Spin Palace Microgaming Player claimed that $973 was being stalled in the withdrawal process without explanation. The player’s own emails flagged this as a multiple accounts situation: they lost track and used different names on different days.
30 Oct Betfair Chartwell Player reported that they had opened an account and deposited only to have the account locked and deposit withheld. Casino had identified the player as a fraud risk. Deposit was returned. Case closed.
30 Oct Cherry Red RTG Player claimed the casino was messing about with the e-wallet processors in order to slow-pay a $3000 withdrawal. Turned out it was the player’s own bank that had put a hold on the casino’s cheque. Player was paid in full.

November 2009

04 Nov Superior Rival Player had concerns about the casino’s shuffle mechanism on 3 Card poker, wanted to alert everyone. Sorry, the PAB service is not a bulletin board. Things like this belong on the forums.
07 Nov Absolute Slots Rival Player complained that the casino was denying her bonuses because of a history of chargebacks. Player admitted making chargebacks but couldn’t remember these ones. Case closed.
07 Nov Absolute poker Proprietary Player reported freeze-ups during tournaments, wanted their money back. Sorry, Absolute is in the Rogue Pit. No Can Do.
08 Nov Intertops Microgaming Player deposited $100 on a 100% Match Bonus, got lucky and won $5700, was only allowed $500. Casino made a boo-boo on the bonus. Player received the full winnings. Resolved.
09 Nov Lucky Emperor Microgaming Player reported that they were an active player at the casino, didn’t like that they had been bonus banned. Player had a history of hooving up bonuses but depositing very little. Closed.
11 Nov Doyle’s Casino RTG Player deposit $500 on a Match Bonues, won $4975 which was later denied because they were ineligible for the bonus. Casino had screwed up, but resolved the issue by giving the player their winnings.
14 Nov Nedplay Microgaming Player reported that a $100 was being stalled, claimed paid, but nothing arrived. Player was paid in full. Resolved.
16 Nov Nedplay Microgaming Player deposited $90, got a $180 bonus and won $1300. Casino denied the winnings, claimed the bonus given was larger than it should have been. Casino accepted responsibility for having given too big a bonus, paid in full.
16 Nov Casino Titan RTG Player’s large winnings were denied because they were a “bonus abuser”. Turns out the casino had a lot of incriminating data on this player. Deposits were returned.
16 Nov Eldorado Palace Proprietary? Player’s $3000 in winning was being denied for a Term that was added after they had won and requested a WD. Casino ignored both the player and us. A Warning was issued.
18 Nov Royal Dice Playtech Player reported that €5800+ had been confiscated because she played a disallowed game. Casino claimed to be in contact with the player, player denied it. Then they both went AWOL.
18 Nov Vegas Regal Rival Player reported that £1900 was being withheld on false grounds, chargebacks that never happened. Turned out the casino had caught the guy exploiting a bug in the software. Closed.
19 Nov WinAsDealer Proprietary $2750 in withdrawals were being stalled for no reason. Casino did not respond. A Warning was issued, casino was later Rogued.
21 Nov Gold Rock Casino Rival? Player reported delays on a $575 withdrawal but didn’t want to complain? Tried to convince the player to fill out the PAB so we could proceed. Player went AWOL.
23 Nov Club UK Microgaming Player complained that a £4023 withdrawal was being denied because “you are too young”. Bogus complaint. Player was connected to multiple accounts. Deposits returned.
24 Nov Nedplay Microgaming Player was being slow-payed on a £400 withdrawal, wanted some action. Player was immediately paid in full. Resolved.
25 Nov Nedplay Microgaming Affiliate complaint where previous month’s fees were not being paid on the agreed dates. Casino stalled a while but paid in full. Resolved.
25 Nov Fortune Reel Rival Player requested a $150 WD, is was confirmed, then they received an email saying it had been reversed. Casino paid. Resolved.
28 Nov Poker Nordica Merge Gaming? Player reported that a $711 WD was not being paid. Casino said they were working it out with the player, player went AWOL.

December 2009

01 Dec Luck3 Proprietary? Player reported that the casino’s game restrictions on bonus play had increased his WR to almost $1M. Per the Terms the player had clearly misused the bonus but refused to settle with the casino. Case closed.
01 Dec Hellenic Live VueTec Casino confiscated winnings of €1100 because “the player’s activity was deemed to be non-recreational”. Casino reversed itself and paid the player in full. Resolved.
03 Dec Lucky Live VueTec Player reported that €4000 had been confiscated because “you have been found abusing the bonus offer”. As above, casino reversed its decision and paid the player in full. Resolved.
04 Dec Nedplay Microgaming Player claimed that a withdrawal of $649 was being stalled. Casino promptly paid in full. Resolved.
05 Dec Lucky Slots RTG? Player’s account had been locked and their balance confiscated. Player had already had 2 PABs. Lucky Slots is un-Accredited, per the “One Free Shot” rule this one is “no can do”.
07 Dec Oceans Online G-Fed Games Player summarized it beautifully: “€8500 (€7500 winnings) denied. Reason: accused of foul play.” Casino ignored the player and never responded to us: Warning issued.
07 Dec Full Tilt Proprietary Player complained that FT had failed to honour a $70 WD, closed his account. Player never responded to emails and never returned to the site: AWOL.
07 Dec Mayflower Topgame A dispute over $2182: “I’ve done a lot of mean things … I figured it was a lost cause and was trying to shame them.” Player didn’t like how we were handling things, canceled the PAB, later claimed we were taking bribes, etc. Closed.
08 Dec Club Player RTG Player reported that the casino was stalling payment, giving bogus wire transfer transaction numbers. Sorry but this casino has long been in the Rogue Pit: no can do.
08 Dec Betfold Poker Playtech Player deposited $200, played, decided not to continue, tried to withdraw. It was not approved, no response from CS. Casino reviewed the case and released the player’s money. Resolved.
09 Dec Wildjack Microgaming Player reported that her withdrawal was promised, never arrived, promised again, still nothing, etc etc. Turned out the player had provided incorrect banking details. The info was corrected and the player paid in full.
09 Dec Kingjackpot WagerWorks Player believed that a promo was unfair, offered free spins only to new (non-depositing) players. The Terms were clear and reasonable. Player had previous PABs: the “One Free Shot” rule made this one “no can do”.
10 Dec Vegas Palms Microgaming As the player put it, “I have £1000 in my casino account, but they closed it and refuse to pay me.” Player had supplied fake documents when asked for ID, was unavailable for comment. Case closed.
10 Dec Nedplay Microgaming $704 WD was being stalled, no response from Customer Service. Too many complaints: a Warning was posted, later withdrawn when the casino came under new ownership.
10 Dec Wagerunit BTG Gaming? Casino denied a player’s WD, sent a check for it anyway, then closed the account and canceled the check. Casino said they’d pay the player in six months. A Warning was issued.
11 Dec Cleopatras Palace RTG Player complained that their $4000 winnings from a $25 ND bonus was being limited to $12.50 Player posted extensively on the forums while the PAB was in progress. Per the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ the case was closed.
15 Dec Casino Moons Topgame Player took ND bonus, won, but was being forced to deposit, take another bonus and play that through before WD. Casino decided the ND terms had not been clear to the player, paid in full.
17 Dec Casino770 Playtech Player reported that a €245 WD was approved, payment promised but never received. Sorry, this PAB not eligible under the “One Free Shot” rule, please read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ.
19 Dec BetheDealer Proprietary Player’s $1480 WD was overdue, Finance kept promising to contact player with details but never did. Casino never responded but player was paid in full within a couple weeks. Resolved.
21 Dec Club World Microgaming Player claimed the casino had confiscated $46,000 in winnings. Player was already openly discussing this issue on the forums. Per the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ the case was closed.
24 Dec Intertops Microgaming Player complained that they had not been informed of any “max WD” on their Halloween bonus. Casino showed that the player was informed at the time they redeemed the bonus coupon. Case closed.
24 Dec 7spins Topgame Player claimed that $20,000 in winnings was being denied because of false “multiple accounts” accusations. Casino had extensive data on this player and related accounts. Player was unable to provide valid identification.
24 Dec Klub 8 Playtech Player reported winnings confiscated because “you have a bad gaming history”. Player turned out to have multiple personalities at Casinomeister, denied everything. Fraudster.
24 Dec Redbet RTG Player reported having €700 confiscated after he and a friend “played for hours and he was a bad player”. Case dated from 2007, player had been caught and warned about chip-dumping. Case closed.
25 Dec Slotocash Rival A player claimed addiction, wanted $700 back on the grounds that he was “totally dissatisfied with the service received”. Player’s situation was regrettable but there was no evidence that the casino had failed to provide proper service. Closed.
27 Dec Vegas Sky Rival Player had requested his max WD ($190) on an ND bonus + his subsequent $25 deposit, only received the $190. Casino payed per the Terms + a partial refund of the deposit for the confusion, account closed at the player’s request.
27 Dec Globet Microgaming A webmaster brought a case where a Chinese player’s account had been locked because he could not provide a passport. Many Chinese do not have passports: case was settled before we processed the PAB.
28 Dec Coolcat RTG Player reported perpetually slow payments on withdrawals. Sorry, Cool Cat is a long-time resident of the Rogue Pit, no can do.
29 Dec Gold VIP Club RTG Casino had reportedly made $83,136 in unauthorized charges on the player’s credit card, pleaded helplessness because of a rogue employee. A terrible situation to be sure but this casino is a long-time resident of the Rogue Pit, no can do.
29 Dec Luck3 Proprietary? Player deposited $52, refused bonuses, won $1820. Casino called the winnings a bonus, demanded the player respect the WR. Player had multiple accounts at Casinomeister, several PABs in total. PAB rejected per the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ and player banned from the site.
29 Dec PokerTime Microgaming Player reported being falsely accused of chip dumping, having €4800 in winnings confiscated and their account closed. Casino reviewed the case, decided to repeal the accusations. Player account was reopened and winnings reinstated.