Will The State Budget Provide An Opening For Legalised Online Gambling In Pennsylvania?

Rep. John Payne thinks it might

Whilst the steam seems to have gone out of efforts in Pennsylvania to license and regulate online gambling despite a flurry of bills and a Senate hearing mid-year (see previous InfoPowa reports), there remains hope that progress may be achieved through the state budget debate.
Rep. John Payne, the author of one of the more promising bills introduced earlier this year, told local television station WGAL News 8 this week that legalisation is being considered as one of the potential solutions in a contentious debate around the state budget deficit.
Licensing and taxing online gambling could generate revenues to help close the budget gap and end the political impasse which has developed around the state finances, apparently.
"I still feel very comfortable that some forms of gaming will be part of the final budget package," Payne said in the interview, which can be accessed here: http://www.wgal.com/news/will-pennsylvania-legalize-online-gambling/35270040.

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