Who Really Penned The New Utah Online Gambling Banning Bill?

Indications are that this draft wasn't the work of the Representative from Utah, but a lobbyist employed by Sheldon Adelson

According to respected journalist and head of the Las Vegas Review-Journal Washington Bureau, Steve Tetreault, there are strong indications that the draft of a bill proposing the banning of online gambling across the United States was not penned by its introducer, Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffertz, but by a lobbyist employed by Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands group.

In a tweet linking to the draft at http://ow.ly/d/20dI,Tetreault wrote: "Fingerprints: Properties of this no-web gaming bill draft shows it was writtn by registerd lobbyist 4 SandsCorp."

The journalist went on to explain that the draft of the Internet Gambling Control Act attributed to Chaffertz (see previous InfoPowa reports) was the work of Darryl Nirenberg — a Washington anti-gaming lobbyist who represents Adelson's company.

Tetreault claims the properties of the online document clearly indicate that the legislation was drafted by Nirenberg — a partner in the lobbying company of Steptoe & Johnson.

The bill seeks to resurrect a more specific version of the Wire Act in order to impose a federal ban on all forms of Internet gambling, including online poker, state lotteries and sports betting.

There is an important carve-out for online wagering on horse-racing in a nod to Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his Kentucky constituency.

Following up on his discovery, Tetreault tried to obtain an explanation from Chaffertz, but the Utah politician was "not available."

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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