Russian Internet Regulator Tightens Screws Again On Illegal Online Operators

Roskomnadzor directs banks and e-processors to review records to ensure compliance with gambling laws

In another move aimed at tightening control over illegal online gambling, the Russian Internet regulator Roskomnadzor has directed banks and e-processing companies to review their records to ensure compliance with Russian gambling laws, according to an Isvestia report Monday.
InfoPowa readers will recall that less than a month ago Skrill and Qiwi processors were put on a blacklist, allegedly for links to unlicensed online gambling sites. The blacklist contains thousands of domains associated with illegal enterprises.
Both processors were subsequently removed from the naughty list after severing the controversial ties.
There have also been reports that the regulator has recommended amendments to Russian law that would enable enforcement actions against internet users promoting illegal online gambling, a move apparently designed to target media advertising and affiliate marketers.
Thus far only four Russian companies have been awarded online sports betting licenses – 1xbet, Liga Stavok, and Winline.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa