Malaysia To Shut Down 172 Illegal Gambling Websites

Communications and Multi Media Commission will collaborate with other government bodies to shutter websites it has traced and tracked as offering illegal online gambling

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has traced 172 illegal online gambling websites in the country, which it says it is intent of shutting down as part of a broader government drive against internet gambling.

Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Jailani Johari said this week that his ministry would join other ministries, including the police, local authorities and the Home Office to ensure that the closures were carried out quickly and in an integrated operation.

MPs have been increasingly vociferous about the need to curb online gambling, and some have called for the formation of a special enforcement unit to bring this about.

Earlier this week the nation's Attorney General said he would be submitting recommendations to the government on the issue (see previous InfoPowa reports).

Minister Jalaini also advised that his ministry and the police were collaborating on an awareness campaign regarding the illegality and unacceptability of online gambling.

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