Ioc Set Up Whistle Blower Hotline

Anonymous reporting system for all members of the public and the sporting fraternity

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched its new online "Integrity and Compliance Hotline" Monday during its first International Forum for Sports Integrity held in Lausanne.
The hotline is designed to allow the reporting of any suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation, excluding football related reports which are redirected to the FIFA and UEFA organisations.
It also covers infringements of the IOC Code of Ethics or other matters including financial misconduct, legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the IOC has jurisdiction.
The reporting system is open to the greater public and whistle-blowers are assured anonymity if they so choose.
"I am very happy with today's meeting as a starting point for the establishment of the IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline where athletes and everyone concerned can turn to the IOC," Thomas Bach, president of the IOC said. "They can serve as whistle-blowers and serve as witnesses with their suspicions about any kind of infringement."

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