Illinois Row Over Legalised Video Gambling

This could be another blow for internet cafes

Video gambling, typically offered in internet cafes, is at the centre of a growing row in Illinois following a newspaper investigation.
The Associated Press news agency reports that the reasoning behind legalising video gambling has had the opposite effect state lawmakers hoped it would.
"Supporters hoped regulation would bring an end to illegal video gambling and allow officials to weed out shady characters," the news agency reports. "But the Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Gaming Board has issued licenses to people with ties to crime and illegal gambling."
It appears that the Board approved licenses for at least two men who illegally operated video gambling machines before they were legal.
Officials with the Gaming Board said they're satisfied with their decision in granting those licenses.
The board is able to deny licenses based on a variety of reasons. It has issued nearly 7,000 licenses and denied fewer than 400 applicants.

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