Crownbet Fined For Illegal Advertising

Caused by internal administrative errors, claims company

CrownBet was fined late last week by the Downing Centre Local Court in legal action brought by the New South Wales Liquor and Gaming (LGNSW) board concerning five counts of offering inducements to gamble on its website.
The five advertising breaches, published from October to December 2016, included a bonus reward point offer for the AFL Grand Final, NBA and the Melbourne Cup, The Australian reports.
CrownBet attributed the breaches to "internal administrative errors", however, the court ordered the company pay $10,500 in fines and awarded $10,000 in legal costs in favour of the LGNSW.
"Magistrate Keogh described the offences as 'inadvertent' and involving 'momentary non-compliance'," a CrownBet spokesman explained, further saying the company had worked closely with the LGNSW since and had made "significant changes in its processes to avoid similar breaches in the future.

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