C.c.o.p. Expands The Campaign For Online Gambling Legalisation (update)

Paid advertising in influential media

The US pro-online gambling legalisation action group Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection (CCOP) has expanded its activities beyond op-ed articles and guest speakers to paid advertising, spending $250,000 in the first phase.

Online and print advertisements pointing out the advantages of federally legalised online gambling and appealing for a halt to any Congressional attempt to ban the industry have appeared in influential publications like the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Washington Post and the political newspaper The Hill in Washington DC.

The interactive element in the online version of the Washington Post ads urges player to click through to the CCOP website for more information.

The Coalition, which is backed by MGM, the PPA and the American Gaming Association, was set up earlier this year in a reaction to Sheldon Adelson's formation of the pro-banning Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

CCOP spokeswoman Kristen Hawn says the Coalition is working on a second phase in its advertising campaign to ensure that Adelson's plan for a ban on internet gambling is blocked, but that in the meantime a vigorous op-ed, speaker and social networking drive would continue.

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