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8 September 2006

The strange tale of the billboard vault and how it rained money in Vegas

Police in Las Vegas were this week investigating a bizarre theft from an even more bizarre location - a giant Las Vegas billboard.

It all started with a bit of a billboard gamble by online sportsbook, which recently erected a billboard on the Strip in front of the Stardust Hotel. This was a billboard with a difference, however - it included a transparent security box that contained $100 000 in one dollar bills with the slogan "Win This Cash Free, Only at". And just in case anyone missed it, a giant bright yellow arrow indicated the box of greenbacks, supported by the notice '$100 000 real cash - and real guards below!"

Unfortunately those real guards below were apparently not - at least not all of the time. One of the 24 hour security guards is reported to have taken a brief break in order to get refreshments and when he returned dollar bills were floating down from the billboard following a semi-successful attempt to steal the tempting billboard prize.

Thieves had somehow managed to access the box of bills, fortunately only managing to get away with $30 000 before presumably being disturbed.

In answer to the understandable speculation that it was all a publicity stunt, marketing director Alex Czajkowski indignantly protested: "This was not a stunt! We were hit!"

The billboard was erected to promote a contest that offered customers multiple opportunities to win $100 000 during this football season. When the campaign was launched last week, Czajkowski crowed: "No one would ever dream of putting $100 000 cash on a billboard in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the world. But we want to show our valued members and potential members just how serious we are about providing the most exciting and rewarding contests of any online sportsbook."

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