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Thread: This sick hobby (warning--quitting gambling rant)

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    I intent to work for gamecare relatively soon if they accept me. They will.....

    I wanna ask if anyone has any experience with them
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    Quote Originally Posted by suzecat View Post
    Dude, did you notice the oldie moldie thread you resurrected is almost two years old?
    Did you notice this guy is a blatant and very stupid spammer?

    And as you quoted him, now Bryan will have to edit 2 posts!

    Never mind - I'm sure he'll forgive you. I do!

    {Edit} Hmmm - maybe I was too quick there - it does look like a genuine help site.
    It's just that digging up an old thread & cramming 4 hyperlinks into one short post seemed very odd to me.

    Oh well... we'll see.
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    KK, these are thoughts we both shared but practicing how to avoid putting my foot in my mouth made me do it the way I did...........

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    Online Casino Blocking Software

    A very good friend of mine admits to having a serious problem with online video poker. His unique circumstances however mean that he makes a reasonable living playing the online sportsbooks and if it wasn't for his online casino losses, he would be making a very respectable income from the online sportsbooks. Programs like gamblock and betfilter, whilst excellent, do not cater for sportsbook players who are not addicted to sportsbooks, but who need to be prevented from squandering their winnings in the casino.

    So, he's developing a product that blocks online casinos, whilst allowing sportsbook play. Very early days yet, but if the end product works, he reckons it will save him thousands of dollars in a year. He can't really put a price on the amount of his life he will get back too!

    He's looking for beta testers at the moment - so if you have a similar set of circumstances - maybe what he comes up with will help you too!

    At the moment he just has an intro page up at but you can register your interest there.

    Good luck!


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    I read the first 10 pages of this thread before I noticed the date and realized that this all happened before I even started gambling online.

    But since somebody dug it up and I read that much (actually really some good posts in here so it was worth it even if it was 4 years old) but now I'm curious about whatever happened to MrVan...did he quit gambling for good? Did he gain some weight? How did his life turn out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chayton View Post
    But since somebody dug it up and I read that much (actually really some good posts in here so it was worth it even if it was 4 years old) but now I'm curious about whatever happened to MrVan...did he quit gambling for good? Did he gain some weight? How did his life turn out?
    Well this thread was certainly his last post so hopefully he made it

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