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Predatory Terms

Updated: 16 September 2014 Many casinos have withdrawal limits – in other words you can only withdraw a certain amount each month until your casino balance is zero. This is primarily to insulate casinos from massive wins – they need to protect their bankroll like players do. But progressive jackpot wins are a different matter. The reason why progressive jackpots are so huge is that these jackpots are pooled funds from participating casinos. If you are lucky enough to win one of these jackpots, the massive win is not coming directly from the casino you are playing at but from a “kitty” that is usually maintained by the software provider. If a casino puts a withdrawal limit on progressive wins, you can be assured that the casino is up to no good. It’s not their money.

Ask any operator why they celebrate when one of their players wins a progressive jackpot. The first answer that you’ll usually hear is that it’s great publicity and it pounds home the fact that players can win big. That much is true. But what is generally not mentioned is that most progressive winners will play back a chunk of their winnings trying to win more (nature of the beast for many gamblers). It becomes unethical when these players are not allowed to cash these amounts out – again it’s not the casino’s money to begin with.

Here is an example of this term:

Players are allowed to withdraw up to $1,500 USD per request (all other currencies pegged to USD). If the amount wished to be withdrawn is greater than $1,500, then the remaining funds are left in the account. Once the first withdrawal is approved, a player can request an addition withdrawal with the money in his account. Player has the right to cancel the withdrawal request at any time while it is still pending. This also applies to the withdrawals of progressive jackpots.

Most casinos that have withdrawal limits make exceptions for progressive wins. The ones that don’t end up in our Not Recommended section. No one should be recommending these casinos to anyone.

The following Top Game casinos have a term that limits progressive payouts:

Allez Casino –
Casino Grand Deluxe – casinograndluxe
Casino States –
Diamond VIP Casino –
Diceland Casino –
Mona Casino –
Rialto Casino –
Rome Casino –
Silverbets Casino –
Slots Jackpot Casino –
Topaze Online –

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