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Casinomeister 30 September 1998

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Casinomeister's Mission

It has been estimated that nearly 20 billion dollars will be wagered on online gaming sites worldwide in the year 1999. Meanwhile, Germany continues to become the fastest growing online community in Europe. These circumstances have brought about the development of Casinomeister (, the only online information site in both English and German language.

Online gambling is still a controversial issue. Some countries prohibit their citizens from gambling online, while other countries choose not to discourage online gaming. Most online casinos are located offshore in the Caribbean, in Australia, South Africa, and other spots around the globe. So anyone who has access to the Internet can play online, and obviously there are risks involved.

The chances of losing money online is a risk that most gamers accept. People who play online expect to lose every so often just like in any real casino. Once a player logs on to an online casino, she can start an account which normally includes submitting her credit card number. Some casinos prefer to use third party account holders like Cryptologic which maintain a specified balance in the holder's account, or a bank where the player deposits an international money order. Nevertheless, the trepidation most gamers feel is not from the risk of drawing a bad hand, but from not knowing whether or not their winnings will be honored. This is where Casinomeister plays a significant role.

We honestly believe that trust is a primary element of any gaming activity, whether it be offshore or in an establishment in Vegas. Trust is what it is all about. Our mission at Casinomeister is to promote cyber-gaming as a safe and enjoyable form of entertainment. Since trust is spawned by information, the more a gamer knows about an online casino, the more at ease he will feel. Our online database allows casinos to enter data which includes not only the games they offer, but information regarding ownership, contact, and how payments are made. This database is relatively new, but as more online casinos opt to join, it will become an invaluable resource for the online gamer.

We further strive to explain ways to allow the gamer to play better and win more money online. We have posted a gaming "tips" page which includes general advice on playing online to tips that are game specific. Many of the online casinos post the winnings of their top players, and these can also be found on our "winnings" page. Players will play if they know where they can win.

We act as a service to the gamer by presenting a forum where visitors can have an open dialogue amongst themselves, sharing their positive and negative experiences with online gaming and certain casinos. Many casinos regularly visit the forum in case their customer service department has let someone fall through the cracks. We've had several incidences where misunderstandings were cleared up between casinos and their players because they visited our site.

Casinomeister is the only online-casino news, links, gaming tips website that is designed for the German/English speaking cyber-gamer. We have a newsletter that is sent out to subscribers twice a month and is available in both languages. In the future, we plan to run contests which allow the winners to receive complimentary chips from the major online casinos. And, as the site grows, we will always be looking into different methods in which we can serve the international online gaming community.

For further information, please contact:

Bryan Bailey

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