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20 February 2015
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The Casinomeister player complaints summary for 2014 has been posted. These player complaints, also known as "Pitch a Bitch" or PAB for short, encompass the complaints received by Casinomeister from its members. Casinomeister comprises of one of the largest player communities on the Internet.

There were a total or 229 complaints processed through the PAB system in 2014. Max Drayman, PAB manager, has summarized the complaints as follows:
  • There was a significant up-tick in the number of "irregular betting"/"spirit of the bonus" cases. This is becoming a serious problem.
  • Microgaming/Malta casinos seem to have earned the "Raspberry Award" for being the most complaint-worthy casinos this past year.
  • The number of PAB cases was down about 20% from 2013, but the typical value of claims was noticeably higher.
  • The "self-exclusion" scams reported in 2013 continued through the first part of 2014, tapered off significantly toward the end of the year.
  • There is a disturbing trend toward "piss off, talk to my regulator" type responses from casinos. If these regulators were worth a damn -- often they are not -- that might mean something, but as it stands it usually just means "please throw your complaint into this black hole, goodbye".
The total value of resolved cases for 2014 was $600,000+ (€530,000+). Further information can be found here:

About the PAB service: The "Pitch a Bitch" service is a cyber discourse between disgruntled players and casino operators to which we facilitate. We will contact casino operators on the player's behalf anticipating an acceptable resolution to the player's complaint. It is a free service which has been invaluable to the player community for over a decade.

About Casinomeister: is an advocate of fair play covering all aspects of the online gaming industry that affects players, webmasters, and operators. It is one of the oldest online casino information sites having been reporting on casino related issues since 1998. has one of the largest gaming communities online.

For further information, please contact:

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