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Casinomeister 17 January 2008

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Casinomeister 2007 Awards announced

The Casinomeister Awards for the online casino industry have been posted for the year 2007 at ( These anticipated awards are held by many to be some of the most important and prestigious awards given to online gaming companies.

32Red Casino took the honors for the fifth year in a row for "Best Casino of 2007." Bryan Bailey, administrator and presenter of the awards states: "Solid as a rock - that's the best way to describe 32Red Casino. They have won the Best Casino award more than any other online casino - ever. There are many really good casinos and a few top-of-the-line operations, but none have been able to pass 32Red up on their consistent strive for excellency; 32red is exceptional in every aspect."

The Jackpot Factory Group was awarded the "Best Casino Group Award" for the first time. Bailey states: "The Jackpot Factory proved that it has what it takes to be an outstanding casino group. During this past year, players often expressed their relief and gratitude to the Jackpot Factory group; it had truly focused its energies on player satisfaction."

The UK Gambling Commission received Casinomeister's "Milestone Award" award for the year. "This progressive development opened the way to true and responsible regulation of Internet gambling in the UK. They have also reinforced the integrity of UK regulation with their whitelist for UK advertisers. This resulted in significant movement to whitelist jurisdictions, and frantic attempts by others to smarten up their previously lackadaisical approach to player protection."

But the awards are not all praise. There are the "worst" of the year awards as well. Hippojo Casino received the award for the worst player experience of 2007: "What started out as an exciting endeavor - the launching of a casino by a few well-entrenched and highly knowledgeable members of the online casino industry - mutated into a pear-shaped blob. Shortly after launching, they seemed to go into a tail spin. The stopped paying players and their affiliates…players were given the run around, I was given the run-around, in fact anyone who tried to get involved in sorting anything out was led into circles. They simply stopped paying their customers and did a faceplant on the cyber casino sidewalk"

Other awards include Best Software Supplier, Worst Software Supplier, Head in the Sand Award, Stupid Casino Tricks, and much more.

About Casinomeister: is an online casino player and casino advocate covering online casinos and poker rooms. It is one of the oldest online casino information sites having been reporting on casino related issues since 1998.

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Bryan Bailey

Rogue Announcement

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