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Casinomeister Newsletters 2015

Casinomeister's Newsletter

Here be the archives for 2015. Casinomeister had one hell of a year - many travels, many pubs visited, many rogues were busted. C'mon and check out the archives.

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January 2015

Massive amount of work done - but no newsletter.

February 2015

Awards Announcement 1 February 2015 - The Casinomester Awards for 2014 - the only awards that matter. Best Casino, Worst Casino, Best Casino Manager, Worst Casino Manager, Faceplant of the year award. All this and more!!
ICE & LAC 2015 Report 13 February 2015 - The International Casino Exhibition and the London Affiliate Conference report. If reading about the awesome pubs in London, fish 'n chips, online casino decadence and deviance, then this report is for you. Fifteen years of reporting the London show - I love this place!

March 2015

Revamping the PABs | The worst advertisements of 2014 3 March 2015 - The ASA reports on the worst ads for 2014, plus updates at Casinomeister.
Metroplay gets its license suspended - oops! 26 March 2015 - and just when they were talking about coming onboard at Casinomeister.

April 2015

C2O relaunched | New Slots Forum 16 April 2015 - if you haven't checked at the C2O, you don't know what you are missing. It's our exclusive tool to identify rogue casinos.

May 2015

Too freaking busy to write any newsletters - or perhaps I was on vacation.

June 2015

17 years of CM! | New Accredited Standards 12 June 2015 - It's our annual Bierfest at Casinomeister!! Yeah!! And we hve new accredited standards that apply to you!
Awesome new webcast | Bierfest!! 19 June 2015 - New webcast and the Bierfest continues at Casinomeister!

July 2015

AMSTERDAM DECADENCE REPORT 22 June 2015 - it's what you've been waiting for! Amsterdam Affiliate Conference - read about the pub crawls, coffee shops, awesome food and affiliate marketing in Amsterdam!
WinPalace crooks get busted by the FBI | Gabi Shalon - don't drop the soap!  31 July 2015 - finally some real crooks get thrown into the slammer. AffActive owners arrested for wire and securites fraud and identity theft.

August 2015

Went on a cruise.

September 2015

Went on a cruise.

October 2015

On the road in Berlin, Vegas and Malta.

November 2015

EIG, BAC, MiGS Report 25 November 2015 - European iGaming conference, Berlin Affiliate Conference, and the Malta iGaming Seminar - all a wonderful and interesting experince.

December 2015

Launching Casinomeister USA! | Betsson Affiliate Manager charged! 3 December 2015 - Casinomeister US gets off the ground, and an affiliate manager caught pilfering the till.
Ho ho ho! | Casinomeister's Christmas Special 2015 23 December 2015 - Who has been naughty, and who has been nice. It's the Meister's Christmas special!!
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