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Beware ye who travels forth. Here be the newsletter archives of the year 2001. Aye, what a year.

Here you can read how the online community was pre-9/11. The online casino industry was a different place then. The operators at industry events were the ones in Hawaiian shirts drinking cocktails at 9 a.m. It was a carefree - rogue-a-plenty wild-ass time.

We busted a number of rogue operations back then for insanely stupid crap; for instance, making up testimonials and copying them over to their other casino sites. And we had our first experience with a fraudster accusing their teenagers of using their credit cards to play online. Yeah, right.

This was also the year that Ted Loh (AKA Spearmaster) showed his chops in a number of articles that pepper the newsletter nearly monthly. He is also the one who talked me into attending my first conference, the ICE in London, and who really got me more involved with the industry folk. Casinomeister moved from being just a players portal - it was evolving into something more spectacular.

And then came September...

January 2001

Are Casino Payout Percentages Accurate? ~ 4 January 2001
Welcome to 2001! Welcome to the spaceage, and welcome to the Meister Mail - Casinomeister's bitchin' newsletter! In this issue, are Slotland's posted RTPs accurate? Here is an answer from their representative.
Making the jump from land-based to online casinos by Spearmaster ~ 11 January 2001
One of the dangers of gambling online is the fact that there is no time pressure...more here.
London bound - pre-ICE ~ 18 January 2001
Lots going on here. I have decided to go to London for the first time - Spearmaster talked me into going to the International Casino Exhibition in London. Plus we have information about scam.
London: My Magical Mystery Tour part I of III ~ 26 January 2001
I had the pleasure to meet Ted Loh from, a major contributor to our newsletter, for the first time...

February 2001

London: My Magical Mystery Tour part II of III ~ 1 February 2001
Follow Casinomeister through the streets of London - his first visit at the ICE, and meeting the operators and exhibitors at Earls Court - plus much more
London: My Magical Mystery Tour part III of IV ~ 8 February 2001
Read about my first trip to London visiting the International Casino Exhibition at Earls Court. Meeting the Winneronline guys, and a number of other online casino personalities.
London: My Magical Mystery Tour part IV of IV ~ 15 February 2001
...and Making the Jump from Land Based to Online Casinos, Pt. 8 by Spearmaster

March 2001

 The Bonus Tour ~ 1 March 2001
Forum Highlights and Making the Jump from Land Based to Online Casinos, Pt. 10 by Spearmaster
The Bonus Tour - Conclusion ~ 13 March 2001
Read about online casino bonuses and how they affect your playing experience by Spearmaster
Learn About Craps! ~ 15 March 2001
Forum Highlights - New promos and learn about craps from Steve Adkins! - rogue ~ 22 March 2001
More problems with Californiablackjack & 07-ladyluck - plus more rogue casinos thrown into the pit. Forum Highlights.
Gamblers Palace thievery ~ 29 March 2001
Read about Unified Gaming and Gamblers Palace thievery in our bitchin' newsletter: Meister Mail.

April 2001

Ascot Casino - is it a scam? ~ 5 April 2001
Another awesome newsletter from Casinomeister - is Ascot casino for real? Find out here.
Complaint about Casino-on-net ~ 12 April 2001
Forum Highlights. Casino-on-net complaint - someone else used my credit card, oh, really? Find out the real story here.

May 2001

Is gambling an investment? ~ 17 May 2001
Is gambling an investment? By Spearmaster - our resident writer who is both wise and awesome. Also a dangerous situation instigated by the Online Casino Managers Association
Gambling Systems - do they work? ~ 25 May 2001
Find out here in the Meister Mail
Feature Article "My name is Bot, my vice is gambling" ~ 31 May 2001
Another awesome article by Spearmaster

June 2001

Three Years of Casinomeister! ~ 7 June 2001
Celebrating three years of being online! Online casinos - are they honest? Spearmaster will let you know.
Play for fun vs Real Betting! ~ 15 June 2001
How can you tell the difference between play for fun and real betting software, or is there a difference? Online fraud - what are the ramifications? By Spearmaster - Casinomeister's resident writer.
Is it Entertainment or Addiction? ~ 21 June 2001
A fine line between entertainment and addiction by Spearmaster, plus Vegas Strip Casinos are rogued!!
Microgaming Pulls the Plug on Tropika ~ 29 June 2001
Microgaming announces that the licence for the operation of the group of casinos owned by Tropika, and notably Fairplay Casino, has been terminated with immediate effect.

July 2001 Joins the Rogues ~ 5 July 2001 joins the rogues, and Unified Gaming Bring-me-luck does not pay its players - From the Archives: "SafeBet: A Watchdog Watching Itself" by Bill Haywood
How We Choose Which Casinos to Promote ~ 12 July 2001
Titanic Treasure has disappeared to include players funds. Plus, have you ever wondered how we choose what casinos to promote at Casinomeister? It's not as easy as you think. Find out now via the Meister Mail
Cryptologic wagering requirements ~ 19 July 2001
Major complaint in our forum concerning Cryptologic wagering requirements - plus forum highlights
Announcing the Pitch a Bitch section ~ 26 July 2001
Announcing our complaints section 'Pitch a Bitch', also Queensclub is out to get your info. All this and more...

August 2001

- World Gaming's new software fizzles out ~ 2 August 2001
Meister Mail - submit your online casino complaints at the Pitch A Bitch at Casinomeister!! Plus Feature Article World Gaming's new software fizzles out - by Spearmaster
Another Rogue Casino ~ 10 August 2001
Read about the announcement of another rogue casino, plus we now require registering in our forum in order to post!
Happychance casino going rogue ~ 16 August 2001
More casinos going rogue, plus a new casino Grand Hotel Casino joins us. Read all about this in our stupendous awesome newsletter.
Atlantic Interbet major problems ~ 23 August 2001
Is Atlantic Interbet having major finacial problems? And "How to Get A Gambling Edge" by Jerry Patterson
Atlantic InterBet defends itself ~ 30 August 2001
Atlantic InterBet defends itself against players' claim that they are just another rip-off joint. And someone hires a private detective to check them out.

September 2001 - liars ~ 5 September 2001 gets busted out for having fake approval logos on their site. Freaking hilarious - rogues and lying liars who lie to us, and $414,119 Jackpot win at the Sands!!
Words from Casinomeister ~ 20 September 2001
My thoughts on 9/11.
Spammer's Scheme Backfires! - Online fraud - what are the ramifications? By Spearmaster ~ 28 September 2001
See what happens when shills for spam our forum with shills touting casinobar - a questionable online casino. And "Online fraud" - what are the ramifications? By Spearmaster.

October 2001

Thrive Media - Rogue! ~ 17 October 2001
My first Global Gaming Exposition - the G2E in Vegas! Yeehaw!! And the state of online gaming - read about it here

November 2001

Golden Palace Returns! ~ 2 November 2001
The rogue Golden Palace returns!! Is this true? Find out here at Casinomeister's bitchin' newsletter.
he Online Casino begins to Pay ~ 8 November 2001
Besides having one of the stupidest names ever, The Online Casino - TOC - is actually paying one of its players.
Mystery Bank Charges ~ 15 November 2001
Mystery Bank Charges, and what to do about them. Plus my experience with Grand Venice Casino.
Copyright theft - how we handled it ~ 23 November 2001
How we handled copyright theft by some douchey webmasters - and...BE MY SANTA!!
Pyramiddownload - rogue! ~ 30 November 2001
THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE Why don't these folks want to communicate? Way to go Pyramiddownload - this is how you solve problems - you shut the hell up.

December 2001

Jenna Casino being launched as a porno online gambling site. Yay, or nay do you say?
The power of the message boards cannot be underestimated - Casinomeister, Winneronline, Gamemaster, are all contenders in this voice of the player.
Letter About Chargebacks ~ 21 December 2001
Is is reputable? And what about this letter from the awesomely named casino 'The Online Casino' yep, that's their name.
Me and Vortran
Rogue Casino Announcement

Pamper Casino!

A no pay, unlicensed, pirated software, stupidly named Pamper Casino.

Rogue Casinos section
Did you know?
Ten Myths of Online Gambling
  • Myth: Online Gambling is illegal...
  • Myth: Online gambling encourages underage gambling...
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Solid as a rock - an awesome casino experience.
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