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Welcome to the newsletter archives of 2000. It was during the year 2000 that I became unemployed in Germany (September), and decided to turn my hobby into a living: Casinomeister.

It was also the beginning of the Pitch a Bitch section, the Rogue Pit, formulation of our acceptable casino standards, and the birth of my little boy - who is not so little anymore. So yes, 2000 was an important year.

Back in the day of early webmastering, there were not many casinos that had affiliate programs. The ones that did were offering between 5-10% revenue share - unheard of at press time (March 2016). I've left many of the ads as is - where bonus offers had the caveat that you must wager the bonus at least twice.

Yep, things have changed.

I also gave my visitors a chance to write articles - you'll see "call for letters" occasionally. I would publish someone's article and give him a link to his website. Ingenious - I get content, and he gets traffic. This was the beginning of "friendly competition" in this industry - and the beginning of many friendships. In November of 2000, I began to publish Spearmaster's excellent articles - the industry was only a couple of years old yet this guy was already a fountain of knowledge. Amazing.

So enjoy. Please feel free to peruse this testimony to the history of online gaming. You can read how it developed, piece by piece.

January 2000

First Newsletter of 2000 ~ 9 January 2000
Find out how Y2K affected Casinomeister.

February 2000

Underaged gambler steals credit cards ~ 4 February 2000
Someone claims that her sister's nephew stole her credit cards and used them at an online casino. Oh, really?
What do players want? ~ 24 February 2000
Do they want security? Safety? Bonuses? What? And a call for letters.

March 2000

Online casino WINNERS AND LOSERS of the millennium ~ 9 March 2000
And a new casino on board at Casinomeister.
New Forum Section - Bonus Round ~ 23 March 2000
Several casinos have chosen to remain silent concerning emails that I have personally sent. Uh, oh.

April 2000

47 Ways To Beat The Slots~ 11 April 2000
Oh really? Find out what that's all about here.
Video Poker tips~ 28 April 2000
Learn about Video Poker from one of the pros - really!

May 2000

Enter our Scavenger Hunt! ~ 10 May 2000
Yes, you can win at our exclusive promotions.
Problems with bonuses ~ 11 May 2000
Are the bonuses the problem, or is it you?

June 2000

2nd Anniversary!! ~ 8 June 2000
Yes, Casinomeister is TWO YEARS OLD and let's celebrate!!!
Member's Only Forum! ~ 14 June 2000
We now have a "members only" club in the forum. C'mon and join us!
Things to find out BEFORE you gamble ~ 21 June 2000
Are you doing your due diligence? Have you done your homework on playing online, or are you one of the sheep ready to be fleeced?

July 2000

Parrondo's Paradox ~ 6 July 2000
What's that all about? How two losing games can be played alternately to produce a genuine positive expectation. Awesome article by Jerry Patterson - leading expert on online gambling.
Selecting An Internet Casino ~ 27 July 2000
Another awesome article by Jerry Patterson - choosing an online casino is not as simple as it may seem. There are many pratfalls and pitfalls.

August 2000

How to get an Edge at Craps ~ 3 August 2000
Part 1 of 2 by Jerry Patterson
Atlantic Interbet Scam ~ 17 August 2000
And dice control- How to get an Edge at Craps: Part 2 of 2 by Jerry Patterson
More problems at AIB ~ 24 August 2000
SafeBet: A Watchdog Watching Itself by Bill Haywood problems ~ 31 August 2000
Plus Two Books On Blackjack - A Review by Jerry Patterson

September 2000 warning ~ 7 September 2000
and how do you know if the online games are fixed?
Calling all webmasters! ~ 14 September 2000

Are you a webmaster? Have your website listed in over 150 search engines for just linking to Casinomeister. Plus - what happens if your teenager uses your credit card to gamble online without your permission?
Announcing the Rogue Casinos: New Section at Casinomeister ~ 21 September 2000
The Rogue Casinos - the ones you should avoid at all costs. Also, does anyone have any experience with WindowsCasino?
New forum section: Casino Warnings ~ 28 September 2000
A new section in our forum: Casino Warnings. Plus, isn't gambling online illegal?

October 2000

Royal Dynasty Casino doesn't pay! ~ 6 October 2000
Royal Dynasty Casino doesn't pay a German living in the States. Why? Becasue of a rule they are making up as they're going along. What do you think?
How We Choose Casinos at Casinomeister ~ 11 October 2000
Ever wondered how we choose casinos to be accredited at Casinomeister? Well wonder no more - we tell it like it is here.
Captain Cooks Promotion ~ 19 October 2000
Here is the correct link for an awesome online casino.
Eight decisions of gambling ~ 26 October 2000
Plenty of news in this newsletter - Gaining an Edge in Gambling by Jerry Patterson - new spam section of the forum - all this and more.

November 2000

How to Get An Edge at Gambling ~ 2 November 2000
And my little boy is born. :)
Player's Fortune is Rogue! ~ 9 November 2000
Player's Fortune is in the Rogue section - and Spearmaster's first article: Setting the Stage:Making the jump from land-based to online casinos.
Happy Turkey Day ~ 23 November 2000
It's Thanksgiving, but you can listen to my radio show at Casino Gazette.
Casino-on-net Rogue-no-more ~ 30 November 2000
Casino-on-net is removed from the rogue section after the casino contacted me to clear things up - you can read about this here

December 2000

Golden Palace rogued! ~ 4 December 2000
Special announcement - Golden Palace rogued! Casinomeister's bitchin' newsletter.
Golden Palace still rogued!! ~ 7 December 2000
Golden Palace is rogued for not paying their players. And busting out fake watchdog sites like Safebet and the egaming commission.
Threats from Golden Palace ~ 14 December 2000
Unprecedented - players contact me to have ther posts removed from the forum in fear of retaliation from GP.
Me and Vortran
Rogue Casino Announcement

Pamper Casino!

A no pay, unlicensed, pirated software, stupidly named Pamper Casino.

Rogue Casinos section
Did you know?
Ten Myths of Online Gambling
  • Myth: Online Gambling is illegal...
  • Myth: Online gambling encourages underage gambling...
  • Myth: The House always wins...
Cut through the bullshit and find out what the Casinomeister says!
Casinomeister Accredited Casino: 32Red Casino Review
Solid as a rock - an awesome casino experience.
The System is broken...

Yep it is. How do you know if the games are rigged? Sometimes you don't know. Thanks to Curaçao Egaming - you are screwed.

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More news here...