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The "Webmeister Wire" is a newsletter strictly for webmasters, affiliates, affiliate managers, SEO aficionados, and anyone else that is dedicated to making a living from one's abode, or interested in making the Internet a better place. If you would like to subscribe, you can do so now by clicking here.

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Published issues


27 May 2016
Rogue Affiliate Program - Affpower - rogue casino program, upcoming Amsterdam trip, affiliate issues in the forum.


8 October 2015
Rogue Affiliate Program - Affiliate Hub goes rogue.
9 June 2015
Rogue Affiliate Program - BetVictor goes rogue, New Jersey owns the Internet, and the pending death of the sign up bonus.


26 September 2014
UK Updates - The importance of geo-targeting banners for your traffic. Casinomeister's forum for webmasters. Ideas about cookies.
9 May 2014
Trademark Violations - Is your brand protected from trademark theft? Are affiliate programs enabling these larcenists? You need to read this.
29 January 2014
Meister Awards for 2013 - Some surprises, some not so surprising. Find out which casinos are the ones you should be promoting; find out which ones will rip you off and shave your earnings.
19 March 2014
LAC and ICE review My london trip and coverage of the LAC and ICE conferences. These two back-to-back conferences are probably the best - most informative conferences that have give affiliates and their affy managers a whole hell of a lot to talk about. Find out what's up in the industry by roaming London with the Meister and Max.


14 May 2013
My coverage of the GIGSE in San Francisco - overview of the US market and what it means to affiliates (and players). This is one of the most important conferences in the US - and affiliates need to know their place before they get too keen on promoting US based casinos.

It was a busy year. Not too many newsletters :(


19 January 2012
The Best and Worst of 2011
The best casinos, the worst casinos, the best affiliate program, and the worst. Who are they? You won't know until you read about them here.
7 February 2012
London Affiliate Conference - ICE report. Again - these London reports are timeless. You can learn a hell of a lot and pick up some tips by experiencing what I experience. Even if it is a couple of years later.
16 May 2012
The Future of Online Gaming. The future is all about social interaction - oh really? Well it's happening now with this newsletter. Read it and brainstorm on how you can get "connected" and be a part of the future of online gaming.
26 June 2012
Affiliate Warning - C-Planet detagging players. Oh, yes - they will throw you over a barrel and screw you. I've proven that they are detagging players and keeping those profits to themselves. Freakin' crooks they are. You need to read this and protect your business.
19 July 2012
Meister on Youtube How to pick an online casino. Not only to play at - but also to promote. Become a smarter and better person - watch these videos!


19 January 2011
2010 Awards Announcement Yes! The only online gaming awards that matter to the player, and to you the webmaster. Find out which casinos deserve your support, and which casinos that should be sh#%canned. Plus lots of jovial jocularities and interesting tidbits.
18 February 2011
Better off Illegal? This was a question posed in our forum from a Dutch player who noted that once a country legalizes online gaming, they are swiftly banned from playing at many software platforms. How is this going to affect players in the US when the pending legalization happens? Also, tips on keyword monitoring and more...
9 March 2011
My buddy Ted Loh It would have been Ted's 47th birthday. To commemorate this, I dug up an old interview I did with him on the Tube in London. Pertinent webmaster tips that are still valid today.
15 July 2011
Youtube updates and stuff The legalities of affiliate marketing in the US and other related subjects can be found in the Meister's webcast. And that's not all - new restraints on UK punters!
11 November 2011
Revamping User Groups in the forum. Yep, we finally have an official Casinomeister Fan Facebook page - find out how this can affect you. Plus marketing advice and more information that affects you - the affiliate.
23 December 2011
Xmas Party with the Meister - Looking forward to 2012: What affiliates might expect in the upcoming year - gambling trends for 2012.


20 January 2010
2009 Awards Yes! Again the only awards that matter! Best casinos and the worst casinos - which casinos can you eventually become successful with; which casinos will screw you into the ground. Read the awards and you'll figure it out.
22 May 2010
GIGSE 2010 Affiliate marketing for land based casinos...I host a panel discussion on just that. Find out what's in store for US facing affiliates. It ain't pretty.
23 December 2010
Meister's Merry Christmas Ho ho ho! Tis the season to be jovial. Check out who's been good or bad here - the Meister's Nice and Naughty list.


30 April 2009
What it's all about. Casinomeister philosophy on webmastering and being an affiliate. What the forum has to offer for webmasters, affiliates and affiliate managers.
11 May 2009
Evil Webmasters - Who are they? What are they? Affiliate program CEO to address Power 50 Summit in England.
17 August 2009
Retroactive terms and conditions - Holy screwup Batman! Did we really agree to this? Plus an updated Casinomeister Mission Statement.
10 September 2009
More retroactive changes Oh yea oh yea. What the hell did we just sign? Roxy Affiliates and Playshare Affiliates deal a crappy hand.
13 November 2009
Vegas - here I come!! Another mind boggling conference that you need to read about. There was plenty of affiliate issue at G2E 2009
15 December 2009
Getting the word out - Grand Privé affiliates and how it affects you - yes YOU!
23 December 2009
Merry Christmas peeps! Another jovial jocularity event from the Meister to you. Naughty and Nice lists are what it's all about.

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