Futurebet Casino software Bad Operators

I have always felt strongly that software providers inherit a certain level of responsibility when they put casino operators in business. I have always felt that the buck stops at the software provider when there is a problem. Some people disagree with me; they feel that it’s the operator who bears responsibility, and if there is a problem, take it to the operator’s licensing jurisdiction. Well this is crap (in my opinion). There are many licensing jurisdictions that couldn’t give a flying rats ass on what happens to a player. Licensors are concerned about getting paid, that’s about it. So when a casino goes down, it’s the software provider I that I press for player solutions.

I have been in contact with Futurebet’s CEO, and he has been most helpful in solving player or affiliate issues. Unfortunately, problems continue to occur – and I am obligated to caution players to proceed carefully with casinos that fall under Futurebet’s wing.

I had put Futurebet “Under Observation” last year after being promised that they would take care of all player issues swiftly and effectively. What I didn’t realize was that this only applied to player issues that I would present to them. These usually were taken care of pretty quick. But there still were problems.

In January 2006, Revolutionarypoker.com decided not to pay its affiliates. They were closing shop and felt that it was Futurebet’s problem. When the affiliates contacted Futurebet, they were told it was the operators who owed them money. This is deja vu from the Indio/African Palace scene from 2004 (search the archives). Who owes the players/affiliates??

And then in February 2006, Purepoker.com is shut down and then reappears, but players are not being paid. From Futurebet: “unfortunately, the site is “temporarily” down due to financial restructuring by Pure Poker. We are working closely with them in order to rectify the situation and come to a quick resolution regarding their player concerns.”

Players were then told by the new operators that they (the operators) were not responsible for paying the debts of the previous owners. This is total hogwash, and this is exactly why Futurebet Casinos were placed in the Rogue section years ago.

In short, I put my reputation on the line when I remove a group from the “rogue “section and agree to monitor their progress. But when their operators continue to jerk players and affiliates around, then I feel what I have done was in vain. Play at these casinos at your own discretion.