Ratings of Online Casino Licensing Jurisdictions

Licensing Online Casinos is a big deal… and this section is primarily focused on what a licensing jurisdiction should be doing: ensuring that players have a safe playing field, that they will not be cheated by unethical operations, and that proper due diligence is performed to ensure that these “licensed” casinos are legitimate businesses that comply to subscribed gaming law.

These ratings are from a player’s perspective. Some jurisdictions may be fine and dandy to operators, but they may be showing a different face to players.

According to our player philosophy at Casinomeister, the primary function of a gaming jurisdiction is to protect the player. That is the bottom line. We rate the jurisdictions via what we consider essential attributes of a proper licensing entity.

Rating the Jurisdictions

These are the specific attributes that we take into consideration:

  • Oversight: how well does this jurisdiction watch over its licensees? Are the casinos being monitored, are they being audited on a regular basis? Is the software being tested?
  • Responsiveness: how responsive is the licensing entity towards player complaints? Are complaints responded to succinctly and effectively. Is the licensing agency a black hole or are they helpful and efficient?
  • Transparency: who is in charge? Do they list the main points of contact? Do they publish annual reports on player issues from their licensees?
  • Infrastructure: how effective are their servers? Are they located in some third world country, is this some off shore tax haven, or are the servers hosted in a stable environment?
  • History: what is the history of this jurisdiction’s relationship with player complaints? Are there loads of complaints in the fora that go unresolved? Do they have a history of assisting players? Or do they have a history of being flippant and non-communicative?

Rated Jurisdictions