Relax Gaming interviewed by Casinomeister forum members

By Simon Wright Nov 29, 2022

Back at the beginning of August we asked the members of our forum community here on Casinomeister to submit questions that we would put forward on their behalf, to the folks over at the casino game studio Relax Gaming.

The forum thread can be viewed here and below are the questions posed, along with the responses from Relax Gaming, who we thank for taking time out of their schedule to provide the answers!

Satchnz asked: What/who is driving the reduced RTP movement that sees Relax games offered at lower RTP levels?

Relax Gaming: Relax has always prided itself on keeping that higher level of RTP in place for our players. Over the past few years, operators have cranked up the pressure in demand for lower RTP variants of all games.

Creating additional RTP variants of our games was not a decision that Relax took lightly and we resisted it for as long as we possibly could to maintain the higher RTP. However, in order to remain competitive, we needed to create alternative variants that presented the operators with multiple RTP options.

Typically how many test spins do they do to determine or confirm RTP for a slot? The number of spins used to balance the RTP of a new game will typically depend on the complexity of the game in question, but it will range from 1 billion up to as high as 20 billion!

Orion asked: What about the Italian market ? any plan to get in ?

Relax Gaming: We have over 60 games that are currently live in Italy!

Justdoit asked: When was Money train 3 release? What’s the max win? How often will the max win drop? What are the chances of hitting the max win in a non-bonus-buy round?

Relax Gaming: Money Train 3 was released on September 22nd 2022 and has been an outstanding success. It’s received notable recognition from both the players and our industry peers, already collecting several awards in the short time since its release. The max win is a whopping 100,000x bet, that has dropped over 80 times in less than 2 months, the win rates speak for themselves!

4048 asked: You host games from several smaller providers, do they use Relax games’ frameworks or do they create everything from scratch (engine, maths etc) and you simply host the games on Relax to reach a wider audience? Not thinking of for example BTG who are/have been hosted by several providers, but I do think there are some that are exclusively on Relax “Silver Bullet”.

Relax Gaming: Relax Gaming is not only a Game Provider Studio but also a Casino Aggregator with multiple partner types to suit the needs of different studios and give a varied range of innovative providers the chance to reach the network they deserve. These categories include:

  • Powered By Relax Game Server – through which the game is built onto our RGS.
  • Powered By Relax Plat-2-Plat – through which a complete game is simply funneled to our network.
  • Silver Bullet – for the less established studio that need commercial support as well as technical framework.

For more information on the different partner types and what each branch constitutes, visit the partner section on our website here.

Curremon asked: Why is it that landing 4 or more scatters does not bring about an additional benefit in the bonus round?

Relax Gaming: The only way landing 4 scatters is of any extra benefit is if there is an additional award for it clearly defined in the pay table, this could be a scatter-pay or extra spins in the feature, for example.

Triggering a feature and expecting that the feature will somehow be improved simply based on the number of scatters landed is an unfounded expectation. However, it can increase your chances of a better feature if you get extra spins; for example, depending on the game, those few extra spins can truly pack a punch!

Slotmaster asked: Will you be following the trend of megaways?

Relax Gaming: I will need more information by way of trends to be able to give a comprehensive answer to this one! Megaways is, after all, a game mechanic and not a provider. That said, we have enjoyed making use of the Megaways IP in a few of our games such Temple Tumble and the newly released The Great Pigsby Megaways, and we will continue to do so whenever the concept fits.

Itaghai asked: Will there be a bonus reels version, Money Cart 3?

Relax Gaming: It’s great to see fans of the Money Train series being able to enjoy a variation of the game that is allowed in their jurisdiction. The Money Cart series has been hugely successful in those markets where bonus buying is prohibited, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of a Money Train Bonus without the grind, however it’s too soon to say whether this is on the cards for the franchise.

Itaghai asked: Is there any chance for the upcoming games to start implementing a “double chance” option of getting into a bonus or a gauge that after failing to get into a bonus X times it would give you the bonus?

Relax Gaming: We have included our version of this style of feature in our upcoming release Net Gains! Giving players the option to increase chances of triggering the bonus by 82% for an additional bet increase of only 20% of selected bet amount. Be sure to try it out and let us know what you think of it.

Itaghai asked: I noticed that Relax also host some of the Push Gaming slots, is it possible to ask for a list of the games they host from different providers and the keyword they use to define the game in the payload when the player does a spin?

Relax Gaming: The list would be too extensive to include here unfortunately! We have over 80 Game Studio partners with over 3,400 games currently on our system, with more added daily to keep delivering varied and quality content at speed.

For further information on Relax Gaming and to find out which casinos listed here on Casinomeister currently carry their games, check out our review of Relax Gaming.

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