Tips on how to quit gambling

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Casinomeister forum members’ tips on how to quit gambling

Below you can read a selection of tips and tricks from online casino players and the Casinomeister forum members that might help you and motivate you when you are trying to quit gambling.

“You can start by disabling your Instacash from your eWallet.

Gamblock is something you should install on your computer right away if you want to quit. Another way could be to enable your firewall and ad-block or pop-up block programs like McAfee or Norton which will block most of the ads and which will also prevent you from getting to the actual sites.”

“There are a lot of people who sympathize with you, but you can also take heart in the fact that many of these people have also beaten their demons. Better control of one’s emotions doesn’t happen overnight. Though it’s certain that there are ways to get around your emotions.

You should find something that you like doing and do it as often as you can, especially sporting activities. This will help you to forget about online gambling.”

Here is a list of things that you might like to do besides online gambling:

  • Spend proper quality time with friends / family;
  • Walk the dog / play with your pet / get a pet;
  • Read a book;
  • Listen to your favorite music;
  • Play a board game (with friends / family);
  • Draw / paint / write;
  • Follow a TV-series;
  • Go to the cinema;
  • Practice whatever type of sports (perhaps with friends);
  • Drive your car / motorbike / bicycle;
  • Sign up to an (online) course or workshop;
  • Cook your favorite meal;
  • Eat your favorite meal;
  • Go shopping;
  • Start a (veggie) garden;
  • Play videogames.


“It may help to get a photo of the person/persons you love most in life and to write on the back of these photographs how you feel when you have lost all your money and how your gambling would affect them and your relationship with them. Put these photographs close to your computer, or in your wallet when out. Then when you feel the urge to gamble, you should have a good look at them and read what you have written. Make sure that you understand your own motivations and keep these impulses in check. Everyone needs reminders that there is a real world out there.”

“If it’s games that keeps you playing – check out the “for free” games that IGT and Leading Edge Designs make available. There are a number of really cool VP and Slot games here: Leading Edge Designs, and here:”

“Turn off your computer and take a long walk (and leave your smartphone at home!). Get into the real world. If you have a family at home, go play monopoly or some other game where money is involved. You can actually take care of that “money” fix this way.”

“If you are looking for a pastime that gives a similar rush to online gambling, then take up one of the FPS games in multiplayer mode on your computer. I had several years doing this in a “clan” playing Quake/Q2 and Unreal Tournament and I can honestly say that it was fantastic fun and had a sense of community and competitiveness that really got me involved. I’m a bit out of touch with the latest FPS games, but I would seriously consider looking into this as an alternative form of entertainment. The thing about gambling is the “rush” of a good win. You get this with FPS in team and deathmatch games online.”

“I have kept a record of my position at every single casino, so I can see how I am REALLY doing. This puts big wins, and great runs into perspective, also, the totals column makes for bigger numbers, and when they are red (negative), it makes more of an impression. I have found that I am better off playing at many casinos, sharing the money round, rather than piling in at a few, and chasing into what seems to be a locked in negative run.”

“My only advice would be: If you can’t deposit, then you can’t lose money. Contact every banking establishment in the circle of online casinos, Neteller, Firepay, Citadel, etc., and have them cut you off from depositing. This is a surefire way to end your online gambling career.”

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