Winamax New Speed Poker Game Temporarily Withdrawn

Hopes to bring GO FAST Poker back online shortly

French online poker operator Winamax's launch this week of its fast-fold poker version GO FAST Poker was short lived as the operator pulled the game due to "user-related issues".
GO FAST Poker is the latest of many fast-fold speed poker variants, this one billed as "Poker in top gear", an ultra quick cash game that allows players to utilise an instafold button.
Instafold can be used at anytime unless the player is not required to call a bet to remain in the hand i.e. big blind or when all-in.
Other features provide players the option to continue watching an interesting hand by holding the CTRL key when pressing the fold or instafold button.
GO FAST poker was offering stakes NL2 (€0.01 / €0.02), NL5 (€0.02 / €0.05), NL10 (€0.05 / €0.10), NL20 (€0.10 / €0.20), NL50 (€0.25 / €0.50) at 6-max No Limit Hold'em tables.
The game is bound to prove popular once brought back online which the company says it hopes to do shortly.
The launch of an iOS and Android version of the game is in the pipeline, the company confirmed.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa