Were Falsehoods Filed In Amaya Offer?

Dubai investment firm files SEC complaint

Information filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with David Baazov's $6.7 billion attempt to acquire online gambling group Amaya Inc has come under scrutiny following a complaint lodged with the SEC by a Dubai investment firm, KBC Aldini Capital Ltd., alleging that its name was used fraudulently.
The business news agency Bloomberg reports that KBC has denied involvement in Baazov's offer after its name was used in an SEC filing by Baazov or his associates claiming it was one of the four equity financiers backing his bid.
The Dubai firm's denial triggered a decline in the Amaya share price of 6 percent when it was publicised by Canadian media.
Approached by Bloomberg for comment, Amaya communications chief Eric Hollreiser said that Amaya has discussed the acquisition proposal with Baazov's advisers, but there has been no agreement or assurance of one; all statements would in any case be forced to go through "appropriate due diligence regarding Mr. Baazov's financing sources," he pointed out.

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