Was German Poker Pro High When He Went Missing?

Slovenian autopsy results find "prohibited drugs" in Strassmann's body

Newspaper reports in Germany suggest that poker pro Johannes Strassmann (29), who went missing and was later found dead in a Slovenian river (see previous InfoPowa reports) may have been under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Slovenian officials released information to the media this week revealing that the autopsy on Strassmann's body had found the presence of unspecified "prohibited drugs."

Although Slovenian authorities offered little further information, the major German newspaper Bild has had an investigative reporter active in Ljubljana enquiring into Strassmann's disappearance and subsequent death.

The reporter discovered that on the night he went missing Strassmann was at a local pub with three Slovenians, one a known drug dealer.

The quartet were eating "magic mushrooms" known for their hallucinogenic properties, and it is alleged that Strassmann suddenly leaped to his feet and ran off. He was not seen alive again, and his body was recovered later following a major police search operation.

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